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October 27, 2017 6:37 pm

Doherty’s Bill Up for 3rd Reading

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 @ 5:57 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Bill C-211, a private member’s bill brought forth by Cariboo-Prince George MP Todd Doherty  returns to the House of Commons today  for  third reading.

If the  members of the House  grant third reading,  the  Bill,   which calls on the Government to develop a national framework   on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment  for  veterans,  armed forces members and first responders,  would then   be  put  to the Standing  Committee on Health for review.

The Bill  passed  2nd reading on Monday.    MP Doherty spoke with  first responders  and  veterans who were in the gallery   at the time of that second  reading  “I   said,  if you are a football fan we are   3rd and goal.  We still  have to get this to the vote,  and  to committee for review and any revisions there area.”

Doherty  expects thee will be changes to his  bill, ” I hope that whatever revisions there are,  that it doesn’t water down the intent of the bill,  that it only strengthens  and  continues  to hold this government and any  successive governments,  responsible   to our great men and women.”

Doherty  is aware there are a number of  health programs already in place  to   address  issues that may be a result of  PTSD  such as  family violence  and child abuse,  but says the framework  he is pushing for “would make sure we have that cohesive and consistent  framework  or strategy  is in place nationally so it helps those  provincially   that are delivering these programs,  or  organizations that are  delivering these programs.  It will be interesting to see,  there’s been a lot of work that’s been done even in the year since we tabled the bill,  just how much  we’ve come forward with the dialogue and the conversation,  so it will be interesting to see how we move forward.”

He notes the Public Safety Committee’s  report tabled late last year,  also  talked about a national framework.

“This is a non partisan issue” says Doherty “I think  we need to make sure that whatever revisions are put in place,  makes sure  to hold this, or any other, government’s feet to the fire.”

He says there has been a lot of study already done to get  to this point, ” We can now get our feet on the ground and get moving.”



Hope to hell that ‘first ‘responders incorporates Corrections, maybe search and rescue, and a few other silent professions that are usually ignored as they are not in the spotlight. If it is just a select few he can jam his bill far as I am conerned!

    Maybe a tad too harsh as it is a positive start, just don’t forget. And if I run into him, which I sometimes do, I will ask him about this bill and its specifics.

      What a difference between Doherty and Zimmer. Todd’s doing the right thing and Zimmer should join the Liberal Party.

      Good point, so will I.

      You can review the bill and all its specifics on line, no big deal. Look it up and do some reading.

    Actually it is a private members bill and the member writes it up and submits the bill for reading and if it passes the 3 required readings in the house and senate it generally goes to a committee to clean it up and add or subtract before being submitted a final time for discussion before it is made into law.

    Remember Jay Hill’s private members bill about drunk driving that was made into law it went through several changes before made into law I expect Todd’s bill will receive similar treatment

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