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October 27, 2017 6:20 pm

Education Minister Puts Price Tag on BCTF Court Victory

Friday, March 24, 2017 @ 4:03 PM

Prince George, B.C. – $330 million.

That’s how much money the provincial government will be pouring into B.C.’s public education system because of the BCTF’s Supreme Court victory in November regarding class size and composition.

B.C. Education Minister Mike Bernier

That $330 million includes the $180 million announced earlier this month when the Province and the BCTF reached a memorandum of agreement plus an extra $150 million on top of that.

Education Minister Mike Bernier confirmed the numbers during a late afternoon teleconference today.

“To put it into perspective it works out to approximately 2,600 new teachers in B.C.,” he said, adding it would return staffing to 2002 levels.

Bernier also noted the $2 million the government announced two weeks ago for teacher recruitment will help ensure those vacancies are filled.

He also said $30 million has been set aside to cover overhead costs school districts may incur during the transition to a larger workforce. Those overhead costs may include things like sick days, more school supplies and extra janitorial costs.

Bernier also noted the Province has set aside more money to cover off any extra capital costs school districts may have.

He added the funding means “every district will be better off” though he cautioned the amount of money each district receives will depend on its size and the number of students it has.


Its unfortunate it had to take a Supreme Court of Canada decision to make public education for our children a priority for this government.

What some of us would really like to know is; how much money did our government spend, over 15 years, pursuing futile court actions against this province’s teachers?

Let’s be clear, $330,000,000.00 PLUS what it cost the taxpayers, over 15 years to pay the lawyers et. al. to try and fight the BCTF in court.

That is 330 million per year x 15 years or 5 billion dollars BH. Doubt the court case cost over 5 billion dollars. Plus 150 million on top of that so an extra 2.25 billion or 7.25 billion they saved us.

If the NDP get in next election I will bet dollars to donuts they whine and complain about the sweetheart deal the court gave the teachers, although they were the ones to sign the contract for an extra 7.25 billion dollars while they were out of office

All this because they ripped up a legally signed contract. Shame on you Christie. She was the education minister that ripped up the contract. Then, she spent millions and millions fighting it in court so now we have to pay for her mistakes.

    Yup, that sums it all up nicely!

Does anyone know why she seems to hate teachers so much?

    No one really knows for sure, my guess is ideological differences between a right to far right leaning government and a politically left leaning Union. That in itself should not be an over riding reason, however you might want to follow up your question with Hart Guy, both he and Christy have a hate on for teachers, particularly the BCTF.

      Is there anyone left that believes any thing the libcreds say ? Any one else being harrased by lib robo calls ? Really annoying . Please stop ! I don’t believe a word that comes out of them .

    Because she is a failed student . Years in various universities world wide and not a single degree of any kind .

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