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October 27, 2017 6:23 pm

Chipped Windshield Program Starts Monday

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – ICBC will launch its new chipped windshield program next week starting March 27.

It will allow customers who purchase ICBC’s optional comprehensive coverage for their private vehicles to get a chipped windshield repaired for free, provided an ICBC Glass Express Facility determines it’s safe and appropriate to do so.

Photo courtesy ICBC

ICBC announced last month the program would launch sometime this spring and after consulting with industry have released more details.

Highlights include:

  • Windshield repairs must be completed by an ICBC Glass Express Facility.
  • Customers will not pay for a deductible for windshield repair claims and there will be no impact to a customer’s claims history or future deductibles.
  • A maximum of three damaged areas can be repaired on an individual claim basis. There’s no limit to the number of windshield repair claims per policy period.
  • Customers don’t need to call ICBC first. They can take their vehicles directly to one of ICBC’s Glass Express Facilities.
  • Glass Express suppliers will be the ones to determine whether a chip is safe and appropriate to repair.

“This is a great program – it will benefit 2.5 million British Columbian across the province and at the same time, help reduce ICBC’s material damage costs by approximately $8 million per year,” said Todd Stone, B.C.’s Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure.

Prior to the new program, ICBC says it would replace a damaged windshield rather than repair it because repaired windshields would often still need to be replaced a short time later. Today, ICBC says repairs last substantially longer due to improvements in the technology and materials used.


How much is ICBC’s optional comprehensive coverage??

Free? ICBC? Contradiction in terms. Not free if there is a premium

    Do you think it would be any different with a private insurer? Nothing is free.

Don’t expect a reduction in premiums, the 8 mil will go straight to the executives pockets, probably in the form of a bonus for coming up with this brainstorm.

Everyone has comprehensive don’t they? We used to call it fire, theft and glass.

    No. You have to buy the basic from ICBC but you can either skip the comprehensive or buy it elsewhere.

This is a joke! ICBC ups its’ comprehensive coverage rates, then offers us a “free” deal. I can get a lot of windshield chip repairs for the $240.00 I saved by purchasing my optional coverage through a private insurance company. Man oh man, I can’t stand ICBC!

    Just like the Dippers in Alberta, implement a carbon tax then hand out “free” light bulbs, LOL.

Good one PN.Quite laughable really, ya give with one hand and take more with the other. Often wonder how long we the sheeple will put up with this.

    What would you replace it with? If you were in there you wouldn’t do a damn thing different.

Time to step up your game guys!

Before the BC Liberals took power in 2001, ICBC followed an NDP policy that ensured ICBC would pay for windshields to be repaired rather than being replaced. After getting elected, and in November of 2001, the BC Liberals decided to scrap that NDP policy of repairing rather than replacing windshields. Now, 15 years later, they discover replacing windshields instead of repairing them actually costs more!

I see, the Libs have now added an additional reason for re-implementing the old NDP policy; stating that advances in windshield repair technology have made it more financially feasible to repair rather than replace windscreens. I call BS!!! What advancements in windshield repair technology? In have found no evidence of car windshield repair and replacement companies, operating in BC, doing anything different when it comes to windshield repair procedures or technologies.

Wow! So it took the BC Liberals over 15 years to discover the NDP were on to a good thing, and now they are re-introducing the old NDP policy of repairing rather than replacing windshields… typical BC Liberals!

It’s great for the glass shops. They will charge ICBC more for chip repairs than they did for their customers before the change. Just like they did the last time this policy was implemented.

    That would just go to show that a lot of business owners are fraud artists. They rant about government costs and then drive those costs up as soon as an opportunity to defraud the government presents itself.

I can’t believe that a story about a simple policy change warrants a 3 paragraph political diatribe!
The KGB must pay their contract shills by the word to warrant such a long winded comment on such a minor story!

    If you don’t like what others post, don’t read it. Why must you constantly personally attack certain posters on this site? What exactly does the KGB have to do with anything?

      I think you’re looking at the wrong commenter for personal attacks on others……

    Hey Rip, time to wake up. The KGB hasn’t existed for about two decades now. Not that they would have anything to do with a story about insurance even if they did still exist.

And yet everyone knows exactly what organization I’m referring to when I call them the KGB…

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