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October 27, 2017 6:41 pm

Rural Economic Strategy Rolled Out

Friday, March 3, 2017 @ 12:48 PM

l-r Minister Mike Morris,  Valemount Mayor Jeannette Townsend, Minister Shirley Bond,  District of Mackenzie Mayor Pat Crook – photo 250News.

Prince George BC – Building on our rural advantages, that’s the  title of the  rural  economic strategy  rolled out today  by the Provincial Government.

While there were multiple announcements of the plan throughout the province, here in Prince George,  the honours were  given to Ministers Shirley Bond and Mike Morris.

“We recognize that while  British Columbia leads the country in terms of economic  growth, lowest unemployment,  highest job creation,  all those things,   it’s not being felt evenly across this province” said MLA Shirley Bond “So we have a responsibility to  support rural British Columbia.   We know that when rural  British Columbia does well,  it benefits the entire  province.”

As.part of he strategy  the $25 million  rural dividend has been extended.   Under the applications  received  in the past,    the announcement was made today that  Mackenzie will receive   just over $75.5 thousand  to develop four new trails following the perimeter of Little Mac Ski Hill.  That investment is  critical  says District of Makenzie Mayor  Pat Crook “These trail developments will help promote  safe, year round use and  provide  valuable community connections to the beautiful Morfee Lake.”   He says  the funding will  help  Mackenzie   grow its tourism  economy.

  • The Tabor Mountain  Recreation Society is receiving  $100 thousand dollars to  upgrade and rehabilitate  the Frost Lake Trail.
  • $100 thousand dollars  to the Community Futures Development Corporation of Fraser fort George to  expand the Beyond the Market program
  • Valemount’s Community Forrest will receive $100 thousand dollars  for a digital tool to assess capacity
  • Valemount Learning Society will receive $100 thousand to develop  a not for profit college.

Valemount Mayor Jeannette Townsend offered  thanks to Bond and Morris for “Not ever forgetting the rural areas.  We have a specific lifestyle, we need our economic well being and we do contribute to the  Provincial coffers in more ways than one.”

The Province is also spending $40 million dollars to  expand and  enhance  high speed internet in rural B.C.

Minister Bond further announced  there  will $811 thousand dollars invested in Prince George through the Canada-BC Job Fund  and the  Targeted Initiative for Older Workers  for five specific programs.



Another day, another photo-op.

“We recognize that while British Columbia leads the country in terms of economic growth, lowest unemployment, highest job creation, all those things, it’s not being felt evenly across this province”

Really, just now before an election where the opposition has been saying this for years?

Lame and superficial

    anniemartin, did you catch Christy Clark’s photo op earlier this week, the one where the BC Ironworker’s UNION broke ranks with the NDP by declaring their support for Christy Clark and her Liberal Government?

    Les Leyne’s “In the Fast Lane” column on page 6 of today’s Prince George Citizen quotes Ironworkers Local 97 business agent Doug Parton saying it was a simple matter of self-interest!

    I’m sure that Irene Lanzinger of the BCFED is downright pissed over this, haha!

    Parton is also quoted as saying “The union doesn’t agree with the Liberals on everything, but on the “lunch bucket, kitchen table” issues, you can count Ironworkers Local 97 in the Liberal Camp.”

    I especially like his next comment: “It’s the only plan that works for us”!

    He then raises the stakes by slamming the NDP for being solidly against the jobs his members need. “It’s a choice between a growing economy that creates jobs, or a government that says no to economic development.”

    How about that! Now I’m a fan of the BC Ironworkers!

      Good ole HG, the head cheerleader when it comes to Union bashing, claiming Unions support the NDP because of their own self interests, and the NDP supports Unions because they would give the Unions jobs, jobs, jobs. HG claims that is all the Unions care about is their own selfish interests.

      Yet now that the BC Steelworkers Union back the BC Liberals for their own self interests, which is jobs, HB is all for them! LOL, talk about being a two faced hypocrite. So HB; Unions back NDP because they want more jobs = BAD, BC Steelworkers backing the BC Liberals because they want jobs = GOOD.

      The Conservative hypocrisy continues, not only that, but HB shows us he has no consistent principles or values when it comes to Unions, and Union workers.

      Ooops, “HG” Hart Guy.

      BeingHuman, I find it absolutely hysterical that your beloved NDP is so totally braindead that even a Union is abandoning their support for the NDP!

      Absolutely hysterical! In fact, almost as hysterical as your continued defence of John Horgan, the NDP and their election platform!

      Oops, wait a minute, Horgan and Co. don’t have an election platform, hahaha!

      Good ol’ Peeps, you’re always good for a laugh! I’ve always appreciated a good joke! Maybe that’s why I like you so much!

      (P.S. – read between the lines, hahahaha!)

If that’s an economic strategy we are in real trouble.

Not a word about industry investment, or job creation. Hmmmmm

Thank God Mackenzie got the cash to create those trails. That was the main reason I wasn’t planning to take my vacation there…./sarcasm

Never say no to a cash grant…but seriously, this isn’t going to boost tourism.

LOL, you beat me to that comment anniemartin. Just before every weekend, when it’s Friday and Saturday the BC Liberals announce their giveaways, and the various news agencies splash the local riding candidates all over the local news… it’s not just happening in our local provincial riding, it’s happening in ridings all over the province.

All part of the BC Liberal election campaign strategy, announce the good news giveaways when the majority of the public are in a good mood, at the end of the work week, and the start of a weekend. I bet the BC Liberals paid top price for psychologists and sociologist advice on how to get inside the working sheeples heads for maximum effect.

Has anyone noticed, to date, through out the BC Liberal campaign; they have not been able to point to even one major accomplishment they can be proud of? Just thought you should be made aware of this fact.

    Maybe you should look at sites other than The Tyee. Just sayin’.

Ha no kidding record to take pride in,

And there she is again, the photo hound of the liberal party! Almost ludicrous!

Rural economic strategy? Bwaahahhhaaahhahaahhaahhhh…………………..

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