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October 27, 2017 6:41 pm

Friday Free For All – Mar. 3, 2017

Friday, March 3, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Once again, it’s  time to  speak up on the issues  that have  sparked  your interest.

It’s time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but  please, keep  your comments brief,  and respect the rights of others  to  disagree with  your position. Name calling will not be tolerated.

There are three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


A while back I conducted research on the rising crime rates in BC, and thought they were attributable to the BC Liberal Government’s closing of; 24 of 68 courthouses in BC; 10 jails in our province; 85% of all legal aid offices, and a 75% reduction in legal aid workers / lawyers. I thought these were compelling reasons for the massive courts case load backlog, and longer wait times to get cases tried, some of which had charges dropped because of the delays were too long.

Well, in the latest twist on chronic court staff shortages, B.C.’s justice minister has revealed seven criminal cases had to be dropped last year because of unacceptable delays, this was in addition to another criminal charge that had to be thrown out in Victoria last Friday. In that case, Justice Robert Johnston entered a stay of proceedings against accused drug dealer Richard D’Allesandro, citing a shortage of sheriffs and blaming “a lack of provincial will to provide necessary resources.”

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/sheriff-shortage-bc-1.3991676

Oh, the irony! All those past comments on here expressing outrage over rising crime rates and how the judges were too soft on sentencing criminals. Yet here we have several accused criminals being released and set free because of unreasonable delays caused by BC Liberal Government cut backs and chronic under funding of judicial and court services.

Please keep this in mind when you vote on May 9th.

    BeingHuman maybe this is Christy’s back-up plan for staying out of jail if the NDP perform a miracle and win an election and follow up on a previous promise to investigate the stench around the give-away of BC Rail. IMHO.

    Rising crime rates? Where? Across Canada & the US crime rates have been in steady decline since the 90’s. In BC there are spikes here & there but overall crime is down. ht tp://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/law-crime-and-justice/criminal-justice/police/publications/statistics/copy_of_bc_crime_trends_2006-2015.xlsx. Even in “crime ridden” Prince George, the crime rate is in decline. ht tp://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/law-crime-and-justice/criminal-justice/police/publications/statistics/bc_policing_jurisdiction_crime_trends_2006-2015p.xlsx. As much as the far right has been justifiably criticized for fear mongering about crime, the far left is just as guilty. spout your NDP propaganda but stick to actual facts, not stirred up news stories designed to attract & raise readership in a certain political demographic.

      Crime didn’t go down. Reporting crime went down. If it’s under $3000 it’s not worth the the jump in your insurance rates.

      I know a fellow dealing with a out of season moose case. So far its cost him more money in time off from work then the fines the poachers will get.

      Crime hasn’t gone down. People aren’t reporting it because nothing gets done to solve it.

      “Crime hasn’t gone down. People aren’t reporting it because nothing gets done to solve it.” Do you have proof of this other than anecdotale hearsay?

      So very true, Detoe.

      detoe, do you have proof against what I said? Prove I’m wrong. You can post all the govt stats you want but most everyone knows the real truth, they live it every day. Only sheep believe what govt leads them to believe.

    The following 2015 ranking is based on police reported crime from 305 communities in Canada with a population of 10 thousand or more. *Note these are BC Northern Communities Only

    Community Violent Crime Rank Overall Crime Severity Rank
    Prince George 20 (23) 20 (22)
    Williams Lake 7 (1) 4 (2)
    Terrace 18 (17) 23 (19)
    Prince Rupert 8 (7) 17 (12)
    Fort St. John 4 (19) 13 (17)
    Dawson Creek 11 (28) 10 (20)

    Don’t know about the rest of you, but having all of these Northern BC cities ranked in the top 20 out 305 cities across Canada is absolutely unacceptable! Remember, this is just Northern BC, similarly high rankings are occurring across BC. So the question needs to be asked; why are more BC cities ranked highest in overall crime, than any other province in Canada? What makes BC so special? The answer to that question is in my previous comment!

    ht tps://www.250news.com/2016/07/20/prince-george-climbs-up-in-crime-severity-index/

      Closing of a courthouse increases crime in the area, good to know you did your research

      “having all of these Northern BC cities ranked in the top 20 out 305 cities across Canada is absolutely unacceptabl”


      The thing is that it has been the case for decades and longer. The question is why. There are no states overr the last 3 or 4 decades which show that the government in power is a dependent variable of the crime statistic.

      If you want to do some meaningful research for a change, give us the crime statistic in a city or province and relate that to the local or provincial government in power to see whether they are dependent variables. Look at the number of police in the force which supports the region under review as well, or the type of police force – RCMP/independent.

      Try to look at the rate in an objective fashion rather than trying to hit some organization/political party, etc from the onset and then making your supposed argument to meet that objective.

