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October 27, 2017 6:43 pm

Way More Snow in Fraser Valley than PG this Winter

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 @ 12:03 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Fresh numbers out of Environment Canada confirm what many people in the northern Interior may have already suspected – the Fraser Valley has been hit by a lot more snowfall than Prince George.

Looking at the months of December, January, and February (up until Feb. 27), meteorologist Alyssa Charbonneau says Prince George received 92.5 centimetres of snow (about a third of that fell over two days earlier this month) – a lot less than the 131 centimetres recorded in Abbotsford.

“Their normal for those three months is 43.6 centimetres compared to a normal of about 100 centimetres in Prince George. In fact, February has been the snowiest on record for Abbotsford with 80.9 centimetres this month.”

As for Vancouver, she says 63.4 centimetres of snow fell compared to a normal three-month average of 32.

When it comes to average temperatures, Charbonneau says all three regions were below normal – especially in Prince George.

“We saw several arctic outbreaks that brought cold, crisp air right across the whole province. So, when I look at December, January, and February Prince George was below normal temperature all three of those months.

“The average in December was minus 12.2, well below the normal of minus 7.2. The average in January was minus 11.4 compared to the normal of minus 7.9 while the average in February was minus 7.3 compared to the normal of minus 5.”



92cm? Geez, you guys should come east for winter. We’ve had over 250cm so far this year, LOL. That said, I think we may be getting into spring soon. The air just feels different. Famous last words . . .

Hey Retired02 – still working for the Abbotsford tourism board? Maybe you’ll have to move back to sunny and dry Prince George :).

    He is out looking for a good deal on a bullet proof vest and air fresheners.

      AND nose plugs, manure spread’in time com’in soon LOL

      You only need bullet proof vests In PG and air purifier. Bye

    HHey you got that right. My wife is coming up to PG for a great granddaughter baby shower and will be looking what the housing situation is.
    Love you guys.

      Will be glad to say, Welcome Back.

      Sell you my snowblower, sounds like you guys need it more down there Retired02

ski51, pleeeeease no!

    Please yes.

Aahh, there’s just something about the fragrance driving through the Fraser valley. Cleans out the sinuses for sure!

And I bet Vanderhoif barely got 30cm this whole winter. Like the big record snow event we had two Friday’s ago now… Clear blue skies west of Brookside with not a cloud in the sky. It’s been like that most of this winter. Snowing and overcast in PG, but 50km west of town they have hardly had enough to cover the grass any more than a couple of days this winter.

The sad thing is that we up here will be paying for all those accidents that they had down there because they didnt prepare

    That’s true, proud, but rates for all of B.C. will be affected. But I get what you mean.

    ICBC works on a regional system, they call it rate class and territory

    Rate class is the type of vehicle and what you are using it for and Territory is the area of the province you are mainly driving in. Pickups also pay by their rated GVW so they are more expensive to insure than cars and SUVs.

    PG is territory R, BC is divided into 14 territories, if you use your vehicle in more than one territory you pay premiums in the territory with the highest rate. Vancouver pays more for basic insurance in their territory and used to require air care certificate but not anymore – if you have moved make sure your territory is correct.

    Whether or not we “pay” for accidents or portions thereof out of our territory is a question for ICBC. Maybe you can dig into this and find out if what you say is really true or are blowing smoke.

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