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October 27, 2017 6:17 pm

Another Smash and Grab

Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 11:09 AM

Police attend Cowart Road business – photo250News

Prince George, B.C. – For the second time in less than a week,  a liquor store in Prince George has been  hit by  thieves   in a smash and grab  style.

Early this morning,  police were called to the Shooters Liquor store on Cowart Road   to find  someone had driven into the  building,  then loaded up on  booze,  and fled the scene.

Last Tuesday morning, a similar  break and enter happened in the Hart,  when a vehicle was driven into a business on Monterey Road,   alcohol  stolen and the thieves  getting  away  before  police  could arrive.

At this time,   RCMP in Prince George  have not  commented on the  incident,  so  we have yet to  know if they  believe the same suspects are  responsible for both heists. Police are expected to release more information on this  incident before the day is through.


Low life thieves. They show such disregard for other people’s property, and the major inconvenience and disruption they cause.
Their punishment should be swift and appropriate.

    You know these guys will either have a mental problem or a history of abuse from a family member to cause them to do such crimes. So my guess is 6 months probation tops.

    Now now, metalman, where is your compassion? The thieves could simply be misunderstood, or they may have a condition or maybe their Moms drank too much before they were born, so you see metalman it simply may not be their fault, a stern talking to by a judge will be more than fair punishment, right BH?

There was also a break in at Nellies. Not a smash & grab by auto, but broken windows.

It looks like the Fed’s new tax on booze is wreaking havoc in Prince George. :)

Witness reports indicate that there were three individuals who fled the scene in a 1975 black & green Chrysler new Yorker with missing doors..

Suspect A was wearing a black muscle shirt, black jeans heavy build aprox 230 lbs holding a full mustard glass with rum & coke.

Suspect B was wearing black track pants with a white checkered dress shirt and wreaked like dope.

Suspect C was wearing thick coke bottle glasses, cowboy dress shirt and blue jeans..

Further information can be forwarded to “Officer” Jim Lahey and assistant trailer park supervisor Randy “Smokey” Lahey..Reference:”Big Dirty File”.


While I agree with metalman that these people are low lifes, committing such destructive crimes, I have a bigger problem with the people who are buying the bootleg alcohol. If there wasn’t a black market for the product, the crime would not likely have occurred in the first place. I could be wrong but I highly doubt these break-ins were for personal consumption.

    Would the black market be so big if we weren’t taxed to death?

Northman LMAO!!!!!!!! watch out for kitties

    Kitties aren’t the problem..Its those samsqnanches..I hate those bastards..Saw an 8 footer the other day..!!

      He was slapp’in a bear around, saying “This is MY garbage can!”

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