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October 27, 2017 6:46 pm

Tension Crack Upstream from Site C

Friday, February 24, 2017 @ 1:23 PM

Tension crack  visible  on north bank – image courtesy  BC Hydro

Fort St. John, B.C.-   Geo-technical engineers are  monitoring and assessing a  400 meter long  tension crack  on the north bank of the Peace River , upstream from  the Site C project.B.C. Hydro  and Site C spokesperson, Dave Conway  says the crack  was first spotted on February 19th  during  excavation work to develop a haul road. “This area is  just upstream from where the dam location  is on the north bank, which is the Fort St. John side.  It’s upstream from the dam, so the reservoir a little  bit, towards a ravine that is  called locally   ‘garbage creek’.”

Conway  says  although 400 meters long,  “It’s a relatively small area.  The  area we are  talking about,  the north bank,  slopes,  this ( tension crack)  is not a surprise .  We know the slopes  are prone to stress fractures  this was identified when we went through the environmental assessment process  and  also identified in our construction schedule.”

The plan ,  says Conway   has always been to   address tension cracks “Our overall  work on the northbank is to remove these materials, to stabilize the north bank slope to an angle that will  guarantee no impact and won’t  affect the safety of the dam.”

Since it  was part of the scheduled work,  he is  not  able to say  if  this  particular  situation will have an impact on the overall cost of the  project.  “The crack has not grown,  the soils are stable and we have geo-techs on site who are investigating, and we are presently determining what the plan is for the  continuation  of work  on this area.”

The 30 workers who had been working on the   development of the haul road, have been reassigned to other  work.

Conway says  work continues at  the rest of the site.


Better get the protesters up there to protest.

Gee, remove all the trees and undergrowth that keeps the soil and ground stable, and what do we have?

Easy solution though, just send in more BC Liberal government, and BC Hydro clowns!

    What trees?

      The part with the tension crack in the photo is on the north bank of the peace and had little trees on it before construction. Mostly small williows, shrubs and immature poplar. It was fairly similar to the Old Fort lookout in Fort st John..This is a pretty small tension crack for the peace valley and it’s only newsworthy because site c is controversial. I would be more worried about the underlying cracks in the highways in the peace region.

      Looking at the picture, and the straight treeline at the top, you can tell that whole hill and bank was logged.

      If it was logged 50 years ago for the field – which I highly doubt it had nothing to do with site C. This entire hillside is to be replaced with more stable material as it is prone to sliding according to the geo report. Again read more than one article to get the full story

      LOL, slinky; so you think some rancher / farmer clears trees off a hill side so he can plant crops? What??? Do you actually think BC’s Peace River Valley is actually Cambodia?

      ht tps://tinyurl.com/zjey9h9

      Hay is grown all over BC not just in the Peace

      So take a close look at the photo, you can see a person standing at the top of the bank and an excavator up on the flat are that was probably logged to plant a hay field some time in the past. The bank material is too unstable and maybe too steep to grow trees in the past present and future. You can see trees in behind the field on the top of th bank. Put your glasses on

    Ummm… these trees!!!

    www .desmog.ca/sites/beta.desmogblog.com/files/Garth%20Lenz-9043.jpg

      Most of that are was ranchland there weren’t a lot of trees in the area please do your homework for a change you might learn something BH

      Here is a before and after picture of Site C deforestation activities.

      ht tp://sierraclub.bc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Garth-Lenz-after-clearcutting.jpg

      A picture is worth a thousand words.

      Those “trees” are south bank and at the area of the actual dam. The fracture is the north bank upstream from this area. but nice deflection. That flat area logged is not going to fracture any time soon.

      Wow, from you saying “What trees?” to you now actually mentioning them in you comments must have been a painful concession slinky. But good for you, the rest of us can see you growing and maturing daily.

      Not painful as there were no “trees” in the area of the fracture, lots of brush and grasses but that grows all over

    So BH you are okay with removing trees and vegetation for solar and wind? Hey news to you part of the reason for site c is to back wind for when the don’t blow. So double your poor trees have to be removed.

    You really have to check facts otherwise you will keep getting beat down time and again.

    Hey how’s your mining claims coming along?

maybe they should have checked things out better before ramming this through

    Was a known, it is already in the report.

The BC Liberals are trying to push this massive $9 Billion dollar make work project past the point of no return, before the NDP get swept into power. If it gets past the point of no return, the NDP won’t be able to stop it.

When you rush, rush, rush, mistakes are bound to happen!

ht tp://vancouversun.com/business/local-business/bc-hydro-facing-federal-order-heavy-fines-for-site-c-sediment-and-erosion-problems

    The NDP won’t stop it if they’re elected in May, Being Human. They need it as badly as the Liberals do. It’s this decade’s replacement for the 2010 Winter Olympics. It puts new money into the economy. Without which existing debts would be all that much more difficult to amortise. Too bad it’ll also raise the prices of everything in the process, but we’ll just have to learn to “live within our means”, won’t we?

