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October 27, 2017 6:52 pm

Delay for Railway Pavilion Project Request

Friday, February 17, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Railway and Forestry Museum is hoping to  move forward with its pavilion project to  provide many of the exhibits with  some protection from the elements.

The museum has requested a donation from the Regional District of Fraser Fort George to help it reach its  funding goal  of $1.2 million dollars.

The museum  is asking for $100 thousand dollars, but   making that kind of money available   in the form of a grant  has drawn mixed reaction from the Directors on the Board.

Director Terry Burgess  says if the pavilion isn’t built “It would be a crime” but at the same time,  if  a one time grant of $100 thousand dollars was made available,  he wouldn’t want other cultural  sites to think the “well would be open”.

Director Bill Empy supports a one time grant of $100 thousand,  “It’s really a project that’s going to preserve the history of this area”.

Director  Murry Krause  notes that  while everyone knows the museum is  important,   he was not in favour of making the grant available “This would be precedent setting” and added “It would be a mistake.”  Director Lara Beckett  also expressed concerns about setting a precedent and said she would  put forth a motion  that Regional District Administration  work with the Forestry Museum on   submitting a new  application  to  Northern Development Initiative Trust to see if there is grant money available.

Director Warren Wilson was also in favour of making grant money available “I don’t think we want to miss the opportunity  to build this.”

The problem for the Regional District  is that it will look at its final  draft budget next month.  Making this kind of grant available would bump up the overall requisition  by .55%.

Board Chair Art Kaehn  said  “It is sad to  see  those railcars  covered in tarps” but  says there is a lot more to this topic that should be explored,  “I think this topic needs a more thorough discussion”.   The discussion has been recessed  until  one day in the week of the 27th.  The date  has  yet to be finalized , but will be publicized.




This might be a good time for CN Rail to step forward and make a donation to help keep the history of the railway in this area alive and well.

Considering that the NDIT’s seed money came from the sale of BC Rail and their mandate is to promote projects and jobs in the area, this seems like a natural fit for them. Some of the exhibits in the museum are from the BC Railway, ie; the electric diesel that was used on the Tumbler Ridge line.

Well, there goes another 6 cups of coffee I can’t get a Timmies once the .55% tax increase hits. Between Warren wanting to save the rail cars, ICBC needing more money, my medical premiums increasing, Telus needs another $60.00 a year to serve me better, and the list goes on.

It’s odd that inflation is under 2%, and yet everyone I deal with, needs more than 2%. Besides gas, just exactly what has gone down in price to balance this out.

Warren and friends, I can’t increase my income to keep you with the wishlist of you and your ilk., and I really enjoy those cups of coffee at Tim Hortons. Could you concentrate on spending tax money on necessities. No one will die if those rail cars rust.

Maybe the Museum could increase the admission fee and get the user to pay.

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