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October 27, 2017 6:36 pm

“I am not running for office” – John Brink

Wednesday, March 8, 2017 @ 11:41 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Brink Forest Products owner, John Brink  wants to put the rumours to rest.   He says he is  not  going to  run  in the provincial election.

“I have been there, done that” says Brink,  a reference to his failed attempt  in 2000-2001  to  win the Liberal nomination for  the riding of Prince George- Valemount.   In an exclusive interview  with   250News,  Brink says  “I have no intentions, not now,  or in the future  of  entering politics.  I am not a member of any political party.”

The buzz  around  Prince George has been  that he would  be running as an independent in  the upcoming Provincial  election, and that  he would make that race in the riding  currently held by MLA Shirley Bond.

“Politics is not something  I have been contemplating” says Brink   who  stated “I have absolutely no interest in getting into politics.”

He says the  rumours may have started because of the  efforts to raise the profile of  the various things his companies   are doing,  such as the  Nechako View  subdivision  on  North Nechako Road.   Brink is also   involved in  an on going  civil action he launched  over property leased in the B.C.R. which he says  turned out to be unusable because of  contamination.


Interesting. I wonder what the connection is between this news and the Hell Yeah PG Facebook nonsense of last night? I don’t believe in coincidences.

Scott McWalter ran HYPG and now works for Brink. He got the job with Brink through his dad, David McWalter who has business dealings throughout the City and with Brink. In all appearances it looks like Scott is being groomed to take over Brink’s company eventually. Given this, Scott has been spreading Brink propaganda all over the place on HYPG…including creepy adoring video’s of Brink working out. Last night Scott made a post offering a $300 gift card to Pine Centre Mall to a random person who would share his post about Brink Taking BCRP to court, with all sorts of fantastic claims. All of the Moderators and many of the site members remarked that this type of post violated the rules of HYPG. In turn, Scott banned all of the Moderators and many site members. The HYPG site is now archived and he is the sole person in control.

I think this unravelling of HYPG/Scott/Brink has been coming for a while.

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    This is correct.

      On HYPG earlier David McWalter said Scott was shutting it down because he was burnt out from spending 10-12hrs a day working on it and people were being mean to him. Not sure if they were being mean because he was using it to post Brink stuff or?

      Cool story but seriously, all he had to do was walk away if it was indeed a case of being burnt out.

    So true and so bothersome. A guy with an MBA couldn’t figure out that he was heading down a slippery slope.

    I highly doubt Brinks is grooming Scott to take over the company.
    Really ??? Scott??? Who’s on crack here..

    Scott was hired as Communication officer. Brinks figured bringing in high profile guy into his company could promote their real estate holdings. Turns out looking like he found himself a sugar daddy instead. but… that may all change soon..

      I can see Scott running for office backed by Brink.

Yes, something is not sitting well with all of this..

Never was a fan of that facebook site, made references to it a couple of times in my past comments. Can’t say I am surprised by the recent turn of events.

Question: is John Brink Conservative or Liberal? With politics the way it is in this province, can you blame me for not being able to tell the difference?

    Sometimes one can make a judgement based on the available information.

    John Brink tried for the Liberal nomination in 2000-2001, so one could assume that he believes he is a Liberal. Why would you second guess him??

    Because in the last federal election 19,418 people voted Conservative and 16,822 voted Liberal in the Prince George Cariboo Riding. In the Prince George Peace River, Northern Rockies riding 27,236 people voted Conservative, and 12,863 voted Liberal.

    Yet when it comes to provincial elections no one votes Conservative. Question: who do all the Conservatives vote for in our provincial elections? Question: is the BC Liberal Party Conservative or Liberal?

    ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/canadian-politics/b-c-liberals-hire-12-ousted-federal-and-alberta-conservatives-which-could-give-province-a-harper-tone

    So again I ask; who is Conservative and who is Liberal when it comes to BC provincial politics?

      The Conservative Party is a non-entity in BC Peeps, so those on the right side of the political spectrum vote Liberal. Not that hatd to figure out if you’ve paid even a minimal amount of attention.
      I know you would love another viable right wing party to split the vote for the NDP’s benefit (see Alberta), but that ain’t happening anytime soon, so keep on dreamin’.

      Exactly, see how easy that was for RS to admit Palopu? Yet it still does not answer my original question; is John Brink Conservative or Liberal? Inquiring minds want to know.

      Why does it matter?

      “… is John Brink Conservative or Liberal?”

