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October 27, 2017 6:22 pm

Sinclar Group Now Has Full Control of Four Vanderhoof Operations

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Vanderhoof, B.C.-The Sinclar Group Forest Products  has assumed management of Nechako Lumber, Nechako Green Energy, L&M Lumber and Premium Pellets of Vanderhoof.

The change comes as Robert Stewart Holdings and Ivan Andersen Holdings  have doubled their  ownership stake in the four companies  to 100%.

“The Andersen and Stewart families have been involved with Nechako and L&M for almost half a century, and we appreciate the partnership we have had with the local owners over that time,” said Greg Stewart, President of Sinclar Group. “However, ownership changes such as this are part of the evolution of companies.”

Sinclar Group does not expect to make major changes at the Vanderhoof operations, and the community should not notice any changes in the way the company does business in the community, said Stewart.

“We plan to be a part of the Vanderhoof community for years to come, and we look forward to continuing to produce the quality lumber and residual products these mills have been known for.”

Nechako and L&M together produce approximately 220 million board feet of lumber per year. Nechako Green Energy produces 2MW of electricity from the residual heat generated on site. Premium Pellets uses residuals from the local lumber industry to produce 180,000 metric tonnes of wood pellets per year.




Big players in this region. Ivan Anderson was the founder of Excel Transportation. Sinclar also owns Lakeland in PG as well as trim block mills in Fort St James and Mackenzie. Their operation in Vanderhoof are very well diversified and sustainable.

    Founder? on paper maybe. but not in reality.

    How about their flagship operation, Apollo Forest Products in FSJames?

The trim block mill (T’loh) in the Fort has been closed for well over a year now

    And as far as I know if the trim block mill Eagleone refers to in Mackenzie is the East Fraser Fibre mill it’s owned by the Glaziers not Sinclar.

One has to be concerned with the currant forest act in place these companies can buy, sell, trade their forest license and accountable to No one. L&M has a long history in the area but today that matters little.

    Happy joy joy aren’t we

All these years I thought the Scott family started L&M and Nechako.

    They did, the Sinclair group came in as a partnership.

Doesn’t Canfor own 51% of Sinclair Group?


Let’s not forget Mike ( RIP ) who I believe was one of the original partners of L&M
Speaking of forget, ironically, I forget Mike’s last name, but he was an original, of the handshake business agreement variety.

Manojlovic, I think, was Mike’s last name. It seems to me he spoke of starting L&M Lumber with a partner.

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