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October 27, 2017 6:22 pm

Friday Free For All – March 24th, 2017

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

It is time to speak up on issues that  have struck a chord with you over the past week.

It is time for Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic, but please,  leave the name calling out.    Remember to keep your comments brief, as  others  will just scroll past long  winded rants.   As always,  obey our three simple rules:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No bullying.


Why do people insist on letting their dogs off leash in the city. I have heard every excuse in the book about how well behaved the dog is, it never leaves its owners side, I trained my dog to heel and so on. The fact remains it’s a dog and if it is off leash no matter how well it’s trained if it sees something it wants to investigate it will do it.

The reason I bring this up is a dog in my neighbourhood was hit by a vehicle the owner never leashed the dog and by all accounts was well behaved but it saw a squirrel and it gave chase right into the grill of a moving vehicle. The dog is alive due to the driver paying attention and the way the dog hit the vehicle and it could of all been avoided if the dog was leashed.

It makes sense to leash a dog while walking it in the city but too many dog owners believe their dog will never do something stupid like get in front of a moving vehicle but these people forget that just because it’s domesticated it is still an animal with animal instincts. So dog owners do everyone a favour leash your dogs when walking them in the city.

But we all know many won’t and they will roll the dice everytime they talk the dog for a walk off leash then blame everybody else when the unthinkable happens

    I also would like to see all dogs in the city on leashes. The city provides off leash areas for dogs. The doggie park on Ross Cres. is a fabulous area for dogs to socialize and Ginter’s field is another area where dogs can walk off leash. Many times I have walked at Cottonwood park and encountered dogs off leash. The dog owner carries the leash in their hands while the dog runs ahead of them. I see this as total disregard for others.

    I agree Dearth. “Some” dog owners in this city seem to think the entire place belongs to them. Off leash areas are posted – in my opinion dogs should always be leashed unless within these designated zones or private property.

    If I had a loonie for every time a dog owner said “Don’t worry, he’s friendly” while their ugly mongrel is menacing others…

    They cry and whine because their precious little poopsie was hit by a car, but neglect to put them blame where it belongs.

    Many walking paths around the city are no longer really safe for non-dog owners at all, regardless of the on/off leash status of that path.

    When will animal owners be held properly responsible for the actions of their pets? To leave your animal free in a public space isn’t just showing a disregard for others, it is a lot like reckless driving in my view – your behavior is causing risk for others, and you should be held accountable.

    My wife recently got a dog, so going to Ginter’s to walk her (the dog) has been a pleasant experience. My only complaint is, owners, PLEASE, take ownership of your animals crap. I used to bike at 3 Stages (the trail above Ginter’s) years ago, today I would not venture onto any of the lower trails because of the sheer volume of dog feces. Same problem on The Greenway/Forests for the World trails & Cottonwood Park trails. There are numerous garbage bins everywhere, some areas (Greenway) even supply baggies, there is no real excuse not to clean up after your animal.

      Yah, but. The full baggies are left on the side of the trail. It’s easy to train your pet to crap in the bush and not on the trail.
      But same with training a dog to walk beside you. So easy, there are those that don’t.
      But the funny part is, there are those texting and yapping on their phones, its such an inconvenience to watch where they’re stepping, sorta like the driver hitting a pothole and breaking a tire.
      I recall a letter carrier walking up to a residence to deliver mail, she heard this from the owner “Don’t worry, my dogs friendly”.
      16 stitches later, she won’t trust dog owners anymore, wonder why?
      If yer gonna own a dog, it’s a responsibility. Sorta like growing up on the farm, animals first. Dogs love to be trained, they think it’s a game, but they remember, and it doesn’t have to be treats everytime they do something right, people put way too much crap in their dogs.

First playoff game tonight..hope to see you all there.. Go Cougars Go…

    Good Luck Cougars!! Wish I could go.

Does anyone know why they changed game 2 to Sunday??????

    They claim it is due to the 14 hour bus ride. Makes no sense to me though.

      Maybe Spicer will straighten it out.

WHY is comments to NDP opening a office closed??? WE can’t wish them well???

Crazy Spring weather uh. Guess the City has to clean streets again… Ohh yeahhh forgot,.. they used up their budget when we had that warm spell so they started picking up snow on street corners to haul away

    Agreed, the street sweepers should have been out in full force yesterday with the wet roads.

      actually they have been out but it is really hard to see where, they missed a lot.

    You can thank BeingHuman (or whatever she’s calling herself today) and Hart Guy for getting any election related story closed to commenting. I hope they don’t get the free for all closed today.

    If you want to wish Bobby well, drop by and say so. Ask him for 20 bucks while you’re there. :)

      $20.00? That’s All??? LOL

      If you would have read Elaine’s previous post about this topic you would know why there is no comments allowed

      I don’t agree that Hart Guy had anything to do with it. He’s got good comments, not always political, common sense stuff. BH has a fixation.

    Anne Marie Sam is running in Nechako Lakes for the NDP, I wish her well, good to see her step up.

I heard a term this week by the FBI director Commey during his testimony the the intelligence community.

‘Informational dynamic of national security’… Essentially means the FBI is now working on ways to take preemptive control the dissemination of what they deem to be fake news. It was rich stuff considering his denial at the time of the Trump surveillance only to have that come out the very next day and is contrary to the mandate of a law inforcement branch.

Times are a changing. Hopefully Trump gets this situation under control before all vestiges of a free and democratic nation are set aside for democrats partisanship.

    Hahaha, why don’t you enlighten us with some insightful comments instead of just trolling?

    I always read you name as “ammonia”. lol….

    Well, I have been known to make the occasional acrid comment. :-)

    LOL, good one!