      Why don’t you ask him instead of trolling here? You can find him on Facebook.

      1. You assume that people vote for the same parties Federally and Provincially.

      2. You assume that the NDP Federally and Provincially only vote NDP, while you imply that the Conservatives vote Liberal Provincially and Conservative Federally.

      3. You overlook that fact that in order for Trudeau to be elected this time around a large number of Conservatives must have voted Liberal.

      4. You forget that the Conservative party was reduced to two seats in the Federal Election when Mulroney bailed. So who did the Conservatives vote for in that election??

      5. The NDP took a big kick in the pants in the last election, so what happened. Did NDP’ers vote Liberal, or did the Liberals vote NDP in the previous election and then return to the Liberals this last election.

      In other words you are living in a dream world. There are different levels of Liberalism and Conservatism, and socialism, so that people can and do belong to different parties.

      People also change their vote when they are sick and tired of the same old Government and this could happen Provincially this time around.

      Palopu, good explanation, but like axman says, Peeps is just trolling.

      just wait till elections BC and the RCMP put the squeeze on a few of the shaken down donators . This can of worms will create a bc Conservative party all by itself . There must be more than just a few of them that still have a few principles left . Hard to be optimistic .

      Between the Liberals and Conservatives, I would have to say Liberals are the more ethical of the two. But how will the Liberals extract themselves from the Conservatives? Remember, these Cons bailed on their own party to seize control of the BC Liberal Party.

      If Elections BC finds the BC Liberal Party has been accepting illegal campaign donation, we very well could see a split between the two Parties. Can’t see the more ethically minded Liberals staying in bed with “anything it takes to win” Cons.

      Keeping the dream alive, eh Peeps?

      What dreams would that be? The BC Liberal LNG Pipe Dreams everyone bought into hook, line, and sinker?

      Hey Peeps, nice pivot.

    The BC party is called BCLiberals.

    The Federal Party as well as any other provincial Liberal parties are all Liberal Parties.

    The BC party is slightly right of centre, having moved away from the more right wing party of the Campbell leadership.

    Christy used to support the Federal Liberals.

    The BC Conservative party are a virtual non-entity. Both they and the NDP need better leaders at the helm to lead the party.

    Just my take from past experience.

    I have not the faintest clue what the current situation is because I really do not care. I am reverting back to my grandfather’s position to stay out of politics and carry on with your own business.

    I deal with local politics and the increasing failure of the City to manage the city for the best interest of its citizens.

There are a lot of contaminated lands in the BCR site and all over the rest of PG and the province. Years of fuel spills, equipment repair and pressure washing equipment.

Yeah, all this seems a bit suspicious too me. Here I was hoping Hell Yeah Prince George, was an unclouded representation of our city. Talking with people, It sounds like HYPG, will nix people off the blog if there is anything against the organization or him…. needs to grow up, and realize too earn respect, you need more than just a name, you have to have fiber, and be able to accept criticism.

Here I was wanting to be a part of HYPG, looks like it is too shallow even for me….. Ha ha ha ha.

    Yeah I heard the same things and stayed off the site. PC police are bad enough in general, I have no tolerance for those on HYPG who want to shut down and eliminate any posts which might have been construed as ‘anti-pg’.

    I heard the same thing. Visited the site once a long time ago (don’t do Facebook anymore to much wasted time) and ito me MyPG seemed kind of contrived as a PR experiment for those running the show. I prefer the open dialog kind of communities rather than a place where only one view is accepted.

Whatever,like we care.


    Are you representing someone other than yourself? Is that the royal “we”? :-)

Re: BC Liberals. Bc has always been a polarized two party system, traditionally, the Social Credits, and the NDP. The Socreds collapsed in ’91 after Vander Willie, and the Liberal party emerged under the leadership of Gordon Wilson. They were becoming well organized throughout the province, did well in the ’91 election. Wilson got himself in trouble with an affair and marital break up, and Gordon Campbell and Socred organizers went around the province, and highjacked the Liberal party. In my mind, today’s ‘Liberals’ are yesterday’s Socreds. Simple.

BTW a facebook page, or even a busy wordpress site, take less than an hour a day to run.. and moderation is not time consuming. Anyone that spends 10hours a day on it, has an IQ around room temperature, or is telling false stories.

I have worked for a number of large .com’s , and forums.. it is not a big deal.

We used to write macro’s for facebook pages that auto deleted posts and censored them based on keywords. Nothing to it.

john brink isn’t running for office. File that under answers to questions nobody was asking. Lol.

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