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October 27, 2017 6:49 pm

Dollars to Start to Flow to School Districts

Sunday, February 19, 2017 @ 2:31 PM

Prince George, B.C.- The Province  has announced   dollars from the new $29.4 million dollar Student Learning Grant will be  flowing to  School Districts  in the next few weeks.   It’s not known  yet, just  how much School District 57 can expect to receive.

The money ( which is one time funding) can be used to  buy supplies for schools and classrooms,  from textbooks, hands-on learning tools and computer programs, to athletic equipment, art supplies and lab equipment. The  schools can decide what types of learning supplies to purchase.

Of the funding, $27.4 million will be distributed  to  school districts based on the number of students in their respective  district.   School districts are expected to get details on the amount of funding they will receive  before the end of this month.

Independent  schools will  receive $2 million dollars .

School districts and independent schools will be required to report to parents and the Ministry of Education on how the funds were used prior to the start of the 2017-18 school year.


“The money (which is one time funding)…”. means; please vote for me money!!!

Nice to see surplus money spent, our future surplus budgets are in jeopardy come election time so get the funding while you can.

Anyway – according to the ministry in 2015/16 school year there were 553,378 total students in the public system and 81,659 students in independent schools. This works out to almost 50 bucks per student in the public system and 25 bucks per independent school student in learning grant funding. Looks like schools can decide what to do with the money and not the school board which is a plus, administration of each school knows where it can be best spent no doubt, for a class of 25 students this works out to 1,250.00 extra.

    surplus, and yet debt still increasing every single year…

    Good point Fate, and here is another; if the BC Liberals are announcing year after year they have achieved balanced budgets, why is it that BC’s debt has grown? Since 2008/09, B.C.’s net debt has grown to $40.8 billion (17.4 per cent of GDP) from $26.2 billion (or 12.8 per cent of GDP).

    Hmmm… makes a person wonder how long this BC Liberal Government’s Pinocchio nose is growing, along with our province’s accumulated debt!

      Under the present financial conventions you couldn’t have growth in the economy unless debts were growing, Being Human. Capital expenditure on a large scale is always financed by an expansion of credit. It has to be, since to finance it otherwise, i.e., from ‘savings’, would mean even more existing goods and services into which those ‘savings’ had originally been costed couldn’t all be sold. The problem ISN’T the growth of debt, per se, it’s in that the economy as a whole is not currently financially fully self-liquidating. What’s been created as credit in ‘costs’ can’t be fully recovered in ‘prices’ and ‘taxes’. This holds true whether the BC Liberals are in office, or the NDP, since the policy of both on this issue is exactly the SAME. They don’t want it corrected. Which raises the question, “Why?”

      Why? I will take that one on. Could it be for the same reason General Flynn was outed by the deep state for wanting to find common ground with Russia. A deep state that permits the facade of a democracy, so long as they decide who can be elected and what their agenda is.

      Anyone that bucks their agenda gets put under the full scrutiny of all the intelligence methods and technology at their disposal and then outed by bought and owned media outlets.

      In General Flynn’s case he opposed the CIA/Mossad war on Syria and wanted to make peace with Russia to avoid a costly Cold War 2. In the case of anyone that wants to look at how money creation takes place to create a sustainable monetary economy, they face the Flynn treatment if not the JFK treatment.

      Well, Eagleone, that’s one ‘Conspiracy Theory’ version of it. Which, like a great many other similar ones, is neither proven nor disproven, despite some pretty good arguments on both accounts. If it’s true, then the fate of JFK, and General Flynn, and numerous others would certainly deter anyone from trying to prove it. Death, or career destruction, would be the inevitable outcome of such a proof. Perhaps the only way it could be proven would be to present a credible alternative showing how the totality of money created as loans could ALWAYS be fully repaid. And see who objects to that.

      General Flynn was first fired by Obama and second, fired by tRump. Maybe General Flynn is the problem.

      So Eagle…what happened in Sweden Friday night ? Was there some kind of Bowling Green massacre ? The funny part is tRump admitting he watches Fox (faux) news. The daily lies from the tRump administration are starting to make sense now.