    Peter, she doesn’t say much does she?

    Ax, just don’t mix ammonia and bleach, the fumes are deadly. True fact.

    That’s what you get with a six am crap post and a not perfect recollection of his name. No mallace intended, unlike HaHa who denigrated the Vimy Memorial earlier in the week.

    BTW the Vimy memorial is sovereign Canadian territory run by Parks Canada.

Just heard that TransCanada has received a presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, Dippers worst nightmare. I for one can’t wait to see Notley with her plastic smile saying how this will be good for Alberta while she is burning up inside. Love it!!

    Your life must be really empty if imagined internal emotions of a politician, over Keystone XL, are what bring joy to you.

      Imagined??? You been living under a rock? The NDP HATE Pipelines and everything oil. The Dippers loved it when Obama was in power because they knew the pipeline would never be approved. Oh by the way, my life is a beer commercial.

      Ataloss, so it will be Chinese and Russian truck drivers, trucking companies, welders, equipment operators, hotels owners, restaurant owners, camps, caterers, local supply stores, welders helpers, labourers etc? If the answer is yes then I will agree Trump sold out his country.

      The NDP do not HATE Pipelines. That is an example of Bovine Fecal Slinging in the hope that some of it will stick. The NDP merely wants full protection for the environment when pipelines need to be used. They want to put our naturally beautiful province before profits for foreign corporate interests.

      I would agree that they don’t hate pipelines, but they certainly are opposed to them, just like they’re opposed to fossil fuels, while at the same time they depend on them. A lot of internal conflict, I would imagine. And cognitive dissonance.

      But, the NDP’s opposition to them is based squarely on a desire to protect BC, not on any fundamental opposition to using fossil fuels.

      No, it’s based on their abiding faith in the global warming scam and their opposition to resource extraction.

    Since trump has changed so he can use China made steel on it get ready for major spills.. I live he is keeping jobs in the USA oh wait he isn’t. He just sold out his country. Again

      The pipe line will be 25 % Russian steel . So all the keystone fans are helping to make China and Russia great again . Real patriots , right ? The mind of the righties is something to behold .

      Trump is not a “righty”. He is a “Trumpy”.

      Do you leftards have any links to this Russian or Chinese steel?

    PVal Ataloss most of the pipe for Keystone is already built and is Chinese but no more. During the time Odumber was blocking Keystone 5 times its length was built in other areas of the US.

    Ataloss I am still waiting!

      Seamutt. Sorry but you are wrong. Trump just changed it so he can use China steel for more of the pipeline. He was saying keep the jobs in the USA till now.

      P Val nope

    I think it’s the conservatives that are a wee bit irritated with the thought that she – an NDP’er has got 3 pipelines (if Kinder Morgan goes through) built.

      No, we’re chortling at the sight of them having to face reality and do what they don’t want to do.

      Notley and the NDP can take ZERO credit for Keystone XL pipleline, Trump can take 100% credit. I agree with Dirtman, I hate the carbon tax but have to pay, Notley hates pipelines but has to sign off so I also chortle at the NDP having to do what they do not want to do.

    Difficult to believe that the Leap Manifesto was signed, sealed and delivered in Alberta. :)

Time to license the damn cats, once again my wife has had to take preventative measures because cat owners are irresponsible! The city wants me to rent traps off them! Why is that? It is not my problem and I should not have to rent a trap to catch these things. If I do rent one the owners would not see their cats again! But they are the first ones to put up a beautiful coloured photo of their pets if they do t come home. If they are pets look after them! Foxes love these things! Every year this is an issue and every year the owners don’t really care! Some do and I applaud them, a lot don’t and they are the problem!

    SPCA loans them out for free – trap it and give to SPCA – cost owner 100+ dollars to get cat back. Simple – don’t be killing other people’s cat due to irresponsible owners…

      This is good advice. I was not aware of the spca lending traps. I can almost feel Lien’s frustration as well. I feel the same when I run into cat feces in flower beds etc. Cats are more than capable of being kept on a leash. I have seen it a couple of times in the past.

    People with dogs are just as bad if not worse and dogs are licensed. Thanks for all the dog crap. At least cats stick to glower beds etc. I have yet in my 50+ yrs ever stepped in cat crap or attacked by a cat. But have stepped in dog crap and been bitten by dogs.

    Hey Lien, can’t you water at night? I do and don’t have a problem. Cats really don’t like me doing that.

    I have three cats and all are strictly indoor cats it’s not that difficult to turn them into indoor cats and despite what people believe cats are very trainable all you need to be is a responsible pet owner which in this city there are not many responsible pet owners but there are many loving animal owners a big difference between the two which sadly many people do not seem to realize or understand

I see former children’s watchdog Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond is suing province over pension benefits. More of our tax dollars being wasted in court. A contract with this government means nothing.

    If you were to read past the headlines, you’d know she didn’t have a contract, only (she claims) a verbal agreement. Personally, I find it rather strange that an ex-judge would not want the agreement in writing.

      With the exception of categories falling under the Statute of Frauds, in our English legal tradition oral contracts are no less binding than written contracts. Establishing their existence and content may of course be more difficult, but where there is evidence of an oral contract it is in general binding. As Judge Turpel-Lafond is a lawyer, I’m pretty sure she knows when she has a contract.

      Proving this alleged oral contract is the issue. I’m really surprised she didn’t insist upon it in writing. I never accept an oral contract (especially with the government!) and I’m no lawyer or ex-judge.

      I guess she made the mistake of relying on the government to behave honorably.

      You hit the nail on the head Bill. In other words; she actually expected this government to behave in an ethically responsible manner… her mistake I suppose.

