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October 27, 2017 6:17 pm

Council Pulls the Plug on Electronic Sign Request

Monday, March 27, 2017 @ 7:11 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  An application to have  a two  sided  electronic  advertising sign in the BCR has been nixed by Prince George City Council.

The applicant  asked for a  variance to the  City of Prince George Sign Bylaw   to allow the sign to be  10.2% of the  ground floor area of the principal  building.  The bylaw only allows signs to be  2% of that  floor  space.  The request also asked to have  the actual sign’s  size to be increased from  15  square meters to  18.5 square meters,  allow  an animated sign in  a general industrial zone,  and  increase the maximum number of signs  per site from 1 to 4.

The location of the proposed sign  is the northeast corner of a building  that is located at Railway road and Highway 97.

Administration  cites a number of concerns,  including  impacts to the aesthetics along the  97 corridor,  also,  the  proposed signs would be  “adjacent to a driver decision point (i.e.  intersection  of Railway Road and Highway 97)  which has the potential to distract drivers and create a hazardous situation” reads the report from  staff.

“It is the corridor,  and the rate of speed  people are travelling that  worries me” said Councillor  Susan Scott explaining why she could  not support  the  variance requests.

Mayor Hall says the  sign bylaw is “very antiquated” and he looks forward to the bylaw  being updated to reflect the new technology   available in  signage  today.

This is the second  request for an electronic sign in the BCR  this month.   At  the last  meeting of Council,  a request by a business in  that area was denied.   At that time,  the City  noted  such signs were  not allowed in  industrial  areas, and that  there  are concerns about  animated signs  being a distraction for drivers on  highway 97.


I love how the city has these stupid variances , until election time, and then you are allowed to put up displays anywhere and everywhere. All rules go out the window.

Distractions seriously ? people are to busy going 90 to 100 km an hour onto the bridge and all the way through the bcr site and then 120 up the hill . I drive it daily. People have no respect for speed limits anymore. Its a speedway ,The sign wont even be noticed. Get a grip city ,the hazard is already there.

I guess they didn’t make big enough political donations during the last city election. There are large electronic signs up all over town. 3 big ones I can think of right off the top of my head at at Pedin Hill, 20th and Victoria st, 5th and Union street.

Speaking of distraction, how about that BIG flashing sign at corner of 20th and Victoria??? across from McD.. REALLY bright after dark

    That crappy sign is an issue and never should have been allowed. It is poor quality and changes too frequently which has been startling. I think that it gave me a migraine at one point.

I work on the corridor where these signs were going to go. I’m not sure what the esthetics are that the city staff is talking about. Of course city staff is Wells. BCR isn’t a simple industrial area on the 97 corridor. It is commercial properties serving industrial users. Get away from the corridor and there is more industrial activity. As far as any comments regarding the speed at which traffic moves through the corridor, that is not up to the businesses to enforce. It’s up to the city, the province and the RCMP to enforce. If you speed on that corridor, get a ticket and hopefully you’ll stop speeding. I’m tired of hearing councillors talking about these signs as animated signs. They are not animated. They quickly change from one sign to another based on a formula set out by the highways ministry at a light level also set by ministry regulation. There is only one distracting animated sign in this town. It is at CN Centre. That sign is right out on the roadway and it is animated. They use swipe transitions and animated scenes which seems to me to be totally hypocritical. A total bias of 2 sets of rules. One for the city and one for the rest of us.

    I agree, but any sign near a highway corridor that flashes, is bright, is a distraction to drivers and should not be allowed. We’ve got way too many distractions already for today’s inexperienced drivers.

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