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October 27, 2017 6:17 pm

Province Announces Buy Local Funding for PWB

Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 12:30 PM

Prince George Valemount MLA Shirley Bond and Tom Leboe, PWB’s director of community relations – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. –¬†Pacific Western Brewing is receiving $30,800 to help market one of its newest brews – Cariboo Springs Lager.

Shirley Bond, Prince George-Valemount Liberal MLA, made the provincial funding announcement today.The money will flow through the Province’s Buy Local Program.

“The Buy Local program is providing funding to wineries and breweries all over the province, helping put British Columbia on the forefront of innovation, competitiveness and market development in the industry,” said Bond. “We are proud to support the hard work and dedication of the individuals who have the passion and skill to produce popular products like those from Pacific Brewing in our own community.”

“I’m delighted to have our minister here who’s supported us over the years,” added Tom Leboe, PWB’s director of community relations. “To thank her for the grant to help us make Cariboo Springs Lager, which is made entirely of B.C. ingredients, and to support local farmers.”

The provincial government’s Buy Local program is providing 15 BC-based wineries and breweries with more than $450,000 in funding to promote their local products.

Victoria has committed $14 million to the Buy Local Program since 2012, including six million over the next three years.


Am I the only one or is Victoria announcing a lot of new programs lately?

Why now? Oh never mind!

    Gee let me guess its election year oohhh and regardless who is in power election years in BC are all about funding announcements

    Despite what the NDPers say their party as well as the Social Creds before them all did funding announcements during election years

    Something people seem to forget with their short term memories that they selectively choose to ignore

      Even the NDP like beer. What was it, Horgan said “Here, hold my beer, watch this” LOL

OMG… they just keep piling it on, don’t they? Anyone else in favour of extending the dropping of the Election Writ to at least 2 months before election day? This would keep government funding announcements out of a longer 56 day period before election day.

As it is right now, we can expect these Christy Clark government funding announcements to continue for another 15 days up to April 11th, which is only 28 days prior to election day.

    BH did you know your vaunted NDP party during their last election (which by the way they lost in a landslide)spent over 56 million in funding announcements during election year but with your inability to learn facts I figured I’d help you with this one

      Did you just pull that $56 Million out of your hat or somewhere else Dearth?

      Post some supporting “evidence” please!

      Well since your so good at posting inaccuracies I figured I would too and guess what it got the desired effect I figured I would drop to your level for a change

“Buy Local, Eat Local, Support Local”

So the $30,800.000 is only going to be spent on local marketing? Is the money going to be delivered after the libs are elected, like the MSP premium cuts are to be?

$30,800 gift to Pacific Western Brewing from the people of BC to help them sell beer? Why is this an appropriate role for government?

    PWB is a generous BCLib donor. The BC Libs, in turn, are generous to PWB…with your tax dollars.

I am getting really tired of the government of the day using provincial ( public) funds to run an election campaign.
All these grants and sudden availability of money that wasn’t there 6 months ago is pure and simple ” V O T E B U Y I N G “

I am surprised Pat Bell and company didn’t get a million

    Just wait. I am sure it will happen.

    That’ll be announced next week.

    That’s wine. No contest.

When they opened the brewery the name Prince George was nowhere on any can,bottle or box. Vancouver was. So much for local.

The promotion of buying local is a good thing! Local restaurants and pubs ought to get on board and have PWB products on their menus! Ask if they have any local beer they usually say: Molsons? If one asks about Prince George brewed beer they often act surprised to learn that Prince George actually has a brewery for more than 5 decades! It is actually hard to miss as it is in plain site right beside the main highway!

As for the politics….who cares?

How sickening. So PWB gives the BC Liberals a political donation and the taxpayer gives it back. Since when we the taxpayer are supposed to pay for marketing PWB products? Shirley take the money and drop it off at the food bank where it will do some good.

    I suppose it was not sickening when some other governments sent delegations to other countries to drum up business that create jobs – all at the expense of taxpayers? All three levels of government do it, all governments of all political stripes? Then we were/are dealing with millions of dollars, not just 30k.

    If the government does nothing, it gets slammed, if it does something it gets slammed!


Who is running for the NDP in the riding? has John what’s his name done anything yet. Or is he waiting for the last week.

    They found a couple ladies to run south and west, just in the last two weeks, think they’re both newbies.

      Or was that north and east…..

Hey, knock it off! This is about BEER! Go have one, you’ll feel better.


Come on People, have a beer and lighten up!

This $30,800.00 is going to be used to promote a local product. I am sure that the intent is to help PWB grow it’s business. Growing and keeping this business is good for our economy AND if PWB stays profitable, or even grows as a result, the local members of BREWERY, WINERY AND DISTILLERY WORKERS UNION LOCAL 300 will all keep getting paycheques and won’t be in fear of layoff! Maybe the Union might get a few Union Dues is PWB grows and hires more people!

So, while some are here condemning the Liberals, it’s important to remember that the Liberals are supporting unionized workers and their Union!

Oh the irony of condemning the Liberals while the Liberals are helping to secure Union jobs!

How do you like them apples, haha!


    Hart Guy- You have to be kidding. Do you really think PWB needs an extra 30 thousand to promote their business? They have been around for a long time and have been a known Liberal supporter. This is not about money needed, this is about buying votes and another opportunity for Shirley to be in the picture.

      No sense of humour, oldman1? Come on, smile! Where’s the fun in being such a grumpy old socialist!

      Yeah, it’s fricken hilarious watching this BC Liberal government try to BUY the next election with our own tax dollars!!!

      Wow, mention grumpy old socialist and good ol’ BH shows up!

      Go figure, haha!

      Obviously you underwent some of Pavlov’s classic conditioning, eh Peeps!

    I don’t pay taxes for the BC Liberals to give it to private corporations. If no-one is buying their products then the company can go down the drain for all I care. It is up to the business to grow on their own, my taxes should go to hospitals, roads, schools, social services etc.

    Tax breaks do not create jobs – trickle down theory used to be called the horse and sparrow – feed a horse oats and some oats may eventually make it out to feed a sparrow

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