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October 27, 2017 6:41 pm

Former PG RCMP Supt. Now In Charge of E Division

Thursday, March 2, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Brenda Butterworth -Carr   is now  Commander of “E” Division   RCMP in B.C.

Assistant Commissioner  Butterworth-Carr  is stepping into the post  following the retirement of  Craig Callens who has been in the post for  5 years.  She will be promoted  to the rank of Deputy Commissioner.

“E” Division  is the largest of the RCMP’s  division in the country,  with  approximately one third of the entire force located in British Columbia.

She is no stranger to the north,  as she  held  was Assistant District Commander for North District,   and then  moved into the post as Superintendent  of the Prince George RCMP detachment  in the wake of the departure of  Dahl  Chambers.  She  has been credited  with doing  much of the  work  in the development of the Prince George detachment’s new building on Victoria Street.

Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General Mike Morris welcomed  Butterworth-Carr to her new post in an official statement released  late yesterday  “Years ago, when I first met Brenda Butterworth-Carr, I was immediately struck by her professional and personal integrity and passion for public safety. I’ve observed her progression over the years as a leader in the RCMP and continue to be impressed” said Morris in a statement released  late yesterday.

From the Tr’ondek Hwech’in Han Nation Yukon,  Butterworth-Carr  joined the RCMP in 1987 as a Native Special Constable.  She has served in the Yukon, National HQ, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

In addition to the posts she has held in Prince George,  she  has also been the  Director General of National Aboriginal Policing and Crime Prevention Services, National Criminal Operations. She served as the Criminal Operations Officer and then the Commanding Officer in Saskatchewan prior to returning to British Columbia in August of 2016 as the Officer in Charge of Criminal Operations Core Policing.

“As someone who has worked closely with Brenda and followed her career over the last 29 years, I couldn’t be more pleased by her appointment and we look forward to working with her” said Solicitor General Morris.



Sounds like a winner! Welcome back!

Now that’s what I call a success story.


But the thought still lingers.. is this promotion to help beef up the image considering all the allegations of old school chums???

    I would congratulate her for the success she is due, yet some postings by the RCMP may be “strategic”. She is a leader who is also an Aboriginal woman, which may help the RCMP better position itself through her thoughtful, sensitive, guidance when the National Inquiry on Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls comes to BC.

    I would imagine she is a success story, and very good role model, for the Aboriginal community.

      So you don’t believe her fully qualified for the position and a RCMP plant to score points with the public?

      I think you missed the “but…” at the end of your last sentence

      No one interpreted my comment that way, “but” you! Once again my shadow troll comes though. No original thought or mind of his own about the various news article subjects, just my shadow me and comment on all my comments.

      Everyone sees the pattern, next up will be tonight’s Friday Free For All, I will be posting another well researched comment, so you can again comment on it. Trolls will be trolls, sorry, “but” you and the others are not going to badger me off this site before the May 9th election, I have too much researched facts to share between now and then.

      Well researched??? About time! Great!

    You’re a large part of the problem you allude to with an asinine suggestion like this. Congratulate the applicant and move on.

      Nice setup by slinky, with the follow up by you sgsc. A large part of the asinine problem I allude to actually comes from sources like the Civilian Review and Complaints Commission. Hey, I don’t make the stuff up that is contained in their report… you are no doubt aware of the contents of that report given your profession right sgsc?

      Just so everyone else knows what CRCC Report I am talking about, here is a news link.

      ht tp://www.news1130.com/2017/02/16/mounties-northern-bc-blasted-poor-reporting/

“She has been credited with doing much of the work in the development of the Prince George detachment’s new building on Victoria Street.”

So she’s the one who put us deeper in debt. :)


From a small Yukon town, she sure done good. Wish her well!

Prince George deteriorated to worse city in Canada. Lots of speeding tickets handed out though.

    If she served in Northern Saskatchewan PG will be a cakewalk for her.

All the power to Ms Carr.
She has slipped through the glass ceiling, at least as far as Dep. Comm.
Will she go further yet?
Will there eventually be a female, and aboriginal person as the TOP Cop?

How about saying congrats on the new posting. Looking forward to positive changes that she can bring.

350 million in US and could only come up with Trump & Clinton ? Same as BBC ! She got this for what she is, not what she has done ! Aboriginal and female. Trudeau specimen !

Brenda is a hard worker and one tough cop. Don’t doubt for a minute that she earned this job. I worked with her when she was in PG and I have a lot of respect for her. When she speaks, people listen.

    Agreed HomeinPG! *Lets see slinky try and twist this comment around to be negative.

      Yes I agree with HomeinPG – but you did say you imagine she is a success story who is an RCMP plant which I don’t agree with that at all BH. She achieved this position from hard work in her previous positions nuff said.

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