      That is not how research works for those who do quality research.

      You are promoting alternate truth!

      So let me get this straight Gopg2015, you propose your own theory that high crime rates in Northern BC have been historically high for decades (30 years or more), then you challenge me to do the research for you, other wise I am promoting alternative facts???

      I would suggest you do your own research to support your own theories Go2015, until then, who is the one spreading alternative facts here?

      You do know sarcasm do you not? Closing a courthouse has nothing to do with increased crime unless they break into a closed courthouse. You really need to work on your correlation skills.

    You have presented a fallacious argument. It is presented in such a way that the average reader connects two facts, the reduction in courthouses, jails, legal aid offices and legal aid workers/lawyers which are not connected unless the connection can be made.

    You have failed to make the connection. You have stated that you have done your research. Making that connection is the most important part of any research that you think you may have done.

    On top of that, as others have posted, you have not indicated that there is a rising crime rate. Crime rates, as weather, industrial accidents, etc. rise and fall. On an a monthly, annual, and other short term basis, occurrences rise and fall, sometimes extremely so, then continue their long term rise or fall. Those are spikes.

    You have indicated no stats over a decade, for instance to show the slope of change over time.

    If you wish to do some research, learn how to do it, rather than bring an alarmist view to the public’s eye.

    A researcher, you are not!

      Well, we know you did not read the 250news story link I provided at the end of my first original comment, otherwise you would not have stated; “On top of that, as others have posted, you have not indicated that there is a rising crime rate.” Really??? From the 250news article:

      “Nationally, police-reported crime in Canada, as measured by both the crime rate and the Crime Severity Index ( which measures the volume and severity of police reported crime in the county) increased for the first time since 2003. The national CSI increased 5% from 66.7 in 2014 to 69.7 in 2015.”

      “Stats Can says the national increase was the result of increases in fraud, breaking and entering, robbery, and homicide. Across the country, there were almost 1.9 million police-reported Criminal Code incidents (excluding traffic) reported by police in 2015, approximately 70,000 more than in 2014.”

      Take a hike gopg2015, you can’t even bother reading the evidence that I link in my comments!!!

    You know by now, your “Research” has been brought in to question MANY times, by most of the Commenters on here. Do you ask yourself if your “Research” is flawed? No. You continue to post Ad Nauseum, so don’t expect too many people to expect anything other than “I Love the NDP”
    from you. From ” The Other guy” states it all.
    Your research could have looked at law itself, lawyers who love finding loopholes and delaying trials and sentencing, Judges who have sentencing guidelines imposed on them from higher courts. Lokk a little further, you will find this is not just B.C. And, it’s not just this government that’s causing delays.

ohhh what a beautiful morning… Warm outside with a small dusting of snow… was gonna say dusting of white, but I;m sure someone would find that offensive

    Is it okay to say a dusting of Caucasian?

Listen Being human.
Harper was trying to get tough on crime, but the pot smoking people spoke in the last federal election.
That idiot in Ottawa is dismantling all the conservative laws to get tough on crime.
So why would the B.C. Liberals even try !!!!

    You mean the laws Harper had brought in that violated our rights that Trudeau threw out?

      Trudeau did not throw them out C-51 is alive and well.

    Ummm… BaldEagle; the crime stats for Northern cities I posted above are for 2015, and based on 2014 data, well within the dark age of Harper rule! How can you possibly blame soaring crime rates on a Federal Liberal that got elected just over a 1 year ago?

    NO, if you want to look at the unacceptably high crime rankings in BC cities, blame the Provincial Government for our over taxed and under funded court system for releasing accused criminals out onto our streets, because court delays are too long!


      Read the above report on 2015 Canadian crime rates with provincial breakdowns. Also see the graph over time and notice the rise after a decade+ of fall.

      Canada +5 Fraud, Breaking and entering, Robbery, Homicide

      1. Alberta +18 Breaking and entering, Theft of $5,000 or under, Motor vehicle theft

      2. New Brunswick +12 Breaking and entering, Fraud

      3. Saskatchewan +10 Breaking and entering, Homicide, Fraud

      4. Northwest Territories +10 Homicide, Breaking and entering, Assault level 3

      5. Manitoba +8 Breaking and entering, Mischief, Fraud

      6. Newfoundland and Labrador +5 Sexual assault level 1, Robbery, Violent firearms offences

      7. British Columbia +4 Fraud, Theft of $5,000 or under, Robbery

      8. Ontario +2 Fraud

      9. Yukon -2 Homicide 1

      10. Quebec -3 Breaking and entering

      11. Nunavut -4 Homicide 2

      12. Nova Scotia -7 Breaking and entering, Theft of $5,000 or under

      13. Prince Edward Island -10 Theft of $5,000 or under, Homicide

      The above shows change in crime severity index of 2015 over 2014, plus the violations driving the change in CSI

      BC is below the national average.

