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October 27, 2017 6:16 pm

Police Incident at Walmart

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 @ 2:32 PM

Photo submitted

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George RCMP   have several officers  in the vicinity of the WalMart department store on  Southridge Avenue in  Prince George this hour.

According to police,  there was a collision in the WalMart parking lot,   and while no one was hurt,  the driver of one vehicle took off on foot.

Police are searching the area for that person now.



Car theft? Doesn’t really matter if it was stolen, the owner of the car is having a real bad day if it was stolen! The culprit will be looked on as having a rough life and will just carry on! Snowflakes will save him! LOL

    And he’ll pack his bible in to court yelling “Jesus Saves!”

      Or mention he is a member of the Jewish Community and Christy will donate to his defence.

      “Or mention he is a member of the Jewish Community and Christy will donate to his defence.”


That’s OK, chronic BC Lib Government under-funding, and short staffing, of our court/judicial system will probably result in this culprit being released anyway.

“B.C.’s justice minister has revealed seven criminal cases had to be dropped last year because of unacceptable delays, this was in addition to another criminal charge that had to be thrown out in Victoria last Friday.”

“In that case, Justice Robert Johnston entered a stay of proceedings against accused drug dealer Richard D’Allesandro, citing a shortage of sheriffs and blaming “a lack of provincial will to provide necessary resources.”

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/sheriff-shortage-bc-1.3991676

    Ontario had 46 charges stayed last year for the same issue – not enough resources. At least per capita we’re doing better than them.

    But look on the bright side, you got all the teachers you wanted. Took awhile, but you got them, so with the improvement in education we should in the next few years see sharp decreases in crime as more children are properly educated and given a better shot at a good life and join the workforce and pay taxes to pay back the money we borrowed to provide more teachers.

    I’d love to know what it would really cost to properly fund all government departments – and, I wonder if the people to do the work actually exist.

    Clark could announce tomorrow they’re putting a billion into the justice department, but is there that many qualified people out there to fill the jobs.

    Look at what happened with education. Bang, the money is there, the teachers were not – not a knock at BCTF. It’s just a presumption money can solve problems, but if there’s no one qualified to do the job, money is pointless.

      So true, Ski.

      nice presentation SKI. I just wanted to say that your views are for the most part informative and a bit humorous. I see that your compositions are always neat and tidy…for that you can thank a teacher…and they are always in English for that you can thank a soldier.

    you complain about rising costs and tax’s, then complain about underfunding, then you complain just to hear yourself. How would you pay for all the extra funding you feel is needed? Might you try to get a job yourself?

    Oh wait, I know, the budget will balance itself.

    Typical BH rant! Under the BCNDP rule lasting a whole decade things were perfect? In fact they were so perfect in every respect that after the election to NDP were reduced to two (2) MLAs in a landslide defeat…of course you have conveniently forgotten that uniquely embarrassing rout.

    The above report was about a hit and run – totally non-political! BH, you got to get some counselling!

    I don’t care if my comment gets deleted! This non-political report might as well be sent to Election 2017! You are a super pain, afflicted with a perfect tunnel vision of the world around you, in my well based on fact opinion!

      Relax, May 9th will get here soon enough. At least I am not posting Anthropological Global Warming denying comments, containing repetitive links to a *whatsupwiththat* hack website on a weekly year round basis.

      My comment have a set start date and end date… they are here for the short term, might want to try to live with it, like the rest of us are living with these near daily (please elect me) funding announcements!

      Thanks for the post Sophie So glad to hear that May 9 should be the last time we hear from you Can’t come fast enough!

      BH take a deep breath, snowflakes will be back next year. Getting under your skin am I love it, the truth wigs out people like you.

      BH how did you get from an incident at Wal-Mart to wailing about me. Scratches head.

Holy crap. How does a hit and run in the Walmart parking lot turn into such an anti-Christian, anti-semetic, anti- Christy Clark rant. What BS. Morons like Grizzly 2 and Islandbound who posted those comments continue to keep Prince George’s redneck image alive and well. Glad that you were able to stay in school till the 4th grade.

    Don’t know dark humour when you see it? I’ve seen my post happen a few times. Relax, have a laugh.

    you should learn to relax vikingnuck your going to tie yourself up in knots over the posting here unless your BH in disguise


    Anti Christian, anti semetic? Actually it’s spelled anti semitic. Anyone with a grade 6 education knows that. What’s so wrong with people posting comments about what others that follow different religions do or get from govt’s or the legal system. I see the anti Clark messages clearly and the anti NDP ones as well. What did you expect at this time of the year?

Gotta watch it Grizzley, be surprised how many wallflowers are out there? Political or not you will always have the touchy-feely people out there who live in spheres that will never get it! UNTIL it effects them!

Reading Grade 4 level comments tend to upset some people, but how does one raise the intellectual level of conversation and debate on this site given who is participating? *scratches head in wonder*

    Hmmm, I didn’t read about anybody mentioning “Grumpy old socialist” and yet here you are Peeps, haha!

Maybe someone could tell me before I vote, what are the costs of the NDP screw-ups versus the Liberal screw-ups? A total on each will do.

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