      General Flynn was fired by Obama because he opposed CIA involvement in the regime change policies of Obama. He didn’t think useing clandestine third parties to conduct American foreign policy was good for national security and he was right.

      General Flynn was fired the second time because the cover up was worse than the crime. The crime being that he was doing his job avoiding war, but was illegally spied on by Obama political hold overs that had a vendetta against him for opposing war in Syria and Ukraine. He should have just been up front that he talked to the Russian ambassador to avoid war when Obama kicked out the Russian diplomats, and he convinced them not to retaliate in kind.

      The real story is Obama committed treason with his executive order 17 days before Trump took over with his executive order that forced the NSA to share all its Intel with the other 16 intelligence agencies before first vetting the Intel for breach of privacy. So instead of being able to control who the intel is coming from leaks can now come from anyone in any of the agencies when blackmailing US politicians for political assassination. If it was good enough for the Trump administration, then why wasn’t it good enough for his? Now he is running his anti Trump subversive operation from two blocks from the White House, with the Berkley riots being his first big operation with no less than 46 new operation centres around the country going into operation for protester planning and operations… Obama is setting the conditions for a coup because he doesn’t respect the American voter.

      Hahaha…. then why doesn’t tRump get his gold pen out and reverse Obama’s executive order ?

      And please don’t tell me Obama is running a pizza joint that is hiding children in the back.

    BC Liberals cut by 29 million in 2015 – now they give it back at election time with a taxpayer funded photo-op

    BC Liberals lost a Christy’s ego driven and petty 14 year legal battle – cost us $7 million and now they spend more on photo-ops announcing the funding that has to be returned to comply with that SCC ruling.

    The only reason they have a surplus is because they cut services and over-tax add to that a rising provincial debt = bad fiscal policy by bad fiscal managers.

      Problem is you are dialled in to BCTF rhetoric

      Here is a simple example – I give you 20 bucks today, tomorrow I give you 40, next day 60, next day 80, next day 85… you scream I took away 15 bucks. That is BCTF mentality in a nutshell

      Or conversely, as BC Liberals continue to siphon massive amounts of money from BC Hydro, and as a result, BC Hydro increases it rates to 20 dollars today, 40 dollars tomorrow, 60 the day after, 80 dollars the day after that, and next day 85 dollars… the BC Liberal Government will say; “hey everyone, we just gave you a 15 dollar break, now please vote for us… pretty please?

    Dippers gotta hate, hate, hate – enjoy the province you live in while it is still the best province in Canada

Hey look everyone, my shadow is back! So slinky what’s it like having to spend so much time on here looking for my comments and having to try and counter them all the time?

This must be turning into a full-time job for you slinky. But don’t worry, by the time the May 9th election comes around, I will have posted my entire research database of facts and truths about this incompetent and uncaring government. I just have to release it gradually as the subject areas come up on this news blog.

    Apparently you didn’t learn your lesson last election when you thought the NDP was a shoein, and look how that turned out.

    Research? All you got is globalist talking points that come down from communist central. No depth, no insight, just drive by propaganda memes and innuendo followed up by name calling and slander of anyone that doesn’t share your gullibility.

    Even a clock is right twice a day, and yet your cut and paste spoon feed propaganda doesn’t even hit the mark at that rate….

      Even a ‘broken clock’ lol

      You must mean cut and paste spoon fed (sic) propaganda like; “Public Education student funding in BC is the second worse in Canada says a new study!

      ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/education-funding-british-columbia-ccpa-2016-1.3735255

      You mean that kind of cut and paste propaganda doesn’t hit the mark Eagleone? And yet we are suppose to believe the “unsubstantiated opinions” of Christy Clark fan club members?

      Being Human, the Canadian Centre for Policy alternatives is about as selective in the data it uses in its ‘research’ as the Fraser Institute is in theirs. In other words, those who run both of these opposing entities set down their financial backer’s position on something, and then set all the economists and other supposedly well educated creatures they employ to go find some data to back it up. Hardly the scientific method of approaching any subject, is it?