      Tell me, did those other provinces that are higher also reduce jails, court houses, justice workers, etc?

      Show that and you are well on your way to showing that you fallacious argument is not fallacious. ;-)

      How about looking at the makeup of the population as well as the mindset of the wild west beyond the Ontario western border????

      There is a much more plausible hypothesis there. Why that geographic divide is present is something which would be interesting to explore.

      There is one other common element. The RCMP is the dominant police force west of Ontario. While that is true, it may not be the cause or only cause, but in my mind it needs to be explored but it is a small “p” politically charged hypothesis which has only a slim chance of being explored.

      These are stats on the number of police /100,000 population from 2003 to 2007
      The first is the number in 2003, the second in 2007 and the third is the change over time.

      Over that time, BC is third in the increase. Maybe someone can take the time to find more recent comparative figures. Maybe BH could even do that “research”. ;-)

      Canada 187.6 195.2
      Newfoundland and Labrador 148.1 165.4 11.7%
      Nova Scotia 171.7 188.4 9.7%
      British Columbia 171 185.5 8.5%
      Northwest Territories 386 418.7 8.5%
      Alberta 158.1 165.1 4.4%
      New Brunswick 170.4 177.1 3.9%
      Manitoba 196.1 203.6 3.8%
      Quebec 191.7 198.2 3.4%
      Prince Edward Island 158.7 163.5 3.0%
      Saskatchewan 200.8 206.6 2.9%
      Ontario 189.5 191.7 1.2%
      Yukon 405.6 385.3 -5.0%
      Nunavut 414.9 394 -5.0%

      A diatribe of completely useless data from gopg2015!!!

      Contradicts you so therefore it’s useless data.

      Sorry, BH, you lose.

      Quoting statistics from 2007, when I quote stats from 2014/15. The crime rates are rising, Prince George is now ranked as the 3rd highest in the country for crime severity… so who are the losers here?


      That was the link on my first post. It clearly indicates trhe cahnge between 2015 and 2014. The data is from statscan.

      If you go to the site is show the curve upward in that year,

      You still refuse to answer the basic question of how many jails, courthouses, justice worker offices, etc. they closed down in those province which had higher increases than BC.

    Harper did squat on crime, give your head a shake.

Yes indeed it would be some kind of miracle for the lefties to form the next government in BC. Especially not when they get nails in their coffin like this and more to come…

“Ironworkers Union endorses Premier Christy Clark and the Liberals in the B.C. election”

Local 97 President Doug Parton also skewered the NDP for opposing the Site C dam, the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion,the proposed Pacific NorthWest LNG project and the George Massey bridge.

    Somewhere along the line the NDP forgot about its base of support, unionized workers, and started to become the No Development Party. Unions have finally woken up to this.

      NDP had to choose which of its supporters to cater to, the unions or the environmentalists. The anti-development, anti-resource extraction, anti-energy, anti-western civilization environuts make much more noise, attract vastly more people to their cause so the NDP favored them instead of the unions.

      I’m surprised it took the unions this long to notice.

      It’s about bloody time, only took them 30 or 40 years. They have always paid lip service to unions but the money kept coming in, duh!
      No development is so true, I for one don’t want what an NDP government gave us last time around.

    All the reasons Site C should NOT proceed: BC Hydro’s debt has grown from $8.1 Billion in 2008 to $18.1 Billion this year, the $9 Billion dollar cost of Site C will put BC Hydro into unacceptably deeper debt, our Hydro fees will more than double (probably triple) as a result; The Royal Society of Canada and 250 of Canada’s top scientists and academics have called for a stop to construction of the Site C dam; Marc Eliesen; former CEO of BC Hydro advises against Site C as does the Chair of the Site C Review Panel Harry Swain; demand for BC Hydroelectricity is actually decreasing NOT increasing as faltering electricity demand among industrial customers will cost BC Hydro $3.5 billion less in revenue, over the term of its 10-year financial plan; finally 70% of British Columbians support the pausing of Sire C to investigate alternatives.

    So, despite all this opposition, the Steel Workers Union supports Site C and backs the BC Liberals for what reason? The answer is; more jobs for their members… yet many from the right have commented on here about how “self-serving” the Unions are who support the NDP… oh the two-faced irony!

      You are so right. A union backs the right and we sing their praises. But, in the same breath, you condemn the only true source of clean electricity. Not sure where Harry Swain is getting his thinking from. There is a federal and provincial objective to reduce the use of carbon fuels. They have to be replaced with something. There is projections of at least a million people immigrating into BC in the future. How can we reduce dependence of fossil fuels without an alternative.

