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October 27, 2017 6:31 pm

Canfor Pulp Project Lands Major Grant

Monday, March 13, 2017 @ 2:55 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Canfor Pulp’s  project to  create bio-crude from the  waste streams of the pulp  production process has just received a  major cash infusion.

The Federal Minister of  Innovation, Science  and Economic Development, Navdeep Bains,  has  announced  a grant of $13 million  dollars to Canfor Pulp Products to further develop and demonstrate  its bio-fuels project.  The bio-crude could be refined by existing refineries into  bio-fuels and bio-chemicals  that  can be  used  instead of fossil fuels.

The grant  is  part of a  joint venture with the Province of B.C.  which  sees  the Federal and Provincial governments each contributing $20 million dollars to the  Sustainable  Development Technology Canada (SDTC)  fund.

“We have the opportunity to create a truly renewable biofuel that can easily integrate with conventional fuels to dramatically lower environmental impacts” says  Canfor Pulp Products Vice President of Operations, Martin Pudlas “This funding from SDTC provides critical support as we look to operationalize this truly transformative green technology.”

The Canfor Pulp  Project  is  being undertaken in  partnership with Licella Fibre Fuels  of Australia and was first officially announced  at the Bio-Energy conference in Prince George last year.   Just last month,  Pudlas told 250News  the work continues to  “develop the project from a demonstration plant level to a commercial level” and that  there are a number of companies  “interested in the offtake.”

The product has already been  qualified for  use  in refineries, and the focus now is now on being able to  make that product on a continuous basis.  A  rough estimate of production  is that for every  oven dried ton of fibre, you would get  two barrels of  the bio-crude.


$120 million just years ago to help limit pollution and now $20 million for this. Wonder why industry loves the Liberals and we just pay and pay or the Tax man cometh for us. With all their tax right offs against profit did they even pay $20 million in Tax most likely NOT.

    The BC liberals are nothing but crooks. We have to use are carbon tax dollars to help out Jimmy P. The pulp mills should be forced to pay for their own upgrades. I guess this 20 million dollars will pay for the next shutdown.

      Canfor isn’t getting $ 20 million, that’s the figure that each level of government has committed to contributing to the Sustainable Development Technology Canada fund.

      Out of that $ 40 million Fund, Canfor is in line to receive a grant of $ 13 million. The process they’ve been working on must show considerable signs of commercial success, or they wouldn’t have been awarded the grant. Who knows, it may turn out to be something that even creates ‘jobs’? Ones that can pay a good ‘living wage’. Come up with something like they’ve come up with, there’s still $ 27 million there just waiting to be had to help you along.

      Don’t try and explain anything to the dippers, not worth it

      Awww… feeling a little overwhelmed slink? Even your comment are getting shorter, pick yourself up man, we have two more months to go!!!

      Nah just not worth explaining to dippers as they will just use it in the next story the exact same way even if corrected. They just seem to have lost the ability to comprehend what is written in articles unless it comes from the Tyee or has some type of conspiracy theory attached

And people keep voting her in…I think they took out the fluoride in the water and added a new chemical called Liberalize that makes people stupid and gullible….because people keep voting her and her sidekicks into power…

Oh come on you guys Canfor is poor and needs the money.

I guess this will get rid of that big black stream in the middle of the Fraser River.

    Jimmy P is going to burn this biofuel in his ocean liner and we are going to pay for it.

I got to hand it to them . They’ve manage to get free money to build a Rube Goldberg machine that collects on every move . It’s called ” extreme energy ” . I call it misuse of avalible funds .

    I believe the refinery has to have some “bio-crude” as part of its refining. If the pulp mill can convert a waste stream into bio-crude, it sounds like a win-win. Is it “value added”?

“The bio-crude could be refined by existing refineries”

Canfor does not own a refinery, it will have the waste bio-crude and lo and behold Husky has a refinery. Cost estimates are at 70 million to build the bio-crude plant.

    Would be great to see Husky partner up, I like it.

I think the plan is to have Husky refinery refine the bio-crude in the short term.

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