      M.E. T-L might be a lawyer but obviously not a very good one. Anyone that has worked under an employment contract should know that terms and conditions of the contract should be in writing.

      Things like salary, car allowances, etc are things that can be reviewed when receiving first paycheck and if mistakes are noticed can be corrected when the details are fresh in everyones mind. I think that she had a five year contract so it is understandable how the two sides have a different opinion of the details of a conversation that happened some 5 years ago.

    Oldman, if you want us to LOSE the Friday free for all, keep posting political comments.

      Maybe we would not LOSE the Friday Free For All if you Conservative “snowflakes” stopped your constant bellyaching about any comments that would put your “precious” Christy Clark Government in a bad light?

      I see nothing in the guidelines barring political comments.

      But there is a “no bullying” clause. I imagine there are some people who do not want to post their opinions lest the run afoul of Peeps and her beliefs.

      BH, thought I’d re-post this for your benefit:

      Well, the comments are closed because it is, clearly an election story.
      250News has a legal responsibility to offer fair and balanced coverage…and while the writ has not yet been dropped, that is clearly an election story. We have established an election 2017 page, where all things about the election will be posted. None will have comments allowed.
      When the NDP campaign offices are officially opened, we will cover the event, and there won’t be any comments allowed. The NDP acclamation stories have both been moved to the Election 2017 page with all comments removed.
      250News is not a platform for any political party, and I am seriously considering putting the Friday Free for All on hiatus until after the election so this website will not be ‘used’ by political parties to further their bashing of each other.

      -Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

      Frizz some people will never learn and feel the need to use sites like this as their soapbox and ruin it for everyone else I would not be surprised to see the free for all suspended until after the election seeing as all other avenues for them to soapbox and whine have been taken away from them.

      Posted by BeingHuman

      Maybe we would not LOSE the Friday Free For All if you Conservative “snowflakes” stopped your constant bellyaching about any comments that would put your “precious” Christy Clark Government in a bad light?
      So all would be well if only you and your ilk posted all the political comments you want, no opposing ideas allowed? Yeah, that sounds typical of the left.

      “You could be right, Axman. I suggest that some others won’t post because of the snide, schoolyard, bully boy tricks used by Eagleone and Seamutt, and others of their ilk, to change names to insults.”

      That’s entirely possible but since BH had commented here I used her as an example.

      NO, you can post all the political comment you want!!! Just STOP complaining about our political comments… because we definitely don’t complain about your’s!!!

      Can you actually see the double standards being applied here?


      Get off your high horse that quenching opposing views is a disease of the Left. The Right Wing has shown equal disdain for views that oppose theirs. Or maybe you think Pinochet in Chile and the military junta that ruled Argentina were Leftists when they were slaughtering and disappearing thousands of people who they accused of opposing them. Those are only two examples of murderous Right Wing factions that hated opposition.

      God, you self-righteous alt-right drones make me want to vomit sometimes.

      How is that for an insightful comment PN?

      Grizzly2– Since when are you the judge what I post and what I cannot. I am quite sure that Elaine will judge what I post and remove it if needed and I am ok with that.

      Posted by BeingHuman

      NO, you can post all the political comment you want!!! Just STOP complaining about our political comments… because we definitely don’t complain about your’s!!!

      Can you actually see the double standards being applied here?

      I must have been away on the day that posters were complaining about your comments. I’ve seen lots of disagreement and contrary opinion posted from both sides, but never any complaining except for the odd time when someone throws insults, which come from both sides.

      Maybe I just don’t define “complain” the same way you do. Maybe you consider a response disputing your claim to be a complaint. But isn’t that a major purpose of the FFA? The debate, the give and take?

      Perhaps you could clarify.

      Hahaha, you had to go all the way to decades old South America in order to find examples of right wing suppression of opposition comments? Wow! That’s rather telling, isn’t it? I can find lots of examples of lefties wanting to do the same right here in Canada, in PG even.

      The self-righteous alt-left drones must keep you in a constant state of nausea.

      Axeman just what are you talking about, I only respond in kind but nicer. I guess it is your right to pick and choose who you complain about. Guess I must be hitting the target on my comments, no rational come back by you.

so they say inflation went down last month as fruit and veg’s prices dropped. where was this.

    Inside the Ottawa bubble ?

      Check the prices of fruit in the local stores before you make comments.

      Superstore flyer ads, for instance, are printed for all of Canada’s stores with identical prices.

      You can go look at other flyers on the internet for different stores and regions of Canada.

      When I first came here, I was surprised to find that grocery prices here were cheaper than Toronto. It may no longer be that way. Also depends on season, I am sure.

      Grapes are probably coming in from Chile now and green, seedless ones are under $2/lb.

      The comment re the same flyers across Canada for Superstore may be in error.

      I notice the one for Vancouver is different than Ottawa.

      The green grapes are $1.99 a Save-On-Foods across BC.

For the fossil fans . Search .. Coal in free fall across the world . Their stacks are smoking a lot less every day . Mean while my portfolio is growing every day . So much green today that it is making my eyes sparkle . Sunshine , lollipops and rainbows . I hope some of you are doing better today as well . Glad to see the keystone approved . More oil on the market awash in oil will make the price go up , right ? Kodak moment anyone ?

    Thought China was still going whole hog on coal.

      If you read a little about what’s really happening in China you’d know better . They are shutting down and cancelling at an alarming rate . Alarming for the fossils that is . Coal can’t compete with renewables with out subsities . Like Elizibeth May said last week . If Trudeau wants to find the money for cutback programs . Just stop subsidizing fossil fuels

      China has been trying for decades to shift away from coal. Among other things, China has terrible problems with air pollution from coal dust. I remember staying in Tianjin and leaving a book on my desk and picking it up a couple days later to find my hand dirty from the coal dust that had accumulated. This causes a lot of respiratory problems.

