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October 27, 2017 6:35 pm

Career Fair Offers Options to Job Seekers

Thursday, March 9, 2017 @ 11:40 AM

Power engineering student Colin Vander Ende talks to West Fraser’s Kyle Anderson about job opportunities – photos 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Scores of students have descended on CNC’s Gathering Place for Northworks Career Fair today.

Over 30 employers are on site offering information about careers in everything from policing and forestry to the military and dentistry.

Leah Likes, a recruitment officer at CNC, says they’ve revamped the fair to ensure the job opportunities match the skills students are graduating with.

“Yes, we have chosen employers who are targeted to our specific programs here. For example, Northern Health is here looking to hire our nursing students and health care assistants. Canfor is here to hire accountants.”

Second year Power Engineering student Colin Vander Ende used the occasion to pass off his resume to West Fraser.

“I’ve already gone to university and gotten a couple of degrees and it didn’t lead me to the career path that I wanted,” he says. “So, now I’m going to a technical institute with the hope of specializing enough to get into a career path that you can kind of chase for the rest of your life.”

West Fraser’s Kyle Anderson welcomed the resume and says career fairs like this are “extremely useful” to the company.

“For sure. And I’m a UNBC alumni and I love to come back to the community and share how I was able to get a career and pursue my interest. The nice thing about West Fraser is if you show you’re keen and eager they’ll really help you diversify your experience.”

The fair runs until 3 p.m. today.


Huh, Canfor is there to hire accountants, Northern Health to hire nurses and health care assistants. No mention of trades, probably because our local resource based economy is in the crapper. Yet for years that is all we heard for our provincial government, “trades shortage” “trades shortage”.

From a discussion with Ryder a couple of weeks ago, we know the sawmills have so many production labour workers applying, these mills can ask for lumber grading tickets and OFA level 3 certification just to get yourself noticed from among the hoard of other experienced and laid-off former sawmill production worker applicants.

So many people actually moving out of the region, yet we have this job fair, guess the nature of the few jobs available are changing.

    That is because Canfor have already hired their field staff – months ago. Believe me, there is no shortage of bush jobs. Unfortunately, there is a glut of trades right now because of everyone returning from Alberta. Mills are really efficient and require much less staff than they did 20 years ago thanks to automation, so simply relying on them for a labour position is not a thing you can just do. That said, there is still a whole lot of value in pursuing trades or a tech program. The jobs that are out there, as you said, are changing and require a bit of training to even get a foot in the door.

    Candor is union and can’t hire apprentices outright, they can hire jman and post said jobs on they’re website.

    BH do yourself a favor and look on some of the forestry job sites before you spout off. Trades are always in demand. A millwright or electrician that is ticketed can get a job in a matter of days. It is the union rules that hurt the apprentices as they are not able to be hired into a union plant as apprentices. A good red seal journeyman will be hired almost immediately.

    “So many people actually moving out of the region, yet we have this job fair, guess the nature of the few jobs available are changing.”

    False, the district areas in and around Prince George all the way to the Alberta border are up 2.9% from 2011 to 2016 census.

    Even the Peace district is up 4.8%. Smaller townships from PG to Prince Rupert may have lost some population but the increases in PG and areas north, south and east have risen more than the smaller towns have lost.

    You can’t just take Smithers which lost 3 people from the 2011 census to the 2016 census and say people are moving out of the region and ignore the population centers that are increasing (well, we all know you can).

      This is a map of the EI Region of Northern British Columbia, go to it and see that it covers at least half of the physical land mass of British Columbia. The unemployment rate for our region was risen to 12.8%… so where are all the jobs slinky?

      ht tp://srv129.services.gc.ca/eiregions/eng/northbc.aspx

Here we go again. Another pre-election job fair. Will this be the only one before the election?

    I’m pretty sure this has nothing to do with the upcoming election. Loosen up that tinfoil beanie…

      axman- I am pretty sure it does so take off your dark shades. How is your LNG job fair coming along?

      No, seriously. This is an event they hold every semester at CNC and UNBC, and they have done so for several years.

Power engineering can be a very lucrative career path, much in demand. I bet macho money could have been saved by taking that path first of all.

    I have to wonder what his “couple of degrees” are? He’s either loaded or thick as a brick.

Been Human is doing his ‘usual slamming of the Liberals’! Ongoing with him and his slights. On a totally different note, YAHOO, the clock goes ahead 1 hour Sunday! Time to get my Harley ready………. middle of May by the looks of it!

    Typical disparaging comment from Lien, trolls around to every news article and obsessively comments about me, even though his comment has nothing to do with the news topic at hand.

    Seems he is not capable of contributing to discussion in an ongoing productive manner, he just trolls and posts negative comments about others.

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