    It is not a mistake, they already knew about it that is why the entire bank is to be excavated and replaced with more stable material

    “Its not a mistake”, which is why Geotechnical experts are being called to examine the stress fracture, with all work on the road below halted, and workers in the area evacuated… why? Because its not a mistake according to slinky.

    ht tp://www.metronews.ca/news/vancouver/2017/02/24/geotechnical-experts-called-as-400-metre-crack-spotted-near-site-c-work-area.html

      Lol BH..If you actually knew how many work sites and civil infrastructure projects that get shut down for geotechnical issues, you probably wouldn’t sleep at night. Your only using this isolated issue to highlight your political manifestation. I doubt you gave ever set foot in the peace region.

      Safety of workers is always paramount. This bank was already assessed by geo engineers and the area is going to be removed and refilled with more stable material. It already is in the budget, whenever there is any type of safety issue before you put workers back in you have to assess it as safe or have geo engineers come up with a new plan if the existing one will not work safely enough.

      Your turn

Cracks of this nature are not unusual in projects of this size as any geotech will confirm. It can and will be dealt with as reported in the story.

A couple of other similar examples are the road up to the university and the Mt. Polley tailings pond. One dealt with and the other a big clustertruck.

A layer of till was found during construction of University road causing slippage and sluffing of the under construction road surface. Solution was found at perhaps a higher than necessary cost so it was ready for the queen but have not seen any further problems.

Then there is Mt Polley where the Glen Clark gov’t allowed the wall of the tailings pond to be built on top of a layer of glacial till lighting the fuse of a time bomb. Not question a if it would fail but a matter of when.

ndp swept in….someone must have their hands on another type of crack:P
Could barely find candidates for local ridings , the ones that drew the short straw at a meeting. Horgan has all but written off any riding outside the lower mainland and south island by his stand on resource extraction.

    Sparrow you should know that Peeps and his/her merry band of NDP cheerleaders don’t appreciate that kind of common sense around here.

      Ain’t that the truth Rustyshakleford

      Like trying to break through a 3 foot concrete wall, no common sense.

      It doesn’t seem to matter how much facts or truths I post, It doesn’t matter how much evidence I link to in my comments, the cognitive dissonance from the right will ignore or deny what is right in front of them. Such is the mentality of right wing ideologues.

      ht tps://tinyurl.com/jn9298h

    Sparrow they did not something new when building that road the land was known to be slipping along. I used to ski on the 100 steps ski hill that the road cuts threw and the slippage could be seen. But hey a grand entrance was needed for the palace on the hill, dam the cost.

    So you are saying Glen Clark government New about the glacial till? Thought is was more the engineering firm missed it?

      I just gotta get a phone with a bigger screen

BH what are you fabricating tonight? I was hoping I finished you off last night. Oh well I guess an NDP hack is used to getting destroyed and rising back up for another beating

    Still trying to figger out where the facts or truth are. Now,I ain’t right or left, but hoo boy, and does she know the meaning of cognitive whatever? People say the strangest things.

Wonder if there’s any geotechs out there who can report on how Kenny Dam is doing. What if a crack occurred in that dam, what would happen to PG, V’hoof?

    best have your flood insurance paid up

      Well , I doubt that you could claim Gravity is at fault as all the science isn’t in on that theory . Not in #dumb2&$;istan any way .

    All dams have cracks and leak water, nothing new, mitigated with the design.

Ok let’s see if I can ‘dumb this down’ enough so BH can understand. Maybe point form

This is the north bank up stream from the dam site
The bank has been assessed as unstable and due for removal and replacement with more stable material
Building a road for hauling material removed a crack was observed
Workers removed and geo engineers assess if they can continue or take different approach
BH claims logging on the south bank at the dam site kilometres away is causing the fracture
People try to show BH that logging there will not affect the bank
BH claims bank was logged, does not see there is a field on top of the north bank that was logged but far in the past
BHs posts more photos from the south bank before and after at the dam site kilometres away from the fracture
BH claims left wing has stress from her posting things contradictory to their beliefs

North bank has no trees on it, maybe brush and grass and was already assessed to have poor holding soils and will be replaced before the area is flooded, farmer will lose part of his hay field. Workers removed for their safety until a new plan is found

Did I miss anything?

    Good Job Slinky but I doubt he will understand as he is dead set on proving everybody wrong with misleading information

    Oops one correction sorry – BH claims the RIGHT WING is being stressed out over the info she has put forward as it creates a conflict in their minds as to what is the real issue. Being alt left she does have the belief we are losing sleep over her posts. Believe her term was “cognitive dissonance” of the left wing

This project never should have been approved. It is nothing but a boondoggle. A massive, environmentally destructive, White Elephant to produce power that is not needed. All this thing is is a 14 billion dollar monument for Christy Clark to hang her name on.

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