      The reason that China is being so aggressive in the South China Sea is that it wants control of oil fields.

      Don’t forget India . The fall in 16 was 62 % . The guardian has a comprehensive artical on the crash of coal . The cancelation of new power plants is for 16/17 is about 200 . What they are going whole hog in is solar wind and battery storage . India sports the largest PV solar power plant in the world for now . The growth is now exponential every 14 months or doubling every 14 months and excellerating .

      Ataloss is doubling down on his fake information. China is actually increasing its coal capacity and usage by a massive 20% over just the next three years. Indonesia has doubled since 2010. Everywhere else has seen a drastic rise in electrical costs where coal generation is being shutdown under false pretenses. Just have a look at Ontario, Alberta, Germany, England and the unstable grid in Australia.

      Speaking of Australia the state of South Australia has had blackouts because of the shutting down of reliable coal generation and relying on costly, inefficient unreliable wind. Even the big aluminum smelter got forced down and the aluminum solidified.

      Businesses are spending big money putting in their own diesel generation or leaving altogether.
      Hazelwood coal fired generation plant is shutting down in the next few days, being forced down by false green policies. It generates more electricity than all the useless wind generation put together. Australia’s grid then will become more prone to blackoust just like North Korea. Hey Australia welcome to the third world.

      Ataloss, would be nice if we could follow suit from this article:
      The Indian government’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has approved plans to build 2,000 kWp of capacity in the city, around 10% of it’s current consumption, which will come from a variety of sources. These include over 1.5 million gallons of heated water per day, 6400 solar street lights, 4600 solar cookers, and 20 solar traffic lights.

      Don’t worry grizzly , we are following suit but not like we could if our governments were not owned and operated by big fossil . We will either modernize or be left behind . Germany for example has already created cheaper electricity than the USA . Their nuclear industry is struggling to survive in their level playing field . The cost of siteC will be its own undoing . Cost over runs will likely triple Christies fantasy figure of 9 billion .

      Another interesting solar read:
      BBC News
      The ‘sun king’ who built a solar city in China

      Germany for example has already created cheaper electricity than the USA? What a hoot! Hundreds of thousands of German households can’t afford to pay their electricity bills because it’s so expensive!

      Here’s a few sites to check out about how wonderful green energy is:

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/22/by-the-numbers-lifetime-performance-of-worlds-first-offshore-wind-farm/

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/09/green-craziness-deepening-aussie-energy-crisis/

      Today a few more Australians discovered that free energy is not just expensive but creates its own kind of pollution.
      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/03/windy-clean-green-pollution/

      They talk about the “social cost of carbon”. Well, the above paragraph explains absolutely the “social cost” rendered when the climate obsessed West imposes draconian climate policy on itself in a suicidal attempt to appease the fanatical environmental lobby, in a useless effort to fix a mythical non-problem – “Global Warming” now called “Climate Change”, as the planet hasn’t warmed, at all, for the past 18+ years, despite record CO2 emissions over the same period.

      The West is being brought to its knees and slowly destroyed by a pseudo-scientific Leftist Trojan horse going by the eco-friendly name of “Saving The Planet”.
      ht tps://climatism.wordpress.com/2017/01/18/economic-disaster-looms-the-300-billion-cost-of-britains-wind-power-debacle/

    hey Ataloss how is your solar working out. Why such a secret? Thought you would be so proud to blab about it like your made up stock ventures.

    Oh by the way renewables are very heavily subsidized but I you already know that but like to keep your fake stories going.

    Not sure where you got your information Ataloss but coal is a hot commodity again Both India and China are building more coal fired mills and Japan is increasing coal usage again which is part of the reason that all 3 Coal mines are back in operation in Tumbler Ridge and Chetwynd and CN rail is increasing their coal train trips per week from Tumbler Ridge.

      Just search . Coal in free fall around the world . The guardian article has all the relevant info imbedded within article but it’s big news all around the world .

      China has unveiled a crash plan to increase coal capacity and usage by 20% over the next 3 years.

      h ttps://wattsupwiththat.com/2016/11/07/china-announces-a-massive-20-increase-in-coal-by-2020/

      The Chinese government isn’t building any new wind turbines because most of the new electricity created was wasted, causing serious damage to the country’s electrical grid.

      ht tp://dailycaller.com/2016/03/29/china-stops-building-wind-turbines-because-most-of-the-energy-is-wasted/

      More than 2,400 coal-fired power stations are under construction or being planned around the world, a study has revealed two weeks after Britain pledged to stop burning coal.

      ht tp://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/2500-new-coal-plants-will-thwart-any-paris-pledges-ctx3t7thnf7

      Yup, coal usage is in freefall alright!

      Thermal coal is in the dumps. Met coal has dropped to around half of what it was last year however based on coal futures met coal should stabilize to the $160-180 Canadian range..If this stabilizes for the long term we might see quintette & PRC mines fire up again too..

    Ataloss the Guardian, really, really!

If there were to be another federal election tomorrow, I don’t think I would be voting for the Trudeau Liberals again. First they backed away from their electoral reform promise which was a huge mistake, and now the Trudeau Liberals are attempting to introduce changes to parliamentary procedure that will control and limit debate well beyond what the Harper Conservatives did during their reign of terror.

Any attempt to control and limit debate, I believe, is an attempt to control and limit democracy, and we should all take notice when parties and persons in authority attempt to impose those limits. How worried should we be about these new changes in parliamentary procedure the Trudeau Liberals are attempting to introduce? Well it means our Prime Minister would only be available once a week for Question Period, on Fridays; it also means the Trudeau Liberals could also shut down debate in any, and all, parliamentary committee meetings. So much for democracy!