      Although, it is somewhat ironic, but every honest scientist without an agenda agrees the cleanest form of electricity is nuclear power. But the optics on nuclear are bad.

      You left out a couple reasons for not building Site C.

      1. Destroys some of the best farmland in Alberta.

      2. BC has more N. gas than we could ever use. It makes more sense to build N. gas generators as they are needed rather than that huge expenditure at this time.

      Farmland in Alberta???? What was I thinking. Supposed to be in the Peace.

      Yes they farm all the time along the edge of the river

      Am I missing something, Slinky? Yes they did farm along the river where the floodplain will be. There’s a micro-climate there, making it one of the better farming areas in Peace Country.

      You missed the fact that the river will be about twice as wide as it is now – no you cannot farm next to a river as you have to leave a buffer zone which will be eaten up with the widening of the river and now the farms will be along the rivers edge if there were any to begin with. The only fields of any consequence are hay fields in the area – google earth is your friend, use it. PG has a “micro climate” all river valleys do – they are warmer than surrounding areas up and out of the valley – the bowl is warmer than the airport, so should we strip the land and grow veggies? Maybe we should turn our parks they are no longer going to take care of and make little fields out of them, maybe the city can start a share crop

    The only thing the ironworkers union president is worried about are jobs. No matter the cost.

      Correct, that is why they have sided with the Liberals because they are worried about jobs for their members if the NDP get in. No more Fast Cats to build and they have no plan to create jobs just the promise to do so somehow. Oh yes with 10 dollar a day daycare that will cost 1.5 billon annually that business will pay for through higher taxes – until they vacate the province that is then kids and their parents will become the new “vagrants” and cheats

      Exactly like the liberals..except they want votes..

If it is another majority government it doesn’t matter which party get in.
They will all cater to their friends and do pretty much what they like with impunity.
If it is a minority government , sure it take a little longer to get things done, but they are paid to be there not taking holidays, and probably for the most part it is best for the province not political FRIENDS

    There won’t be a minority government in BC. For that you would need more than two viable parties.

Drive safe this morning. Don’t let the bullies push you around. Vehicles in the ditch 97 north and 16 east.

If the NDP would come up with a more dynamic leader, I might show some interest in studying their policies. As it is, I’ll stick with Clark, rather than not voting at all.

Has everyone forgot about the $750,000.00+ roof our free spending Mayor wants to build at Fort George Park?

    Has anyone found the plans or cost estimates for this? I would think that they would be public documents. And can someone with expertise in construction comment on the reasonableness of the costs?

    I think the Lheidli T’enneh Band should have to match what the city pays.

      Bingo! Hornworm or whatever his name is reminds me of a snake oil salesman rolling along in his cart with his two asses pulling it and looking for unsuspecting suckers! I find hi a queasy individual, I will stick with Clark!


      It is time, so far they have not put in any effort on the projects done by the city. They are good at holding plaques, taking pics with the town politicans, but I have yet to see them cone forth with their own funds showing enthusiasm in actually participating.

      As I recall participation by Lheidli T’enneh in the Canada Winter Games was quite substantial.

      The taxpayer would still be footing the entire bill.

      Bingo! Axman nailed it.

    Did you see the size of the roof the Railway Museum is building for only 400k more, in the artists drawing you can’t even see the end of it and probably twice as wide if not more

      Also it is built out of wood supporting our wood industry which I had thought was a big deal with city hall.

    From the drawing it looks like the park shelter is to be built primarily of wood too. Only the frame is metal.

    I was just at the Cougars game and Ridgeline Roofing gave away 2 roofs plus donating labour to do the Hospice House ” GREAT NEWS ACTUALLY” so I think they should’ve quoted this project. Maybe the mayor can talk to them. A local contractor to build the shelter and Ridgeline to put a roof on it. I’d bet it would come in a far lot less than 3/4 of a million dollars.
    We give the park away and now we have to pay for the upkeep of it. Does anyone see a problem with this ?
    This mayor and council have to get their act together. We have to stop the ridiculous spending and coddling attitudes. Eventually they have to run out of other people’s money to spend.
    Very reckless spending in my opinion.

      How does changing the name of a park equal giving it away? It is still a public park owned by the city.

Participation and financial participation are two very different things.
I’d like to see the Lheidli T’enneh financially participate

    How would they do that? They are buying up real estate in the city from what I can tell. They are not prepared to donate yet. As someone wrote, their donation comes from the Feds until such time that they have their own income generating enterprises.

    The other part of this equation is the “reconciliation” part. That comes through loud and clear. The City is the one who is doing the “reconciliation”, not the reverse.

    I also think that First Nations involvement was one of the reasons why the Pavilion cost will be shared with the Feds. It may have been the deciding factor.

