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October 27, 2017 6:30 pm

Ice Oval Season Officially Over

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 @ 10:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  The  warm temperatures have officially brought  an end to  the season for the  Prince George Ice Oval.

The season  started December  10th,  and faced  20 days of closures because of  warm spells that  caused  thaw conditions.

In all, the Ice Oval  was open for 73 days  this winter,    far short of the 100 days  it had experienced in  some previous years.

According to the counter,   over those 73 days,  the oval  welcomed 10,168  visitors.

The Ice Oval society is still working on fundraising   to  have an ice plant installed  to  lengthen their season.


I would love to see an actual audit of those 10k visitors, seems very high and suspect. For example how many were from the same people, new vs returning… competitors from events.

10,168 for 73 days would mean an average of 139 per day. I agree this seems rather high. Especially when you consider there were some days when less that a dozen people showed up.

    The counter probably recorded you leaving as a visit. Seriously, with only one entrance could it distinguish the difference?

Was completely awesome this year. I will be buying a season pass next year. A fantastic place.

The counter tracks persons entering & leaving the facility. That count is divided by 2. If you forget something in your car, you get counted again. If you skate in the morning and return later on in the day, you get counted again. 3 or 4 volunteers that prepare the ice in the morning get counted. A few volunteers come back in the evening to flood the ice and close the facility. And they also get counted. It’s not perfect, but it has been used for several years and while it might not stand up to an audit, it’s close enough.
If ‘isthisreallife’ and ‘Palopu’ are really concerned, perhaps they would like to join the contingent of volunteers that keep the place going instead of nitpicking. At least ‘benny’ is appreciative.

    It’s nowhere near “close enough”. If they want several million dollars from the tax payers they had better be able to come up with a number that can be audited. They claim to have welcomed 10,168 visitors? I call BS on that. There may have been 1000 unique visitors this season? Counting me as 30 visitors is disingenuous. If they want our money, they need to provide a useful number, something like the number of unique visitors would be nice.

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