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October 27, 2017 6:16 pm

Valemount Glacier Resort Clears Last Hurdle

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 @ 10:36 AM

Valemount, B.C.- The Valemount Glacier Destination Resort Project now has a  master development agreement with the Province of B.C.

The overall  cost of the project is estimated at $800 million dollars.  The first-phase project investment by Valemount Glacier Destinations and its capital partners will be approximately $100 million. On completion, the new resort – located in the Premier Range of the Cariboo Mountains immediately west of the Village of Valemount – will include:

* Year-round glacier skiing and gondola access for alpine sightseeing;

* Access to mountain top elevations of more than 3,000 metres (9,850 feet), including the summits of Mount Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Twilight Glacier, Glacier Ridge and Mount Arthur Meighen;

* The largest vertical drop in North America, third largest in the world, of over 2,000 metres (6,726 feet);

* A base-area village with residential, hotel and commercial space, which will be a focal point for all seasons resort activities; and,

* 800 full-time jobs that will be created and supported through the construction and operation of the resort.

The Valemount Glacier Master Plan, showing how the resort will be built out over time, was approved by the Province in August 2016.

The approved 60-year master development agreement is the land-use contract between the Province and Valemount Glacier Destinations,  which will allow construction and development activities to proceed toward an anticipated resort opening in December 2018.

“Valemount Glacier Destination Resort represents an exciting, unique opportunity for our community” says Valemount Mayor Jeannette Townsend ” to attract global tourists and help build a prosperous future, and we are pleased to see the completion of the Master Plan Development process”.

The  Master Development Agreement is the last step  for the  Valemount Glacier Resort  to be able to start construction  says MLA Shirley Bond, “The glacier access at this world-class resort gives visitors an extended ski season and helps diversify the tourism experiences in northern B.C. ‎‎The partnerships, investment and jobs created by the resort will benefit the region for years to come. Reaching this point has taken an incredible amount of work and, as the local MLA, I am proud to have worked hard with all the partners to finalize the MDA.”




wow, I am thinking at least 15 years ago, there was talk about this. I wonder how long it took Woody, start Whistler back in the days.

    15 years is actually pretty close “He spoke”, but now that I am agreeing with you, those who are overly obsessed with me will now target me and this comment.

    Preliminary research indicates; Canoe Mountain Resort Development was identified in a “March 2004 Socio-Economic Opportunity Study for the Valemount Area”, prepared by: Brent Harley and Associates, The Resort Planning Group, in association with: Western Management Consultant.

    There might be earlier references to this Resort, that I am not aware of, however 13 years is a very long time for the feasibility and planning stage for any Resort Development.

    Here’s hoping they can get it built, and operational, before the glaciers melt away from global warming!

      BH, 15 years is not that long when you have environmental, native, fund raising, and a million other things to sort out. In your bizarre Dipper world I guess the ndp would have just paid for and fast tracked this project. You are kinda slow so maybe you didn’t read the article where it states the size of this undertaking. This is not as easy as taking taxpayers money to raise welfare rates for all the losers who don’t work.
      This is an exceptional project in an area that needs the economic development. Well Done!

      History of Copper Mountain Ski Resort in Colorado: In 1971, Chuck Lewis purchased 280 acres at the base of the Copper Mountain with a vision for a ski resort, saying “I’m gonna build me a killer ski resort.” He began clearing trails that same year.

      Copper Mountain opened in 1972, owned and operated by Intrawest from 1997 until 2009, during which time they launched a multi-year $500 million renaissance improvement on Copper Mountain. Copper hosted the World Cup tour in 1976 with 4 alpine ski races: slalom & giant slalom for men & women.

      WOW! It took just one (1) year for Copper Mountain Ski Resort to open, and only four (4) years later they were hosting the World Cup Ski Tour!!!

      ht tp://www.coppercolorado.com/winter

      This isn’t Canoe. It is an entirely different development, on a different mountain, with different developers, and in a much shorter timeframe.

      The dream of a ski resort has been a long time coming for the people of Valemount. The following articles best sums up those past dreams, some like Canoe Mountain quashed after so much government and investor hype.

      “Valemount, the town I live in was largely insulated from speculation until the Canoe Mountain Resort was signed into being on December 6, 2003. Remember that one? Canoe was going to be the next Whistler…”

      Canoe Mountain Resort

      “At the time (2003) three BC Liberal Government cabinet ministers came up to ink the deal (ask Shirley if she was one of them) and announce to the world it was happening. Everything was there, every partner consulted (save First Nations); every level of government was prepared to make the project happen come hell or high water.”

      Of course the speculators moved in housing prices spiked, the dream of a Canoe Mountain ski resort then vanished, the local sawmill closed and 20% of the residents left.

      ht tp://powdercanada.com/2014/11/glacier-canoe-sure-thing/

      Yes the people of Valemount have been through a lot, lets just wait for that ski resort is built, open, and operational before anyone celebrates!

Geez…I wonder how long it will take for our favorite shill to lose his mind over yet another good news announcement!!
I’m guessing he is in the process of watching his head spin a couple of 360s!

    you mean another announcement on the tax payer dime?

    March 2015 announcements in PG = Zero
    March 2016 announcements 3
    March 2017 announcements 20 with one more on Friday

    we’re just being cynical?

What’s her face is itching for another photo op! Please stay the hell out of this one Bond!

Resort opening Dec 2018—Dream on. I do not think this is the last hurdle. The next hurdle might involve money.

Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of Europizing BC with a chalet/resort on the top of every snow covered mountain in the province. Probably a good boon for Valemount, but only the future will tell if the back country becomes the domain of only the rich and famous who can afford it.

This project is courtesy of the same players responsible for the failed “Jumbo Glacier” project.

Yes they are the same developer as Jumbo, but also were involved in the early years with Whistler and they did Kicking horse in Golden. They have real money behind them from a successful real estate developer from Toronto.

This is not even close to a done deal, financing and other permits still need approval, years away if ever. Need new airport that’s next announcement LOl.

Glad for the folks in Valemount. They’ve been through some tough times.

    You talk like their hard times are over! Let there be no mistake, the people living in Valemount are STILL going through tough times, and this will continue to go though tough times until that ski resort actually OPENS!!!

My personal opinion to spend 800 million on this would be a very poor investment. We do not have the population to support this. As for having an extended ski season I don’t think this would make any difference. Most people in the late spring put the skis away when the warm weather hits. You also have Jasper ,Banff etc close by.

    They are planning summer glacier sightseeing, hoping to take a small percentage of Jasper visits, and to capitalize on the many tour busses that pass through in the summer.

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