Penny made a global report though it is called a town.

“Compared to seasonal norms, the coolest average temperature on Earth in February was near the town of Penny in central British Columbia, Canada. February temperatures there averaged 2.51 C (about 4.52 degrees F) cooler than seasonal norms.”

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/02/uah-global-temperature-report-february-2017-warmest-in-39-years/

Oh and before you warmers get your knickers in a knot read the article and comments. I am just posting something interesting about Penny.

    Right, Seamutt, you are just posting that for the sake of trivia. It has nothing to do with you trying to lead people into drawing a conclusion that global warming is non-existent because Penny was cooler than usual. /s

I’d like to see the Lheidli T’enneh financially participate

Any financial participation from them would be from the taxpayer anyway.

    This would be a good start .First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund

    The First Nations Clean Energy Business Fund (FNCEBF) promotes increased Aboriginal community participation in the clean energy sector within their asserted traditional territories and treaty areas.

    The fund provides agreements between the B.C. Government and successful applicants for Capacity funding and Equity funding. It also provides revenue sharing agreements between the B.C. Government and eligible First Nations.

    The Clean Energy Act enabled the creation of the First Nation Clean Energy Business Fund. The Ministry of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation is responsible for administering the fund and uses expertise across provincial.

      Why is BC falling so far behind ? Minister Shannon Phillips helps install solar panels at Gridworks Solar Energy Training Centre

      Homeowners, businesses and non-profit organizations will receive rebates for rooftop solar panels that meet the Residential and Commercial Solar Program requirements as early as this summer.

      “There’s a lot of buzz in Alberta around small-scale solar. This program will make solar power affordable for more Albertans, leading to new panels on 10,000 Alberta rooftops by 2020. Along the way, we will create jobs and local expertise in an emerging industry.”

      Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks and Minister Responsible for the Climate Change Office.Alberta.ca

      Ataloss endorses the Liberals!

      I’m all for Aboriginal businesses but they should focus on viable projects, not those that can only survive with taxpayer subsidies.

      Gordon Johnson of Axiom Capital Management Inc. is the short selling 3rd Avenue Financial Analyst Solar Energy companies are learning to hate. His business is making money from the the failure of unsustainable renewable business models.


      Johnson’s contrarian view derives from a simple thesis: solar, he says, can’t compete with, or replace, natural gas because it can’t provide around-the-clock power and because it has needed subsidies to be competitive.

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/02/20/short-selling-skeptic-cashing-in-on-solar-company-collapses/

      So Ataloss you keep breathlessly supporting solar but have no system yourself, why is that. Could it be the tens of thousands it world cost to support a normal house electrical consumption?

      Yep solar wind just look at the rising electrical costs anywhere this fake wind, solar energy systems have been installed, including BC. Look at the disaster in Ontario. How about Germany

      “The DPA German press agency reported yesterday on the rapidly spreading energy poverty now engulfing the country.

      The main driver is Germany’s skyrocketing electricity prices – primarily due to the legally mandatory feeding-in of wind and solar power. Currently regular household consumers are paying nearly 30 cents a kilowatt-hour – almost three times the rate paid in the USA.

      – See more at: ht tp://notrickszone.com/2017/03/03/germanys-silent-catastrophe-330000-households-see-power-turned-off-in-one-year/#sthash.USvyXs8l.dpuf”

      Alberta NDP think it can’t happen there? Just shows how their ideology blinds them to reality.

      “Because of these energy policies Ontario’s economy continued to decline. The real impact of the decline is offset by the great Canadian socialist policy of equalization. So-called “have” provinces with thriving economies pay money through the Federal government to “have not” provinces. It was Ontario’s destiny as equalization covered political failures

      If this continues – this is not hyperbole, this is a fact – Ontario will become a ‘have not’ province in confederation. And it will be Premier (Dalton) McGuinty’s legacy that he in two terms took Ontario from being the strongest economic province in the federation to a ‘have not’ province.”

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/06/03/ontario-canada-a-mirror-of-americas-economic-future-mortgaged-to-falsified-climate-science/

      If Nevada, with all its sunshine can’t make it pay, what makes Alberta NDP think they can? Oh, right, they aren’t thinking.

      Dig deep into your pockets to fund this debacle, taxpayers of Alberta.


      “In Nevada there is a lot of sunlight and a lot of solar panels, but they generate electricity at a cost of 25 – 30c per kWhr. With subsidies and tax benefits, the cost “falls” to 15c. (In this context, the word “falls” means “is dropped on other people”.) But the retail rate for electricity is 12.5c. So having solar panels doesn’t help you much unless you can sell that excess electricity, which the state of Nevada was buying at 12.5c. That price sounds fine and dandy til we find out that they could have bought the same electricity at wholesale rate of around two cents.

