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October 27, 2017 6:18 pm

Tory Leadership Hopeful Makes PG Stop

Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Local businessman, TJ Grewal  chats with  Conservative Leadership Candidate Maxime Bernier – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – He is one of more than a dozen vying for the  leadership of the Federal Conservative Party,  but Maxime Bernier is the only  candidate to make a stop in Prince George  as the membership drive  winds down.

He says his stop in Prince George  is just  a continuation of  what he has been doing since  jumping into the leadership race  last April ” I’m meeting all members and  making sure they  know my platform and  to answer  their questions, that is important,  they will be the ones  to choose the next leader of this Party.”  Unlike  other candidates ( there are 13 others)  Bernier  says he has made several  stops in rural Canada  ” For me it is important to be out there,  because the way the campaign works,  every riding is won on points,  so it is important to be here,  so if I  get 80% of the vote here, I will have  80 points.  For me, that’s why I  started my campaign early,  last April, to try  to be everywhere in Canada.”

With 13 others  in the race alongside him, ,Bernier says there is one thing that sets him apart from the others  “The policies,  I am the only one with  a comprehensive platform.”  He says his platform,  which  calls for balancing the budget within two  years of the Conservatives being  re-elected to  power,  ending corporate welfare,  stopping subsidies  to large companies like Bombardier and GM  “and use that money to lower taxes to every  single entrepreneur in this country.”  He also wants to abolish the capital gains  tax in Canada, and lower taxes for  Canadians “They know better what to do with their money than a politician in Ottawa or a bureaucrat in Ottawa.”

He says the goal  is to meet as many Party members  as he can “It’s going well,  people like  my platform.”

That platform  includes  an idea on how to resolve the softwood lumber scenario.   He says  he is O.K. with  reopening NAFTA, “It’s time to reopen NAFTA because it’s an old agreement,  more than 25 years ago. But if we open up NAFTA,  Trump would like to have some deal,  let’s have a deal  with him,  let’s put something on the table.  If we want our  softwood  lumber to  be exported to the U.S.,   without any tariff,  without any quota,  we must offer something to the U.S. I know what they want.  I know what the  dairy producers,  egg producers, and poultry producers in the U.S. want,   they want to be able to  export their products to Canada.  I would give them that,  abolish  supply management,  Canadians would pay half the price for  these  products,  I would abolish this Cartel, it is not fair,  and we are  paying $2.6 billion  dollars to keep that cartel.  When I say we,   Canadian consumers.   I  will do that for Canadian consumers, and I will  ask  Mr. Trump, O.K.  your people will be  able to export these products, but  I want our softwood  lumber to be able to go to the U.S.”

Bernier’s campaign came under fire recently  after allegations  were made about the manner in which some memberships had been purchased.   Bernier  is confident his team has done nothing wrong  “That is coming from the (Kevin) O’Leary camp and maybe it’s because  our campaign is  going well.”

He says his challenge right now is to have members make him their first choice “and to understand the philosophy of the campaign,  less  government, more freedom, more prosperity, and that will be my  challenge,  to be out there and to speak to these old and new members.”

Bernier has confidence the Conservatives can form Government next time “If we have  the right leader if we don’t try to be Liberals,  we have to be ourselves.  We have to be   proud  of our values as Conservatives,  they are  the values of the  Western civilization: Freedom,  responsibility,  respect,  fairness, so we have to promote  these values and that is what I want to do.  We have to be opposite the Liberals on the economy because  we will have a huge opportunity two years from now.”

Tuesday, the 28th ,  is the cut off for anyone wanting to buy a membership in order to be able to vote in the May  27th  leadership ballot.





When a leadership “hopeful” makes the following statement I lose faith in him as a leader:
The party’s announcement capped a day in which O’Leary’s allegations were attacked or mocked by a number of his leadership rivals, most particularly by Maxime Bernier who bluntly dismissed the celebrity businessman as a sore loser.

    I’m really hoping the Conservatives aren’t stupid enough to vote O’Leary in, but I also hope there’s a better candidate then Bernier. We can’t afford Trudeau for a second term.

    I’d also like a pony and a Memorial Cup berth for the Cougars.

I’m hoping they chose either Kevin or kellie . Either one should be able to completely destroy what’s left of the neocon job that is the franken party of the altright . Kevin the butt grabber or kellie the xenophobe will do quite nicely . I really liked kellies creepy ad .

    You’re a good Canadian. Hoping for the complete destruction of a political party so the libs can run roughshod over the country.

any body but the egotistic O’Leary. The Canadian Trump.

What we need is a Charismatic, smart business oriented person, that can see the whole picture of the diversity of our country. Get us united, and become the best country in the world to live and work in. Control our spending, take care of the elderly, the weak. I am not against immigration, but control the refugee intake as well. We can’t save the world by ourselves. Do our part in world peace. Have less to do with Trump USA, he is a dangerous and not a trust worthy leader. Build better ties with Europe, and the east. Slowly squeeze out the foreign investors out of our resources, and make our resources owned by Canadians, for the benefit of Canadians. Develop and Nuture new Technology, so that we can have the next economic boom ready to go, so that the world does not look at us just being a resource closet.

Not asking for much am I.

    The problem is you have to have a certain type of personality to want to become an important politician like a prime minister and that type of personality usually comes along with a big ego. Once an ego because the issue then they stop working for the people they are supposed to represent and become yes men for big business so they can look and act important. Just look at Preston Manning, when he came along he looked and acted just like your regular country bumpkin with all sorts of good things planned for Canada and Canadians, as soon as he got a little power and recognition, off came the glasses, in went the contacts, no more getting his hair cut at the local barber, needed to have it styled just so to look good and because as big an ass as the rest of them. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, that is a saying that has always been accurate. So get an honest uncorruptible leader that doesn’t need their ego massages constantly and you have a good start on finding someone worthwhile.

Hmmm. Bernier comes all the way to Prince George entirely unannounced to meet with someone who also may have had some questionable CPC membership sign-up practices?

This is not the best choice of someone to lead either the CPC or Canada.

    You are making something out of nothing.

Bernier did not come to PG or any other “rural” population centre to win approval from the voting public.
He is on a mission to impress members of the Conservative Party (yes, they are voters too) in order to gather enough ‘points’ to become the leader of the party. If he ever achieves that post, and heaven forbid, leadership of the country, I doubt he will remember where Prince George even is.

I think Trudeau is bad for the country, but the Consevatives have yet to offer a viable alternative, in my opinion.

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