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October 27, 2017 6:54 pm

Speech From Throne

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 @ 2:51 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  A commitment to  grow the economy  and  give taxpayers a  break,  among the  highlights of today’s speech from the throne.

Lieutenant Governor, Judith Guichon delivered the speech this afternoon.

With an election  about three months away,  the speech  was  heavy on  celebrating the accomplishments of the  current government but  delivered some hints as to what  can be expected in the budget which will be  delivered one week from today.

The speech  contained a  commitment to  working towards a new softwood lumber agreement,   while at the same time,  expanding  export opportunities.

There was also  a promise to  work with rural communities dependent  on  natural resources,  to diversify their economies and assist  with infrastructure  needs.

The promise of LNG  was also  noted,   as  the Wood Fibre final investment decision  has been  made  and others  are close.  “The  LNG opportunity remains in reach” read  Lt. Governor Guichon.


4 more years for CC&Co!


More BC Liberal empty promises and lies! Anyone remember the BC Liberal’s campaign slogan from the last 2013 election? It was; “Debt-Free BC” and they actually drew us a road map on how they would get there:

Roadmap for a Debt-Free B.C.
1. Debt Paydown Plan for government debt, BC Ferries and BC Hydro *Not happening
2. $1 Trillion in LNG revenues to the B.C. Prosperity Fund *Not happening
3. Controlling spending while growing the economy *Not happening

Guess they couldn’t even follow their own road map!!!

Yup, these BC Liberals were so committed to their campaign slogan, they painted their fantasy of a “Debt-Free BC” on their 2013 campaign bus! So, if they want to use the same bus for this campaign, they might want to give it a paint job, wouldn’t want to remind the BC voters of promises they made and then broke! Oh, and here is a snap-shot of that bus… this time round, just picture it with new paint and a new “slogan”… hmmm… I wonder what the BC Liberal’s slogan will be this time around. “Change we CAN’T believe in”?

ht tps://pbs.twimg.com/media/Ci8N_zrUgAA3ouu.jpg

    heyyy come on… give her a break… she actually FOUND a way to relieve her stress, by opening the doors to businesses so she can now bring her kid and have a drink..

Balanced budget, when they put us in the hole 68 Billion in just the last 6 years, brainless accounting at best. And now they want to put more in our pocket also. Think we paid for it and more in the last 16 years.

16 years, the MAJORITY of British Columbians voted them in. Think that says it all.

    a majority of the 52% of eligible voters that voted – not the majority of BC’rs

Here we go again, of course NDP is going to be way better……….. Nope! Politicians are politicians. Man, don’t think I have seen so many complainers. I whine sometimes too, but then I think “politicians’, then I land back on earth.

    Same with Lawyers, LOL.

Go CC go I am with you all the way..

Promising more tax cuts that will benefit the wealthy most, followed by massive user fee increases and more rate increases for Hydro and ICBC that will hit lower and middle income people the hardest.

Vote for a party who want to distribute the cost of raising other peoples children to everyone else or vote for a corrupt party, rife with cronyism, who will continue on their path of increasing income disparity and BJ’ing the corporate sector.

What a choice. It’s like the British Columbia version of the U.S Presidential election.

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