      So Nevada has decided that’s what the state will pay… 2c, not 12.5c. The latest decision is to apply normal free market rules. Nevada will now pay wholesale rates for electricity. No more shopping for boutique electrons.

      Taking into account all the tax cuts, subsidies and total costs, who would have thought that paying 15 times the wholesale rate for electricity would be economically unsustainable?”

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2016/01/nevada-reversal-solar-earnings-rate-drops-from-12c-to-2c-may-destroy-rooftop-solar-power/

      I’m also a huge fan of credit card companies . Last month one of them is up 6.9 % and she’s climbing up again today . Now why would I follow them so closely and get all excited by the stellar gains they are making . In your little mind it would be because I have a card or two ,right ? I’m also a big fan of my leather couch , why ? Because I just sit on it and with a few key strokes I make money . Instead of concentrating on fake news sites , go to real sites that can point to gain and make some money . It’s way more gratifying than just sitting there making noise .

      Ataloss. As much as I hate to admit it, you were right on the market and I have been wrong. After the US election you said the rally was not about Trump but Obama. Still feel that way? What does Garth Turner say? It’s been said, “don’t confuse brains with a bull market”. Stay long and strong Ataloss, you will be humbled.

      I get stopped out once in awhile and have to deal with tax implications . But humbled ? Not . If we get hammered by trumpelthinskin on soft wood etc we will see a 65ish dollar making my dividend payouts even more valuable . I might even repatriate some of my US funds and double down on my Canadian REITs . Juicy stuff fer sure . You can read for yourself what Garth has to say @ greaterfool.ca .

      And yes the rally has nothing to do with drumpf . It’s all down to Obama laying the amazing ground work for recovery . Drumpf has done nothing but kill jobs and make the rest of the world divest itself of U.S. companies and killing tourism . Have you been watch the capital exit ? It’s epic .

      Pigs get slaughtered Ataloss, and you are one juicy piece of pork. Enjoy the Obama rally, Porky.

      One of the first rules I learnt in the pennies . Thankfully they were just pennies . I sure am enjoying it , are you ? I sure hope he doesn’t clue in that PMJT is way better looking than that Jaba the Potus and way brighter . He’d be really pee’d .

To me, the NDP are like a bunch of car mechanics standing around a vehicle that hasn’t been performing 100 %, yet not one of them know what to do to fix the problem.

All we have been seeing from the NDP and their supporters such as the BCFL are attack adds and no proposed solution except to “get rid of Christy Clark”!

Time is running out! Could be another case of deja vu all over again!

    ohreally states; “To me, the NDP are like a bunch of car mechanics standing around a vehicle that hasn’t been performing 100 %, yet not one of them know what to do to fix the problem.”

    LOL! For many of us; we see the BC Liberals actually sitting in that car, as they were the ones who drove it into the ground in the first place… too funny!!!

      Exactly BH.

      And for others you did not reach far enough back in history.

      Simply a matter of POV not backed up by statistical indicators.

      Lighten up gopg2015, not every one of my comments are going to contain a long list of boring and useless numbers like yours. Every now and then its actually fun to post comments that contain amusing visuals. Speaking of which, how do you like my Bugs Bunny analogy posted below?

    What NDP attack ads? During the last election they didn’t have any attack ads. So far this time I have yet to see any. I have seen them from the libs. I’m pretty sure the libs are the kings of childish attack ads.

      You need to go on social media, that is where the election is happening as we type. Constant BCFL ads and sayanythingjohn is also on social media. The NDP with its meager funds has also started a page along with Horgan himself. It is the wave of the young voters, NDP couldn’t care less about the voter who remembers the last time they were in office

    Lol, better analogy is the NDP is like the monkeys in the transmission shop commercial where a janitor with a push broom walks up to the counter where the customer is waiting and says “I always wanted to fix a transmission, boss”

    LOL I have an even better analogy for the BC Liberals.

    I feel like bugs bunny in the cartoon “Sahara Hare”, in 2001, I popped out of my rabbit hole all excited with a new BC Liberal Government and a future filled with “a day at the beach” type of optimism for the future! Fade to black and 16 years later I find out there is no beach, and we are in a fricken desert!

    I am not kidding, watch the cartoon at the link below, fast forward to the :30 second mark, and watch it for one minute to the 1:30 second mark! That about sums up where I am at with the current lame a$$ government situation!

    ht tp://www.b99.tv/video/sahara-hare/

      Yes, the NDP are the traditional Wile E Coyote, all their plans and blueprints fail in the real world applications.

Good thing we get to watch the total gong show the NDP are creating in Alberta. The memory of the last disaster of the NDP may have faded for some people.

    What’s happening in Alberta with the NDP X-it? You keep saying the same thing over and over but won’t tell us what it is they are doing to destroy Alberta.