      BeingHuman, just yesterday you took issue with comments that I made and links that I posted that discredited your statement that Tuition fees in Newfoundland and Labrador have been frozen since the 2003/2004 school year! See “CNC Board Approves Tuition Hike, Suspension of Nursing Assistant Program”

      One of my posted links was to a CBC report! A CBC report!

      So, let me get this straight, just yesterday you attempted to discredit a CBC report that I posted and now only one day later, you yourself are using a CBC report to defend yourself on this story.

      So, is this a case of CBC report, BAD, oops, CBC Report, Good?

      Make up your mind, man, make up your mind!

      So… socredible, if the Canadian Center for Policy Alternatives AND the Fraser Institute BOTH agree that public education in BC is being under funded by this BC Liberal Government, then perhaps we should take that as a FACT!!!


      The above link will not work because it extends out past the dialogue box, but the Tiny Url below works!

      ht tps://tinyurl.com/h23qvzm

      “If” the above link will not work because it extends…

      Looks like you went through the check list BH. See what I mean…..

      Being Human, as far back as I remember, and even well before that in all likelihood, there have ALWAYS been arguments that both education and health care in BC are ‘under funded’. If the whole Provincial Budget was directed towards these two areas alone, to the exclusion of everything else, there would still be a persistent belief amongst many that both were still being ‘under funded’. Now how do we correct that? How does the NDP propose to do it? Remembering, of course, that when they were in office last, they didn’t. So what are they going to do differently this time around, if they’re victorious in the coming election? Raise more money through taxation? On who, or on what? Governments are already taking nearly half our annual incomes, on average, in taxes now. If they took the other half as well, could they then provide us with fully funded education and healthcare, and all the other things they provide for us, AND, also those we provide now for ourselves? Could they do this without going into debt? Wouldn’t they have to? Because if they took ALL our incomes, how then could they re-pay any debt? There’d be nothing left to tax that could ever be paid, would there?

      I can almost anticipate your answer, Being Human. It’ll be the reason why the NDP would be as big a flop as government if put in again as it was before. You’re going to say, we should tax the rich. And the corporations. Lets just take a little look at how that would play out.

      First of all you’d have to decide just what you’re going to tax the rich on. Their income. Or their capital. If you’re rich, you don’t need a very high income. Once you’ve acquired all the trappings of wealth, it doesn’t take too much to maintain them. There are ways of having the use of many of those trappings when desired, and having them maintain themselves the rest of the time. The yacht can be rented out. Likewise the helicopter, or executive jet. The mansion might be legitimately used partially for business purposes. So it doesn’t take too much income for the rich to remain rich.

      Now lets say we tax their capital. What they ‘own’. Kind of like property tax, only on an assessed value of everything. This tax is PAYABLE in money. But the assets being taxed are VALUED in money. But they AREN’T money. And the only way they can become money, to pay a tax assessed on them that way, is for their owners to either sell them, or borrow against them. Both have some very negative implications. And not only for the owners, but for society as a whole ~ at least one that craves ‘jobs’. If they’re ‘productive’ assets, the cost of the taxation levied on them has to come out INCREASED prices for the products they provide. Just as in taxing a corporation, WHO is the final payer of the tax? The general public, no? Corporations, nor the rich actually MAKE money, they both can only GET money ~ and WHO do they get it from? But does the NDP ever see THAT?

    I am glad you think I am your shadow, but perhaps take a look at the thread – I left your first topic alone to prove a point – you are a NDP hack. I started a new thread with a completely new topic and you created a new thread with a personal attack.

    Let me counter with just that – all your research has been shown to be alt-left propaganda but you keep bringing it back time and time again. Any google warrior with a love for the NDP can do your cut and paste, half the time your articles say the exact opposite of what you post that they confirm. When you “research” read more than one article on the subject and read the ENTIRE article – that is my advice to you.

I think the special needs students are being left behind. Hopefully some of this money goes to addressing those issues. Also hands on learning is becoming a lost practice that should be reinforced as a part of learning. Ditto for athletics.

I think it would be a real waste to see this funding going into computers or computer programing. Those funds should come from other dedicated program funding that is more widely available for that kind of specific need.

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