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October 27, 2017 6:34 pm

Prince George to Host 2022 BC Summer Games

Friday, March 10, 2017 @ 11:05 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Another major sporting event is coming to Prince George.

Prince George-Mackenzie MLA Mike Morris confirmed today in front of an enthusiastic crowd at Kin 1 the city will host the 2022 BC Summer Games (July 21-24).

Morris said the decision to grant the Games was made by the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development and was based on several factors the city scored well in.

“Which includes the facilities we have here and the sports venues.”

Acting Mayor Albert Koehler said he welcomed the news another major event is coming to town.

“We have the facilities, our city has a good reputation, we have all the accommodations that are required for big events. It’s good for the city and it’ll certainly bring in some revenue. So why not?”

The BC Games Society estimates over 3,700 athletes, coaches, managers and officials will participate in approximately 18 sports.

It also estimates the economic impact of the BC Summer Games is $2 million.

The provincial government contributes over $2 million annually to the BC Games Society to support the BC Summer and BC Winter Games.

The City of Prince George has committed $45,000 cash and another $50,000 in-kind to host the event while the BC Games Society will contribute over half-a-million dollars.

The last major sporting event the city hosted was the 2015 Canada Winter Games. Prince George last hosted the BC Summer Games in 1990 and before that the BC Winter Games in 1981.


What are the dates so I can make sure my umbrella is working

Just poking a little fun, good news for PG.

    Pushed the post button a little too soon – a note to council please do not levy us to pay for events. If we can’t afford it we just can’t afford it. Thank you

      oh will will get the bill, just like the winter games

What’s going on?
MLA Bond and Mayor Hall are not in the picture!

    Bond will more than make up for it! Probably has plans for some Botox injections, as it is a few years away! LOL

    If Hall was available do you think there would be an “acting mayor”. Did you even read the article, or just the headline before posting your typical negative comment?

      Gee whiz, sorry you are so easily disturbed by a light hearted comment. For the record, my comments are rarely negative, and I never bully other commenters, but hey, that’s “just my opinion”


      interesting perspective you have on our respective posts :)

Better hold all the hotel rooms for the athletes that won’t get used just like the Canada games fiasco. And don’t forget to jack the rates up 200% for the people coming watch.

    If you had ever been to a BC Summer Games – and I have been to over a dozen – you would know that the athletes & coaches are usually billeted in school gymnasiums. Unlesss that has changed in the past few years.

This is awesome news, and another big positive for our City. Congratulations to everyone involved, including the hundreds/thousands of volunteers who believe in this sort of thing and understand the value, importance and fun of hosting this huge event.

    Please help me to understand the “value”, and the “importance” of this event, specifically to this region, but also to the other levels of our community, provincially and nationally?

    This is an honest query without hidden agenda. I just want to know why anyone thinks in these terms for this event. Please avoid the political messaging, and let me know how and why this is important to me individually, and to my local community.

“Please help me to understand the “value”, and the “importance” of this event,”
The Games will showcase Prince George just like the Winter Games did so everyone will want to move here.

Don’t make it easy for TechPro, YOU tell us what the value and importance hosting the the Games might be? Not trying to be malicious, just can’t understand how someone couldn’t possibly see the benefits. think about it!

    I am thinking about it… and I didn’t see any benefit from the winter games (other than Timmy’s as mentioned and of course “the feel good effect”)You tell me, what am I missing? I do see many financially disadvantaged advertising for the past winter games via all those jackets. I guess having a coat is a benefit…

      “You tell me, what am I missing?”. Otway not only recieved a huge upgrade but also put them on both the national & international radar as a facility to hold high level x-country & biathalon competitions. Tabor got a face lift that allows them to hold high end freestyle & skier-x events. The Kin Centre/ CN Centre complex got a facelift & long overdue upgrade. Perhaps the greatest benefit is not the “feel good effect”, but rather the very real realization that PG is a pretty damn good place to live despite it’s shortcomings, that this area has world class attractions that most in our province (let alone our country) are oblivious to. Now, what am I missing as I am sure I left out a lot?

      “PG is a pretty damn good place to live despite its shortcomings…”

      Talk about a contradiction in terms. The place sucks but what a great place to live. Hilarious.

      Show me where I wrote that PG sucks. PG does have shortcomings, every city does. Does that make it a bad place to live? No, it makes it a place that could use an opportunity to improve. Talk about reading into something that just isn’t there, that’s hilarious…nope, correct that, that’s sad.

Welll The Winter Games, the hotel benefited, but they lost in the long run by reserving all the rooms that weren’t used. Timmy’s benefited too based on seeing the athletes holding a cup most of the time. But… it was nice seeing new faces in town and the events that were happening nightly that were family friendly

Gives me some time to train for the lawn bowling event.

Message to Mayor and Council.
Enough is enough!!!
No more taxes !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Too Late. They already got the games. They have decided that they want to play and we get to pay. It’s called “having a say in the future of PG”.

    It was a big mistake going to 4 year terms for municipal government.

BC Summer Games is not the same as the Canada Winter Games. Much smaller, more community minded and much easier to put on. I volunteered at the first one years ago. It was a lot of fun.

    So why don’t you volunteer to help pay for them and leave the rest of us out. I couldn’t care less about useless s*** circuses like these games. I’m not playing in them or watching them and I sure as hell don’t want to help pay for them.

The provincial government contributes over $2 million annually to the BC Games Society to support the BC summer and BC winter games.

The BC games Society will contribute over half-a-million dollars to the games in Prince George.

The games alternate years so they put $2 million annually into the fund and spend half-a-million.

Do the people that run the Games Society keep the other $million and a half ?

I did the weightlifting years ago in the last summer games! Awesome experience! Great people!

I’m not a big ‘Games’ booster, but it seems obvious that the local service industry would benefit from a few thousand visitors, and the Games do put the host city in the spot light,can’t hurt.

By 2022 we will have a Performing Arts Centre and we will not have to lie when driving visitors around town the the RCMP building is our PAC. ;-)

Good news! The benifits are obvious, not only to the host city but for the athletes that participate.

    Only to people like you. Let me guess. You are involved or have some family member involved in the upcoming circus.

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