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October 27, 2017 6:28 pm

Planning for G.R. Baker Upgrade

Friday, March 17, 2017 @ 2:40 PM

Quesnel, B.C. – Changes to G.R. Baker Hospital  are  on the way.

The Ministry of  Health is  working with Northern Health and First Nations  on the development of  a business plan for  both a new emergency department and intensive care unit for the G.R. Baker Hospital in Quesnel.

Because the site  has archeological significance, the first step will be  consultation with  First Nations.

The business plan will  include analysis of health-service needs and more detailed information on the project’s scope and costs.

G.R. Baker Hospital   first opened in 1955 .  It  has 38 acute care beds, four  intensive care unit beds,  a trauma room and  five emergency spaces.   The emergency department was  built in 1986 and  is outdated and in need of upgrades.
“This project will make a significant difference for both patients and providers in delivering person and family-centered care in Quesnel,” said Dr. Charles Jago, Northern Health board chair.

G.R. Baker Hospital   provides a variety of  health services including full emergency medical care, lab services, diagnostic imaging, mental-health and addictions supports, and chronic disease management.


OMG, while there is no mention of the BC Liberals, can we not assume to kiss their a$$ for this announcement? The Terrace hospital is years away from being replace, yet makes the news now, these upgrades to the Quesnel hospital are years away from even being implemented, yet makes the news now! Friday’s, just before an election is definitely the time for these kind of good news announcements.

Wawawa…as little BH gets her skirt all tied in a knot!

    The best thing about all of these announcements is knowing how much they are getting BH’s panties in a bunch, haha!

    Must be going through a lot of Kleenex wiping away all of your tears, eh Peeps?

    What’s gonna happen to BH when the Liberals get back in power in May?

    On another note when I was at GR Baker visiting a friend in emerg 2 years ago I was shaking my head as the department was in a sorry state of affairs kuddo’s to the ER staff being able to do what they do with what they have available

Yea, BH always seems to get his Liberal insult in somewhere! Anything to put them down at first crack! Sad in a humorous way as he must figure NDP is the ultimate, should run for office if he feels so strongly. First thing he will want to do is get rid of all the jails as it isn’t the inmate’s fault! LOL

A vague news story where the future date of this upgrade is not even mentioned. So anyone’s guess is as good as mine; I am going for the year 2025.

Excellent to see these upgrades taking place, it’s been a need for years.

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