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October 27, 2017 6:23 pm

Building a Strong Middle Class – Title of New Budget

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 @ 1:44 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Following a  delay of  half an hour,  Finance Minister Bill Morneau has  finally  stood in the House of Commons to  deliver his  second budget.

The Budget is titled  “Building a Strong Middle Class” .   There is no plan to  get out of the deficit, which was sitting at more than $29 billion dollars  as of 2016/17, and  will be at $28.5 billion  over 2017/18.   Deficits will  continue through 2021/22  and calls for total spending of $5.7 billion over 6 years

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Ending Canada Savings Bonds
  • Parental leave  will be extended,   allowing women to receive benefits 12 weeks before  their due date
  • Expands eligibility for Canada Student  loans program
  • Canada Student Grants will be expanded to students with children  as of 2018.
  • No New Capital Gains tax
  • Promotion of hands on learning in science engineering and math
  • Eliminated public transit tax credit
  • $225 million over 4 years for skills development
  • $221 million over  5 years to create  6,000 new job placements
  • $7 billion over the next decade to increase child care spaces
  • $524 million over 5 years to focus on tax evaders
  • $55 million over  5 yrs for 28  new Federal Judges
  • Extra 2% on  excise duty on alcohol
  • Ride sharing services to be taxed like  taxis
  • $487 million for skills and innovation
  • $396 million  for  Youth Employment strategy
  • $692 million  over  5 years for New Canada caregiver credit
  • New Veterans education and training benefit
  • $11.2 Billion  over  10 years for Provinces and communities for affordable housing


THAT’S IT ????

    No that’s not it. It’s 278 pages long. If you want to really dig into it, it’s all available online at budget.gc.ca

I think the government’s definition of the “middle class” varies greatly from mine. The middle class has enough debt load already, please stop adding to it.

Considering they haven’t started the extra infrastructure spending yet question is why we are 30 billion in the hole annually? Wasn’t extra 10 billion in infrastructure spending the reason we were going to go into deficit?

Other than racking up the deficit/debt, it looks like a do nothing budget that pushes everything forward into future years and the next term, a term that will hopefully not include a Justin Trudeau Liberal Government!

But at least Bill Morneau says that “We should be focused on how people feel”.

Here’s a news flash for you Bill, we feel sick, or you, of Justin and of this Liberal Government!

    Don’t use the word we. You don’t speak for me or what I feel.

      Oops, sorry Hahaha, I was speaking on behalf of intelligent Canadians!

      Well you couldn’t be speaking for them then, because the word intelligent certainly doesn’t describe you or your opinions.

I was gonna make a political comment, but I’ve decided to lay off til after our election in B.C. Justin still does have nice hair, though.

Does everyone also get a Trudeau cardboard cutout selfy.

    Does anybody know if the real Justin Trudeau was in the House today for the reading of the Budget, or was Cardboard Cutout Justin there in his place? It’s really hard to tell the difference!

This is a good read, aptly titled:

“Andrew Coyne on federal budget 2017: No money, no ideas, but a wealth of bafflegab and buzzwords from the Liberals”

ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/andrew-coyne-no-money-no-ideas-but-a-wealth-of-bafflegab-and-buzzwords-in-the-liberal-budget

30 billion in the red with close to 6 billion shipped off to zoolanders pet foreign causes. I miss Harper. He had his faults but he was light years ahead of these progressive twits. Tax and spend is all a Liberal knows.

Excellent budget…best one in over 10 yrs…

    Really? Are you smoking something, something that Justin promised to legalize but still hasn’t gotten around to legalizing?

    Do you honestly believe that the Liberal Party of Canada is going to send you your very own Justin Trudeau Cardboard Cutout for your comment?

    Excellent budget? You really must explain yourself!

      Justin’s stripping $8.5 Billion out of the National Defence equipment budget, but is promising to put it back and spend it sometime over the next 20 years!

      Sure he is! (sarcasm!!!!)

      Justin wants to promote a green agenda, and yet he is phasing out the 15 per cent public transit tax credit this year.

      Lots of spending promises, pushed forward to the next term! I suspect that he thinks he won’t be around for another term (if we are really really lucky)! Which of these promises do you think will actually come to fruition?

      $28.5 Billion deficit projected for this year!

      Revises the deficit for the year just ended, rising slightly to $23 billion!

      OMG, P Val, it goes on and on and yet you call this the best budget in over 10 years?

      Better roll and light up a fat one before this all starts to sink in!

“$524 million over 5 years to focus on tax evaders”

I’m sure the Fifth Estate could do it cheaper and quicker.

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/fifth/episodes/2016-2017/kpmg-and-tax-havens-for-the-rich-the-untouchables

Its nice to see a PM that gets left such mess he knows what to do to fix harpers devastation..

    Are you mental P val? How does a 30 billion dollar deficit fix anything.
    With many more to come. Like his old man, this country will be fixing his deficit financing for decades. You need serious help if you truly stand by your post.

      Harper sunk us over 170 billion during his time…but again all the cons suppprters loved every minute of it..but a new gov does the same thing and OMG of with his head.. lol

      Key difference between Harper and Trudeau is that Harper had to contend with the biggest recession since the 1930’s. He was also in a minority government who threatened to bring the government down if he didn’t run huge deficits. This point has been made ad nauseum
      but the Liberal progressives just can’t get it through there heads. Trudeau on the other hand is running these deficits in a positive economic environment. See the difference P Val? What happens when we enter the next inevitable recession? As the list above indicates, most of these deficit items are on programs that will have little if any positive effect on Canadians. Feel good Liberal programs financed through deficits is hardly good policy.

      His 10 billion deficit election promise tripled in a positive economic environment. Wow. Although it came as no surprise to us Conservatives. We have seen the movie. Canada will become an economic basket case like Ontario and ultimately Greece. If you think that is good policy you are beyond rational discussion P Val.

The strong “Middle Class” will be not able to afford a beer soon as they are raising taxes on that as well as everything else the “middle class” get into.

    The closest Trudeau has been to middle class is his limo driver. Trudeau has absolutely no clue to the daily struggles that ordinary Canadians face each day.

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