Procedures, and courses of actions, that attempt to limit and control debate are becoming more common these days, and it’s interesting how this works in the best interests of the governments and political parties in power, yet not so much for the basic tenants of democracy and freedom of speech and expression.

    Well you got what you voted for, a cardboard selfie cutout, hahahah.

    You’re between a rock and a hard place my friend. Probably you could vote NDP, I find them more palatable than their provincial counterparts. I doubt I could see you voting for O’Leary or Bernier.

    But I lived through the Trudeau Snr. years and it looks like this apple fell right under the tree. The arrogance will only get worse if he get’s a second term. Western separation became a real movement under PET. The Liberals – for being supposedly left wing, see themselves as the intellectual masters that we poor serfs should just do as we’re told because Nanny knows best.

      Actually western separation would not include lower mainland and the Island as they worship their cardboard cutout.

      God, don’t we sound like Keebec? LOL

Was reading the PG Daily news and ran across an article which gives the city full control of the budget and the city manager no longer has to go to council on purchases over 1 million dollars and department heads are increased to 100,000? Have to read further but is this true?

Canadian Parliament Passes Controversial Islamophobia Motion

Trudeau aka dear leader, card board cutout, calls himself a feminist but is he really.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who during the election campaign championed Muslim women wearing hijabs and full face niqabs, dropped an appeal by the previous government that would not allow women to wear niqabs to Canadian citizenship ceremonies.

Trudeau has also appeared at many mosques, including one where the women weren’t allowed in the main prayer room with the men but were forced to pray in a separate area upstairs.

The self-proclaimed “feminist” Prime Minister said: “Diversity is a source of strength, not just a source of weakness, and as I look at this beautiful room — sisters upstairs — everyone here, (I see) the diversity we have just within this mosque, within the Islamic community, within the Muslim community in Canada.”

    Actually a true feminist respects a woman’s choice to do what she wishes. Whether she wishes to wear a short skirt and tight top or a full on cover everything hijab. Whether she wants to have a baby, or abort, up to her.

    So the real issue isn’t how the Muslim religion chooses how to practice, the question is are Muslim women free to choose their own path. If they choose to wear a niqab – fair enough. But if they are compelled, suddenly the state has an interested in protecting and promoting her freedom. Harper’s gut guess was no women in her right mind wanted to wear a hijab or niqab so tried to free women but basically banning them. That way a Muslim women could say to her male protector – hey, not my choice, they make me not wear it. Now, she has to go to her male protector and ask if he’s okay with her letting the sun hit her face.

    So, for Muslim women to enjoy the freedoms of other women in Canadian society, they have to hope that when they show up to Mosque for prayers without a covering, that the men are just as enlightened and okay with it. Justin in his proactive Islamic protection agenda is likely setting Muslim women back, not forward.

    Unfortunately the only way a Muslim women can enjoy the freedoms of her Canadian sisters, is to leave her religion entirely, and then hope some fanatic doesn’t decide to send a message.

    Seamutt speaks about Muslim women and their attire, here is a 14 question quiz, that shows pictures of women from a variety of religions and their clothing. Take this multiple choice quiz to see how you do. One thing is for sure, it a real eye opener that challenges a persons thoughts and perceptions about “foreign” religions and women’s clothing.

    ht tp://www.judaism-islam.com/quiz-can-you-tell-her-religion-from-her-head-covering/

      why is it every time I read one of your posts I hear a woman’s voice?

      BH you are okay with Sharia law then, and I was pointing out dear leaders two sided face.

It is not only Muslim women treated as second class citizens other religons do as well. Why is that allowed, I guess Trudeau gets to pick and choose. I call BS to dear leader calling himself a feminist.

So, the City is planning on building the “PG Transit Operations and Maintenance Facility” at the corner of Foothills and 18th. (Right behind the parking lot at the entrance to the Ginter’s trails.) Seems like an odd spot to me. Why not use the industrial areas for industry and leave this area a residential?

    I agree Axman, this to me seems like a silly spot for a diesel fume spewing, noisy bus yard.
    Surely there is some other place that is just as well suited that is zoned more appropriately? There is a fully industrialized area not far to the East of this location, surely there is somewhere better than encroaching on PG’s wonderful green spaces.

The 56-year-old life-long Athens resident said she doesn’t have any other choice. Last month’s hydro bill was $7,000 because of delivery and other surcharges – an anomaly, for sure – but her hydro bills average $2,000 to $3,000 or more a month.

“They kill you; they kill the little guy,” she said of the hydro rates, which cost a quarter of that only a few years ago.

ht tp://www.recorder.ca/2017/03/17/forced-death-of-a-main-street-family-business-in-village-of-athens
The real results of green energy policies.

Once again, solar goes under even when heavily subsidized.

ht tp://www.marketwatch.com/story/solar-company-sungevity-files-for-bankruptcy-agrees-to-sell-assets-2017-03-13


Oops. Britain cutting subsidies to solar and the industry goes down. Who’da thunk it?

ht tp://oilprice.com/Alternative-Energy/Solar-Energy/Dark-Days-Ahead-For-UKs-Solar-Industry.html

Sectarianism is evil in the extreme . It’s another form of bigotry validated by belief in someone’s favorited invisible man in the sky . Martin Mcguinis died this week . How many lives did he and his deeply religious followers take . I wish everyone could wake up from this fantasy of religion and realize that we are all the same Homo sapiens with slight variations . When I read some of this vaild bigotry , I’m so glad to be an atheist .

