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October 27, 2017 6:45 pm

Radiology Concerns at Terrace Hospital

Sunday, February 26, 2017 @ 6:51 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Northern Health is contacting some patients who have undergone CT scans, ultrasound and general x-rays at Mills Memorial Hospital in Terrace over a recent four-month period after an audit of radiology exams   found inconsistencies with the reading and reporting of medical images.

The health authority says the scans were read by one radiologist between October 2016 and January 2017. The radiologist is now on voluntary leave while quality concerns are addressed and scans re-read.  A group of radiologists at Vancouver General Hospital is assisting with the reading of more than 8,400 images from 5,278 patients. The process is expected to be completed by the end of March and physicians and patients will be notified as results are received.

NH emphasizes that the review does not mean that all of the original readings are inaccurate or that a discrepancy will result in negative clinical concern or adverse health impacts to the patients affected. Patients will be contacted if necessary by their physician.


Nothing new here folks, in 2010 a province wide investigation found that errors by radiologists who weren’t properly trained to read the images led to delayed treatment or misdiagnoses that contributed to the deaths of at least three B.C. residents.

The government-ordered probe called for the re-interpretation of 14,000 imaging studies done in four health regions at various periods of time during 2010, related to four radiologists working in Powell River, the Fraser Valley and Comox. It was found that the errors occurred because of lack of oversight and monitoring, and gaps in the way the College of Physicians and Surgeons assessed the credentials of some radiologists. Other errors were the result of radiologists who essentially learned how to read CT scans on the job.

In one case, a radiologist was allowed to read images after taking a two-week training course, even though the college had not had a chance to evaluate whether the training was adequate. In another case, the hiring of a radiologist was under the direction of a medical imaging firm contracted by Fraser Health. The health authority itself did not have any role in the radiologist’s evaluation or hiring.

Following the scandal, then health minister Mike de Jong promised immediate fixes to prevent similar errors in the future… that was seven (7) years ago folks!

ht tp://vancouversun.com/health/local-health/terrace-hospital-thousands-of-radiology-exams-under-review-following-discrepancies

    I just knew it would be the Liberals fault, so predictable.

    Who says the problem was not fixed? Is this a one of, or province wide? Seems to be an isolated problem or should the reexamine not be trusted.

      If not the liberals then who? Was there another governing party in power that was ultimately responsible for our health system? Maybe it was the govt of Australia?

The issue now is with one person, one person, get it one person. Not defending the government but how can it be their fault, one person. The problem was identified and is being dealt with.

No, the problem is NOT one person, did you not read the linked article I posted? The problem is systemic, it in the system, more specifically; inadequate training for radiologists.

Sorry, I cannot educate you further on this subject seamutt, as I know you have an aversion to getting “edumacated”.

Radiology is ripe for disruption . What is needed is AI . Imagine , leaving your diagnosis up to subjectivity . That’s why the tricorder Xprize is going to start the changes coming . Can’t wait . Only months away , hopefully .

Come now, they don’t drag someone out of an alley and in two weeks they are a radiologist. Load of hogwash brought to you by the resident government hater

When they catch an error they have to go back a reasonable time and review all the work, that is precisely what they are doing. The hospital and its board set the rules and do the hiring, so you are saying the hospital and its board hired an unqualified radiologist and the government that provides the funding is at fault? Interesting analogy

A decent attempt at misdirecting the discussion slinky. NO I am not saying the hospital, and it’s board, hired an unqualified radiologist… that would be you attempting to shift the responsibility from the BC Liberal Government onto Northern Health.

What I am saying is that this is a systemic problem with inadequate radiologist train. Following the 2010 errors of radiologists misinterpreting imaging which was directly linked to the preventable deaths of at least three people, then health minister Mike de Jong “promised” immediate fixes to prevent similar errors in the future.

So here we are in the future facing the same radiologist imagining interpretation problems! How can you misinterpret my previous comment so badly?

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