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October 27, 2017 6:32 pm

Snowpack Remains Below Normal

Monday, March 13, 2017 @ 5:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  It would take  something extraordinary to  increase flood risk  during the spring freshet.  That’s according to the latest snow pack survey by the B.C.  River Forecast Centre.The Upper Fraser  (both east and west)  is sitting at 66% of what the normal snow pack is at this time of year.  The Nechako basin  is closing in on its  normal  snowpack , registering at 95% at the beginning of March.

The River Forecast Centre’s report  says the March basin index for the entire Fraser River basin is at 83% ” which is approximately a 1-in-15 year low snowpack or the 10th lowest March index in the past 65 years. ”

Below normal  snowpack   measurements  have been recorded for the Skeena-Nass (74%)  Stikine (52%)Peace (64%)  and the Liard (45%).

With the  below normal  snowpack  in the  Upper Fraser,  Skeena-Nass,  Peace and Liard  regions,  the River Forecast  Centre says  there is a potential for  low flows over the summer.

The Centre is quick to point out that  snowpack  is one factor in trying to  predict the freshet or summer flows,  but  extended  rainfall  or a rapid melt  could  alter the scenario “at this stage would require extremely wet or cool conditions to make a significant impact on seasonal flood risk” concludes the report.



isn’t this the same report we get every year.
one minute there isn’t enough snow so we are going to go up in a puff of smoke as we are going to be so dry and the next minute we are going to be treading water in college heights all summer.

Water restrictions commencing next week!

    Water restriction is year round now. Has been for a few years

The carbon tax is not working as intended.

    Unless the purpose was just to extract money from people for no good reason. Then it’s working fine.

    you are right the money goes directly into the government coffers and is used for anything and everything but “carbon” which is easy as they can’t do anything about carbon or they would have by now. They can’t do anything about this so called global warming or climate change either. They talk loud and tax lots but that is the extent of what they can or will do.

Water restriction has very little to do with the amount of water there is, it is all about dollars and cents. Saving on chlorine and electricity.

    You got that right.

Snow pack levels: Good info to have, thank you.

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