    I don’t want to get into a debate over the validity of beliefs but I do respond to comments about how evil religion is. It’s not the faith, it’s people. The belief system is often just a convenient tool used by evil people. Atheism can also be used to do great evil, think officially atheist communist nations and their 100 million victims in just 70 years.

    Environmentalism IS a religion.

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From ecohustler.co.uk
One wise sage once said of them “It is like running both the heating and the air conditioning at the same time,” Funny that it was former BP and Caudrilla chairman Lord Browne. Let’s face it when you look at the return on investment from the lobbying bills of big energy to get these subsidies it’s a sweet deal.

Meanwhile renewable energy is constantly plagued with accusations of only being viable because of public subsidies. In comparison global subsidies for renewable energy in 2012 were $101 billion. Small fry.

Germany is often held up as the country which has burdened its economy by investing heavily in renewable energy, using public subsidy to drive that growth. However between 1979 and 2010 subsidies in Germany were as follows: Coal and lignite received 222 billion Euros, nuclear 186 billion Euros and renewable energy received 28 billion Euros. So that’s just rubbish and no one has done the sums on the economic boost not importing loads of fossil fuels and creating thousands of jobs has made either.

It is true that renewables currently generates a small amount of the energy when compared to fossil fuels so in terms of subsidy take right now they are more costly. However they are at the start of their deployment so the subsidy being given is to help get the technologies to scale. Unlike fossil fuels which have been subsidised for many years, and continue to be.

We are at an amazing moment of opportunity to completely transform our energy system to 100% renewable. In many parts of the world energy from wind and solar is the cheapest form of energy. Even here in the UK onshore wind is providing the most competitive form of new electricity generation. In some places solar is providing the cheapest electricity – ever.

So yes get mad. Its time to level the playing field and take away the crutches of the fossil fuel industries. Lets not build our societies on death anymore, let’s build them on light

    There is much more in this article but too lengthy for here .

      No link? Must not consider the source to be reliable.

      Oh, ecohustler. Not exactly a reliable source.

      The numbers in the article were from the IEA and they are very reliable . The window was between 09 and 14 . So the bill big fossil saddles us with must be even larger by now . I find it ironic that some of you complain ad nausium about security for Moslem , and Jewish civic centres . But , when some one points out how big a cut big fossil takes ? Peanuts for security , Oh the horror !!!!! Last count 34 billion dollars in subsities a year for the fossils in canada and ……. Crickets . That’s the very height of stupidity .

      The problem with those figures is they aren’t really subsidies. Environmentalists will claim that government royalties aren’t as high as they should be so that constitutes a subsidy.

      In other words, the government takes fossil fuel money (but not enough money so that’s a subsidy) while at the same time the government takes no money from the renewables but cuts them a cheque (from money obtained from the fossil fuel industry) but it’s less than the environmentalists think they are undercharging the fossils, and that makes the subsidy to fossils greater?????

      Ataloss besides the huge subsidies to falsely named renewable’s don’t forget to add the cost of conventional backup renewable’s require thus doubling the energy cost.

    Real Levelized Costs of Electricity:

    $3.79 Conventional Coal
    $4.37 Clean Coal
    $5.61 Natural Gas
    $5.94 Nuclear
    $6.64 Wind
    $18.82 Solar Thermal
    $37.39 Solar Photovoltaic

      Doesn’t really matter what numbers you dig up for those seven categories. Only the three on the bottom have an ROI and depending on the geography it’s between 6 and 15 years . I’ve actually just had an epiphany . Supporters of the status quo are financially illiterate . Wow ! Thank you so much .

      Also . Clean coal is as big a myth as fossil methane ( natural gas ) is a clean safe fuel .

      Coal, gas and nuclear don’t have an ROI? What are you smoking?

      Here’s an exerpt from a link you could have checked out earlier:


      1. While turbines are getting larger, able to operate at lower wind speeds, and improving their capacity factors, the total lifecycle cost per unit of energy provided from offshore wind has not perceptibly decreased from 1991 to 2015. Higher costs of O&M for larger turbines farther offshore seems to consume savings from higher capacity factors.

      2. As it is uncontrollably variable and weather dependent, offshore wind generation remains uncompetitive with gas and coal which are half the cost (~ $70/MWh LCOE) while providing fully dispatchable and weather-independent power that is of much higher value to a power grid.”

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/22/by-the-numbers-lifetime-performance-of-worlds-first-offshore-wind-farm/

      And those figures don’t even include the cost of a base load back up generating capacity which you must take into consideration in calculating costs.

      Solar has an ROI of 15 years in Ontario because they are paying an infeed rate of 80 cents a kWh. They did this to encourage people to go solar. They are using Nuclear and Hydroelectric to subsidize buying the solar energy at such a high rate. They actually have to shut off the nuclear plant some days when the sun is shining which costs the province a ton of money. They also buy wind at 13 cents a kWh infeed and then sell it for 10 cents a kWh back to customers. When there is excess at night they sell it out of province for 2-4 cents a kWh and make bucket loads of cash. Note the Ontario hydro customers have to pay for the ROI on these “green” technologies.

      The contract rate for new installs of solar in Ontario are almost 40 cents a kWh right now as the price of solar panels have gone down so much they require less subsidy.

    MARCH 28, 2009

    WASHINGTON — Windmills and solar panel arrays have become symbols of America’s growing interest in alternative energy. Yet as Congress begins debating new rules to restrict carbon dioxide emissions and promote electricity produced from renewable sources, an underlying question is how much more Americans will be willing to pay to harness the wind and the sun.

    Curbing carbon dioxide emissions — a central part of tackling climate change — will almost certainly raise electricity prices, experts say. And increasing the nation’s reliance on renewable energy will in itself raise costs.