People keep talking about the Lheidli T’enneh kicking money in to the new Pavilion. The park is only named after them. What they’re building is for the use of all Prince George citizens. The only land there that actually is theirs is the graveyard – the rest is “traditional” territory that is owned and maintained by the city of Prince George.

    I will bet not for long, there is probably a plan in the works behind the scenes tba reconciliation and whatnot. Renaming is a first step, I will start the popcorn and we can use the foil as a tin hat to protect us from council, just need to make s few batches of jiffy pop

    I have not paid enough attention – is a local contractor doing the build? I sure hope that large price tag will be back in our local economy. I cannot wait to use the shelter this summer! The old structure has definitely been missed at the park; it is always hard to get a spot on a sunny day. Our community, in all of its shades, will use and enjoy this structure for years to come. The last shelter sure was around for a long time! At least there is some real value to this spending – especially if built by one of our neighbours.

      I LOVE your moniker name, who ever you are!!!

Everytime I read these NDP hacks BeingHuman and Dumbfounded post’s it makes me want to vote for the Liberals more and more. Is it just me or are others feeling the same way?

    I think you’re right. They generally make such ridiculous claims that you think “how can you trust them.” And instead of saying what they’ll do, they just trash what the Liberals did but offer no alternative strategy. The leftwing media got Trump elected, and they still can’t let it go. They think by all the protesting and relentless criticism people are going to wake up and say “hey, Trump’s an idiot.” But what people see, is the left throwing a temper tantrum, blocking roads so people can’t go to work, using every opportunity to trash Trump, and they think, wow, Trump might be an idiot, but these people are way out of control and couldn’t be trusted to babysit a puppy never mind run a country.

    Instead, if the left toned it down, gave reasoned arguments behaved instead of rioting, they’d be seen as an alternative. Heck, they even protested against Trump in Canada. Hey, in Canada, he really isn’t your President. You don’t need to protest to prove it.

      Didn’t that happen in Canada ? Relentless attack ads about a guys hair and his name failed the Conservatives on voting day.

      The Trump admin is pure entertainment. First Flynn, then Sessions and today the vice-pres Pence. The left down there need to steal one of Trumps campaign slogans. Lock them up, Lock them up.. haha.

      Trump wasn’t the idiot. All the people who voted for him were.

    Buzz off troll. :-)

Laugh and make fun of my comment all you want BH! At the end of the day, the people of this province are not likely to vote the libs out until they are given a better alternative! One that they know will create changes for the better for every person in this province and that can be trusted!

For many voters,there are still too many open wounds from the last NDP government to make people believe that the NDP are that alternative. Last election proved that!

    You have to admit it’s a pretty lame analogy . Christy isn’t a mechanic . Her cabinet is full of ex cops and real estate folks . I don’t think there are mechanics in her circle of cons . I imagine the only thing she is capable of fixing is an election . You might find a few with mechical abilities in the NDP .

      You missed the analogy completely, picture Peanut saying “neeeow” and waving his hand through his hair.

      Christy is driving the car, the NDP are trying to be the mechanics and finding things to fix – probably like in some real world garages where they try and make up things to fix that aren’t actually broke

It’s really bad when at this time…even though crusty is pretty lousy she still the “best” out there.. kind of like comparing the less stinky dog crap to step in…


My point is, Who are the NDP and What can they do for us! At this point, are they the alternative that people will trust enough just to get rid of Christy Clark!

I do agree that sometimes, having the same government for a lengthy period of time is not good and change is needed. However, I have no idea of who this NDP leader is or what he will do to make things better for BC. Therefore, I find it difficult to vote for the NDP.

Has anyone really thought about the possible outcome of the last federal election if Jack Layton was still the leader of the federal NDP party.

    Horgan says we are in a new era and as Trudeau shows voters don’t care how much money you are about to spend as the budget will balance itself

    Yes. I thought about it, and I believe that the NDP would have still lost.

    Gotta agree with Palopu. Layton had a lot of fans but there’s no way he could have competed with rock-star-Justin. It’s sad but true, if a “rock star” type candidate is in the running, he’ll most likely win big. People frequently don’t vote according to the issues.

On a different topic, I saw a youtube video where a reporter asked a Muslim how come it is when Muslim’s flee, they flee to Western countries with a Christian Heritage vs a stable Muslim country? Yeah, why is that. For a religion of peace, you’d think they’d be able to find somewhere of their own faith to take them in.

    Tribal heritage …..

    Probably because of our freedom of religion.

    Can I give this a shot? Oh, I don’t know (*sarcasm), maybe its because the Syrians and Muslims think the very countries who are dropping bombs on their countries, villages and homes, might somehow feel responsible for them having to flee in the first place?

