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October 27, 2017 6:51 pm

$1.7 Million to Promote Healthy Communities in B.C.

Saturday, February 18, 2017 @ 10:10 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The provincial government has launched a new province-wide granting program to help enhance opportunities for British Columbians to get fit.

Local governments – including municipalities, regional districts and First Nations, are invited to apply for a portion of over $1.7 million in Active Community Grants to develop programs that get people moving and promote physical activity.

Each of B.C.’s health authorities will receive $353,800 to award individual community grants of up to $30,000, with the opportunity for larger combined grants for joint proposals. All projects must be completed by Oct. 31, 2018.

Victoria estimates at least 60 communities in B.C. will benefit from one of these grants. The government says eligible projects should promote physical activity in the community and build on an existing relationship between the community stakeholder and their health authority.

“Examples of projects could include a community workshop to create success and signage for local trails for all users, including those in wheelchairs, or engaging with First Nation Elders to take local youth out foraging and teach them about edible and traditional plants in the area,” says the Ministry of Health.

The Province says the grants are a result the B.C. Physical Activity Strategy and action plan that was released in November 2015.

The BC Healthy Living Alliance is overseeing a three-year action plan to guide and stimulate co-ordinated policies and help stimulate physical activity.

Northern Health will have an open call for proposals from local governments from the end of May to July 2017.

For more information contact Chelan Zirul, regional manager, Health Communities and Schools at chelan.zirul@northernhealth.ca.


What a waste of money it’s common knowledge eat healthy and excercise, or don’t it’s your choice.

    Tell that to the disabled that live on a starvation pittance benefit . Their increase this election cycle is $50.00 a month or a dollar sixty cents a day or just an insult IMHO .

      I don’t believe your read it properly, the 1.7 million is going to promote activity. I’d much rather see it go to the people you are describing.

      Welfare is not meant to be a life long condition, it is for an emergency situation until you can get on your feet again.

      Disability is not for people to get rich on, I know of a lot of people on disability and sure they can’t go out to Timmy’s twice a day but they live quite comfortably in PG. One even bought a vehicle on disability, no extra earnings, just disability. One was the proud owner of a new visa card which I tried to warn against but fell on deaf ears, cest la vie

      Welfare increased from 510.00 to 520.00 in the ten years NDP held power – you really think it will be different this time around? Disability increased 75.00 a month just recently as BC Transit is going to get the real cost for bus passes now. 25.00 a month if you need the bus pass, and here in the north they do not have scanners so some people are getting the annual pass and cancelling it. You just flash the card and noone is the wiser until the scanners are added to our bus fleet.

      Hey did you see all the cash the new solar IPP in Kimberly is getting? They spent 2 million and had 3 million given to them and after loan repayment they made a whopping 12k into the city coffers (in a year) without counting any city workforce labour… a real money maker! Wonder if Tech got a drop in annual property tax for donating the land?

      Since 2001 (over 16 years), the Person’s With Disability Benefits rate has increased by only $120 per month, while the cost of basic essentials such as food, clothing, transportation, health, personal care and shelter have
      increased by 17.2%. During this period, the cost of food alone increased by nearly 25%. Add to that, MSP increases, BC Hydro increases, etc. = government sanctioned poverty for the disabled in our province!

      ht tp://www.disabilityalliancebc.org/docs/overdueincreasepwd.pdf

      Going up 50.00 in April

      Until the mid 90s people with disabilities were institutionalized or considered regular employable on regular welfare.

      In 1994 NDP ignored welfare report by First Step
      Also 1994 sees single parents with children over 12 as employable
      1996 sees a clawback of 50.00 from welfare checks by the removal of the BC Sales Tax Credit
      NDP cut benefits for all welfare recipients in 1997 except for disabled which remained at pre 1997 welfare levels while in talks to set up a separate disability program.
      September 1996 the new Ministry of Children and Families created in response to crisis in child welfare and welfare cut for children 19 and older living at home

      New disability framework enacted between 1997 and 2004. Prior to this legislation the disabled received nothing, regular welfare if they were lucky, or were institutionalized

I agree. What a waste. The younger generation will likely be able to use this money to develop exercises to increase the strength of thumb muscles. Then there will be a movement to introduce texting as an Olympic event. Wow what fitness!

I’ll be the oddball here

Think it’s great that they are putting funds to get people outdoors, for getting out is an exercise in itself for some people

The only exercise here is a political one and the BC Liberals are getting lots of it.

    You the grumpy old man? There, there, put on a happy face. The position of Walter is already filled, be the Peanut

      Slinky, can you post any supporting link or evidence to support your comment about oldman1? Seems to be a common approach with you lately, someone posts something negative about the BC Liberals, and you respond with a personal attack!

      All spending is political as they are a political party, no reason to be grumpy about it, be happy you live in the best province in Canada

      Pot calling kettle black nowadays?

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