    Fifteen months into a recession, that prospect does not sit well in some quarters.

    “Consumers right now are extremely price-sensitive,” said Barry Moline, executive director of the Florida Municipal Electric Association, whose member utilities serve about three million people.

    From the NY Times, not exactly a bastion of conservatism.
    ht tp://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/29/business/energy-environment/29renew.html


    The Real Problem With Renewables


    In other words, despite these huge investments, renewables’ share of the energy market has been shrinking. What’s happening? While conspiracy theorists may want to believe that Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Nuclear are stifling the growth of renewables, the simple truth is that coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear can satisfy the Four Imperatives: power density, energy density, cost and scale.

    ht tps://www.forbes.com/2010/05/11/renewables-energy-oil-economy-opinions-contributors-robert-bryce.html

      Nothing about environment in the top 4 reasons.. scarey

      “Looks like the halo is fading. Today-Tonight is a current affairs show in Australia. Today a few more Australians discovered that free energy is not just expensive but creates its own kind of pollution.”

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/03/windy-clean-green-pollution/

      “The problem with wind energy is not just its costly, subsidized, unreliable electricity; the need to back up every megawatt with redundant fossil-fuel power; or its impacts on wildlife and their habitats.

      Infrasound (inaudible) and low-frequency (audible) noise (slowly vibrating sound waves collectively referred to as ILFN) produced by Industrial-scale Wind Turbines (IWTs) directly and predictably cause adverse human health effects. The sonic radiation tends to be amplified within structures, and sensitivity to the impact of the resonance increases with continuing exposure.

      These facts have been known to the wind industry and the US government since the 1980s when it became a ‘hot topic,’ with numerous studies presented and published by acousticians working under grants from the Departments of Energy, Defense and NASA. The wind industry response?

      Deny the science.”

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/08/science-deniers-in-the-wind-industry/

      I can find lots more info about the environmental damage green energy causes.

To much Dark News today, be Happy and wait for the next Asteroid to hit, Green Power or Coal who will Care ?

    here here!

    Get behind everything on the screen, what would we have to lose? A better planet?

    ht tp://scienceblogs.com/startswithabang/files/2010/11/photo-thumb-500×376-57911.jpeg

      Link doesn’t work for me.

      Links don’t work, I don’t look at them. Look’in for truth.

      Sorry, will try a different link to the same picture.

      ht tp://farm5.static.flickr.com/4036/4254681996_27b1ed7ff0.jpg

      That one works.

      OK, let’s look at what’s on the screen.

      Energy independence – Great idea, we have it. Coal, hydro, gas and oil to spare.

      Preserve rainforests – Another good idea, but let’s make it better. Preserve all forests. Fortunately we have fossil fuels, because if they were eliminated, the world’s forests would disappear in short order.

      Sustainability – Now there’s “motherhood” word. Fortunately we have that, more fossil fuels than we could ever use and technology will find other energy sources such as molten salt reactors long before we’ll ever come close to running out.

      Green jobs – No such thing, other than reverting to pre-industrial society which would result in billions of unnecessary deaths. Green jobs depend on a conventional industrial economy. One green job program cost the government $2 million per job. That money has to come from somewhere.

      Livable cities – We have that in the modern, industrialized, fossil-fueled world. Got any idea what horse exhaust smelled like in big cities on hot summer days before the internal combustion engine? How polluted the water was? Ugh!

      Renewables – There’s a very small place for them but they require subsidies and base-load back up from fossil fuels, result in energy poverty for the people when used as a substitute for fossils. Should be kept to a minimum.

      Clean water, air – Another “motherhood” idea, we have it, thanks to modern technology. See livable cities above.

      Healthy children – Who could oppose that? Thankfully, in our modern society, the biggest threat to kids is overabundance.

      But the cartoon suggests that taking action to stop the climate from changing (about as sensible as trying to stop the wind from blowing) will make a better world, which it won’t. It will make it worse.

I guess one has to go out to the country to fly drones eh..what with the new laws coming

Drones???/ Guess one has to go out to the country side to fly these soon

Ohhh JILLIAN…. you looked at your bike lanes lately??? It’s full of gravel.. hard for bikers to drive on… pathetic

    I can’t see any bike lanes anymore, we need more paint

      Will be interesting to see which will get painted first, bike lanes or actually required road lines.

Or Alt Right.

In Last Friday’s Free For All I asked a question no one answered, namely; “Approximately 3 years ago the only working dermatologist in Prince George retired. Living in such an excellent province under our current government I have a question; is there a dermatologist available for anyone north Kamloops?”

Did some research and found out there is still no dermatologist practicing in BC, north of Kamloops.

There was no way I could have realized that just days after my comment; a notable and retired doctor, who had actually worked at the Kamloops Inland Royal Hospital, would die in their emergency room, waiting for medical care.

Kind of makes a person wonder about the state our health care system is in BC, does it not?

    Do you need to see a Dermatologist? My GP asked if I wanted to be referred to the one that comes to Prince George monthly.

    Our health care system sucks, because a big, fat bureaucratic white elephant lives in Vancouver Coastal Health, sucking all the funds destined for the Central Interior and the North. Specialists don’t want to live here, they want to live in the snow-free zone, (Well, not this winter) We have a Doctor who has and can do angiograms locally, we have surgeries that should have been updated and in use 5 years ago, we COULD have a helicopter ambulance here. No use grumbling about it on here. It’s on my talking points in my meet with my MLA, who does listen, just hope we get action sooner than later.

    I like PG fine, but if a specialist has a choice of where in BC to live, I’d wager this city would be way down on the list. It’s not like the government can force them to come here.