    You know, like, hey the American’s and the Canadians are dropping bombs on us, forcing us “innocent civilians” to flee, maybe they will take us in, after all it’s their fault we are fleeing and becoming refugees in the first place?

    That’s my guess, anyone else care to chime in?

      Are you suggesting we chime in with equally ridiculous guesses?

      Does that explain Somalia. Pretty sure Canada has never bombed them, in fact, I think we even tried to keep the peace there. Considering they are on the East Coast of Africa you’d think they’d take a shot at a few Muslim countries first?

      And Canada has dropped bombs on ISIS -so that makes us responsible for the Syrian mess? Saudi is also dropping bombs, no one is fleeing to them.

      We dropped bombs on Iraq, after it invaded Kuwait.

      We did not join in in Iraq 2, the sequel – the one that destroyed the country.

      You might have an argument with the USA, but not Canada. And besides, it’s more natural not to flee to whomever attacked you and blew up your house.

      Thing is, Muslim countries don’t want them, and will use force to keep them out. So,the countries that follow the religion of peace, certainly don’t practice what they preach.

      DIRTMAN, that was FUNNY!

    ski51, what was the Muslim’s reply to the reporter?

      Islam is going through a difficult time right now and there is conflict between Shiite and Sunni and it makes it difficult.


I always knew Greenpeace was full of it, but now they’re admitting it themselves. In court. Mindboggling admission to be sure, but they’re using it as a defense of what they do!

Exposing environmentalism for what it really is.

“Greenpeace is admitting that it relies on “non-verifiable statements of subjective opinion,” and because its claims are not meant to be factual, the group believes it cannot be held legally responsible for what it says.


Greenpeace claims it cannot be sued because its misleading claims were not meant to be factual, but it then claims the U.S. Department of Justice needs to investigate an energy company for what it calls “misleading the public.”

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/03/dr-patrick-moore-was-right-greenpeace-is-full-of-shit/

    Thanks Dirtman, that was good.

One can only hope that after May 9th the KGB trolls on this site will discover how utterly useless their BS comments have been in swaying even ONE SINGLE SOLITARY person to vote for their precious KGB!
Perhaps then they will stop assailing us with all of their half truth, and total BS statements that are in most cases backed by a favorable headline from a left wing fake news site!
One can only hope and pray….that is if it’s OK in lefty circles to pray to a deity of ones own choosing!

    Half truths like referring to them as KGB, thus trying to dishonestly associat them with communism instead of the Social Democracy that they actually follow, perhaps?

    Lefties may well pray to deities. After all, the leader of the CCF, precursor to the NDP, was an ordained Christian Minister. You know, the Reverend Tommy Douglas, elected as the Greatest Canadian.

    It would be so nice if the rightists posting here would actually live up to their prattle and show some respect for other Canadians instead of posting stupid and ignorant remarks so often.

      Socialism and communism are not too far apart, both believe in no private ownership. Socialism was awesome in the former USSR

    The KGB hasn’t existed for two decades or so. So your analogy that the NDP is the equivalent of Communist is just out to lunch.

Stompin Tom

I totally agree with you, It seems that certain individuals have hi-jacked this site, so to speak, just to push their personal opinions onto the others without even considering the facts presented.

I did have to chuckle though! I remember a poster on here about a year and a half ago or so. Same thing. Commented on just about every topic and when other posters presented their view, the response was negative to everything. Like the individual was not going to let it go until they thought they won! The individual posted lengthy comments, all sorts of so called research data and their links to it. It felt like all they were doing was trying to dominate the forum. I haven’t seen comments from this poster for some time now.

Ironically, a poster has emerged out of the wood work in the past few months and seems to have taken on these same traits. Sounds almost identical. Hmmmm.

    So true, there’s a couple on here that I think have been warned. Won’t take long.

      Todays scorecard so far:
      Being Human-13
      But the night is still young. So Grizz, who got warned about what ?

      You went through them all and counted? Really?

      And I’m in the lead.

      Right on!

      uh…chalk up another one……

have a excellent weekend everyone

See dear leader put in an appearance at drug central in Vancouver but didn’t stay long enough to get his shiny shoes dirty.

Digitus I like my jeep, most trouble free vehicle I have owned. Have no good words for the local dealer though.

John Horgans wiki page ? At first there wasn’t one . Now there is a wall of information , except for one crucial piece , qualification . Why is that ? Why nothing personal ? What qualifies him to run a province . We know that Christy has no qualifications to run anything (who’s the puppet master ?) but ? Did HE ever do anything ? We know Christy failed at everything except politics and cknw.

    So stalked what fits your qualifications for premier, maybe acting classes?

    Still waiting on information on your super duper solar system. With all the money you claim to make in stocks, finances should be no issue.

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