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October 27, 2017 6:20 pm

Earth Hour Observance Tonight

Saturday, March 25, 2017 @ 6:52 AM

Prince George, B.C. – BC Hydro is encouraging British Columbians to observe and participate in Earth Hour tonight from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. by turning off unnecessary lights and electronics for one hour. You can also monitor the difference in your electricity consumption using free, online electricity tracking tools.

Earth Hour is an annual global event hosted by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which promotes efforts to conserve power and demonstrate support for climate change reduction efforts.

The City of Prince George, which has observed this event in the past, will be doing so again tonight.  At 8:30 pm the City will be turning off non-essential outdoor and indoor lighting at City Hall for Earth Hour.  Emergency lights and security systems will be left on for safety purposes.  The City also encouraged its employees to turn off their office lights, shut down computers and unplug unnecessary electrical cords.

To track usage, BC Hydro customers can login to their online account, which contains tools that are available year-round and allows them to: 

  • See their electricity use down to the hour.
  • Compare electricity use to similar homes nearby, to last year’s usage, and to the average outside temperature.
  • Set up alerts and reminders.
  • See their estimated bill.
  • Download their home’s electricity use data for offline analysis. 

To most effectively track the difference that participating in Earth Hour made, customers should compare their energy consumption to the same time period the previous Saturday (March 18).  For tools and other resources go to powersmart.ca.


Ain’t going to happen, I will be watching Hockey Night in Canada. Pick a Monday night if you want me to participate, Friday or Saturday night is probably the worst night to pick if they want people to participate.

Wonder if the city will unplug their electric gocart for the hour?

One hour wow, not long enough for the snowflakes beer to get cold. Hey why not emulate North Korea or no electricity at all to match the 1.5 billion with no electricity at all.

Following article by Ross McKitrick

“The whole mentality around Earth Hour demonizes electricity. I cannot do that, instead I celebrate it and all that it has provided for humanity.

Earth Hour celebrates ignorance, poverty and backwardness. By repudiating the greatest engine of liberation it becomes an hour devoted to anti-humanism. It encourages the sanctimonious gesture of turning off trivial appliances for a trivial amount of time, in deference to some ill-defined abstraction called “the Earth,” all the while hypocritically retaining the real benefits of continuous, reliable electricity.

People who see virtue in doing without electricity should shut off their fridge, stove, microwave, computer, water heater, lights, TV and all other appliances for a month, not an hour. And pop down to the cardiac unit at the hospital and shut the power off there too.

I don’t want to go back to nature. Travel to a zone hit by earthquakes, floods and hurricanes to see what it’s like to go back to nature. For humans, living in “nature” meant a short life span marked by violence, disease and ignorance. People who work for the end of poverty and relief from disease are fighting against nature. I hope they leave their lights on.”

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/25/the-futility-of-earth-hour-earthhour/

    Beer, seriously? Thought it was Green Tea, LOL!

Lemmings will follow anything !

this will give Hydro one hour of power to sell or should I say give to the US while increasing our rates.

Watts Up With That? (or WUWT) is a blog promoting climate change denial that was created by Anthony Watts in 2006. The blog predominantly discusses climate issues with a focus on anthropogenic climate change, generally accommodating beliefs that are in opposition to the scientific consensus on climate change. From Wikipedia .

    Change all your incandescent bulbs with LEDs . Go hyper efficient appliances . Insulate the heck out of your house and watch your bills drop like a stone . We took our incandescent bulbs to the dump and our old appliance to the scrap yard to make sure they were never plugged in again . Every little change helps everyone in the long run . It also puts one on the moral side of life . It makes one not only warm but fuzzy as well .

      And then when the expected revenues from electricity sales don’t materialise, but BC Hydro’s bonded indebtedness still has to have the interest and principal payments made as both come due, watch them hike up your electric bill further and faster than they’re already going to.

    You should read more. The climate change “consensus” was shown to be a fraud. The “scientist” that promulgated the 97% consensus myth has now been discredited. A real scientist wouldn’t use the term consensus, real science is about the quest for irreducible truths, not catch phrases and politically motivated mass hysteria movements with dubious underpinnings.

    Hey attaloss WUWT has many sources for its information which you never seem to refute, only insult. Attaloss Anthony lives in Caiforniastan and because of its rapidly rising electricity costs because of very costly false renewable he actually has solar power and drives an electric car, unlike you.

    Using wikipedia to refute another website is precious

    Just prove them wrong, very simple

    Seal your house too much in this area of the globe and you may create a problem trying to solve another, Radon loves a well sealed house

    You should recycle your light bulbs as well as take your appliances to a proper recycler to remove the freon. Be environmentally friendly my man

You’re quite right about the lemmings, even the lefties that work for BC Hydro and the City of Prince George.
WWF is a foreign funded organization who used to stand for animal protection until they were taken over by the radical left. Anti oil, anti gas, anti pipelines, anti industrial development.
Supporting this phony ‘earth hour’ is a vote to help destroy the economy of our country

Attaloss hello, still waiting to read about your solar? Anthony has a system. Thought you would be bragging.

Turn off lights for an hour? That’s all? If you really believe the global warming nonsense, you would shut off your electrical consumption fore good. For ever. Doing it for an hour means you really don’t believe, you’re just pretending to.

Earth Hour?

Earth Hour was this evening?

From 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. this evening?

Earth Hour, as in “EARTH HOUR”?

Darn! Looks like I missed it, AGAIN!!

Sure hope the planet doesn’t explode because I missed Earth Hour again!

Please forgive me if it does!

I’m already getting blamed for possibly having FFFA shut down. I’d hate to also be blamed if the Earth goes “BOOM!” tonight!

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