Screw politics..it’s finally spring and it’s nice out there for once..! Have a good weekend..!

At 5:00 pm, this Friday Free For All had an impressive 140 comments, out of those comments here is the break down from highest to lowest number of comments per poster; Dirtman 22; Ataloss 13; Grizzly2 10; Axman 9; Seamutt 8; BeingHuman 8.

I do NOT dominate this discussion board with my comments, it just seems that way because so many other’s comment about me. *Hint* don’t like my comments, that is your prerogative, turn your attention elsewhere and STOP making me the subject of your comments!

    I don’t know what’s worse the fact that the same few posters dominated the forum or the fact that you actually counted each one of them. Idle hands..?

    Whoohoo! I’m way ahead!

    What was my count last week, BH?

    Go ahead, count it and tell us.

      Busy day today, hardly any time for anything else but work! Sure looks like I’m missing all the fun!

      I’m hesitant to post as I wouldn’t want to get blamed for anything! So I think I’ll just sit out this FFFA and instead will let you guys and gals fight this one out!

      Hmmmm, maybe I should challenge some of you to do the same? ;-)

      Before I go, I just saw on the news that there has been another shooting/murder in Abbotsford! Sure hope Retired02 ducked!


    What, you love the attention? Since political comments are down to a minimum, you count? Do you have a life?

      Post pad count!!!!

    stop being so biased, your whole world revolves around a political agenda, frankly that is the problem, you post about nothing else, there is more to this world. Did you forget the password for AnnieMartin?

    10:52 and I’m still waiting, BH, what was my count last week?

      I guess you don’t want to say. OK, I will.

      My comment count last week was zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

      Yeah, I was there, I looked in. But nothing was worth my comment.

      Like it matters.

“B.C. Liberals to refund $93k for indirect donations, cites clerical errors.”

All righty then.

    But they are going to keep the twenty plus million ? Wow ! Talk about throwing themselves on a grenade . The pain must be unbareable . She’ll likely get a top up by morning and be right as rain again .

anniemartin, your comment under the Provincial Funding For School Improvements story finally got posted in the last couple of hours, almost a day after it was closed for comment. To do it justice I will post it here now.

Posted on Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 9:21 AM by anniemartin with a score of 0

There has been well over 40 funding announcements in the last month with no end in sight. This government has no shame about using our money to make announcements about funding the services that we as taxpayers have every right to expect! Regardless of your political ideology this behaviour can only be seen as disingenuous, wasteful and should be illegal.

In 1999 Christy Clark had a melt-down in the legislature because the NDP spent $600 thousand on advertising budget implementation (two years before an election), but has no problem doubling the government advertising (now $15 million) budget 5 months before an election.

$900,000 for schools – $15 million for taxpayer funded advertising. Smells of desperation.

More site c’s will be required

Though Vince Ebert makes his living as a prominent cabaret artist in Germany, he is in fact a trained physicist who has a good understanding of science and is thus quite able to see it when someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

Prominent cabaret artist, physicist Vince Ebert says electric cars nowhere near what they are portrayed to be. Image cropped from Facebook here.

One example is Germany’s “Energiewende” (transition to renewable energies) where Germany is attempting to wean itself off fossil fuels and to supply its energy needs almost completely with green energies such as wind and sun.

One aim Germany has is to convert all its motor vehicles on the street over the electric vehicles. In fact some green politicians have even called for banning the registration of fossil fuel cars by 2030.

So just how feasible (or absurd) is the proposal? Ebert points out in an opinion piece here, that is a lot easier said than done. Clearly the whole idea is in fact quite absurd.

First he notes that electric cars are a long way from having the over 700+ kilometer range of fossil fuel cars and that electric cars reaching that range are “dreams of the future“.

Quarter million wind turbines

Another major obstacle is the lack of charging stations. Even if Germany managed to put merely 1 million electric cars on its streets, Ebert calculates that this would necessitate the construction of 35,000 wind turbines.

However in Germany there are in fact some 6o million vehicles on the road, and “if every driver charged his car for 30 minutes every second day” and did so evenly distributed over a smart grid, “we would need 140 new power plants or 220,000 wind turbines“…which is almost 10 times more than what is already installed.

This is an enormous number — and it would only be enough for the electric cars and not even include the tens of millions of households, businesses and industry that together need even more power than Germany’s transportation sector.

Worse than fossil fuels

Another problem, Ebert points out, is the enormous size of the batteries. In order to replace the 30 liters of petrol of a conventional car, an electric vehicle needs a modern lithium battery weighing some 900 kilograms. Supplying the hundreds of millions of cars in operation worldwide with the lithium and neodymium would be nowhere near sustainable, Ebert writes. He also cites findings by Germany’s renowned Fraunhofer Institute:

Moreover the Fraunhofer-Institute for Structural Physics concluded that the manufacture and recycling of modern batteries has a negative impact on the ecological budget when compared to the fossil fuel engines.”

In a nutshell, electric cars would only make the environment much worse.

Then there are the organizational aspects of using electric car batteries, Ebert reminds us, asking readers to imagine millions of Germans all leaving at once for summer holidays on the autobahns and then all of them trying to charge their vehicles all at once along the motorway after a just couple of hours of driving. Huge traffic jams would form as cars charge up at stations at the rest areas. While a fossil fuel car can fill up in a matter of minutes, electric cars would be blocking the charging stations for an hour or more. It would be total chaos and mayhem.

Ebert summarizes his opinion on the rush to electric cars by quoting biologist Thomas Huxley:

The great tragedy of science – the slaying of a beautiful hypothesis by an ugly fact.”

– See more at: ht tp://notrickszone.com/#sthash.OONYN9Dq.dpuf

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