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October 27, 2017 6:15 pm

Man Seriously Injured in Assault

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 @ 8:56 AM

Prince George BC РOne man is isn hospital in critical condition , the result of an aggravated assault.


On Tuesday March 28th, 2017 at approximately 7:45 PM, the Prince George RCMP were called to a report of an Aggravated Assault on the 2200 block of Ross Crescent in Prince George.

Police and paramedics located a 31 year old male suffering from severe injuries. He was transported to hospital where he remains in critical condition.

The initial investigation led officers to a residence on the 2100 block of Ross Crescent. That residence has been secured by police for the purpose of gathering evidence.

Investigators are confident that this was a targeted attack involving people known to each other and that the general public is not at risk.

The Prince George RCMP’s Serious Crime Section was called in to lead the investigation. This is the beginning stages of a complicated investigation.


Losers beating on Losers. Shouldn’t owe drug money. Maybe with the NDP in power his welfare check will be enough to cover his drug debts

    Maybe with the NDP in power, people could look forward to making a living wage, and not get caught up in the downward spiral of depression and drugs.

      I guess you forgot the last time the NDP were here, and all the skilled labor moved, because there were no jobs. Oh, your house price fell 45% as well.

      Why don’t you head to Alberta and see just how much of a magical kingdom it has becomer over there? IT’s like Mogadishu.

      So Leroy, are you blaming the problems in Alberta on the NDP and not the major drop in fossil fuel prices created by the world market? You know you are.

      Dumbfounded, oil prices are most certainly having an effect on Alberta’s economy, but what exactly has Notley and her crew done that is helping and not further hurting Alberta’s economy?

      You should read this…

      “Klein and Notley: Two grand Alberta experiments”

      ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/opinion/klein-and-notley-two-grand-alberta-experiments/article27262596/

      I hear the NDP has raised a whole lotta taxes over there, glad they’re not here.

      Man, that is a pipe dream! Crime will always be here. People too damn lazy to work, crime is more lucrative. It is their choice for spiralling! Welfare is way to easy to get, no matter what party is in!

    Yup the goof probably deserved it..no tears shed from me

    Maybe if the liberals quit feeding the druggies free dope and supplies then we could direct that money to our hospitals and health care…where its truly needed. So quit feeding me that bulllshit!!

Congratulations goes out to Ryder, for immediately turning this criminal assault story into a political NDP bashing comment thread.

And some on this site would accuse “ME” of bringing politics into every news story???

    Man, that is a pipe dream! Crime will always be here. People too damn lazy to work, crime is more lucrative. It is their choice for spiralling! Welfare is way to easy to get, no matter what party is in!

    Beat you to it BH. Its not really criminal when they are all criminals to begin with. “Targeted Attack” is code for the RCMP to not worry about it. If it was a respectable citizen then the RCMP would investigate seriously. When it is loser on loser crime they know that this person had it coming. They should have been more efficient like the dirt bags on Foothills and eliminated 3 and probably 4 more in prison. Now that’s efficient!

    My apologies slim, you have a point here! Politicalness should not be an equation here!

    He stole your thunder??

    Too much Caffeine this morning!

Politics make fools of everyone with a righteous, close-minded, attitude including “YOU”.

    Careful who you point your finger at, because there will always be three of your own fingers pointing back at “YOU”!

      Exactly my point.

      remember …..Ryder took a two week course as a teenager , married the mill ownner’s daughter, and considers himself superior to any one else with a smaller yacht inferior….

    Can’t believe after 4 years there’s still the odd sore loser around who still supports the minority. I appreciate our “Have” Province.

      Yes I guess we do have a Have Province. More people having to show up at the food banks.

      Its a good thing that BC is the only province that has people lining up at food banks so you have something to complain about.

      Is BC having the highest child poverty rate in Canada something to complain about?

Saw the dogs out there working this case on the search. Lots of admiration for the dogs and their handlers.
Hope this fellow recovers.

Just wonder why you’re so sure this is drug related. Loser on loser. Many scenarios can apply here. Maybe the guy tried to “share” the other’s wife. In this case it would be the NDP’s fault. Or maybe he didn’t do anything and the other guy is crazy and not getting the care he needs. This would be the Liberal’s fault. Lets wait for more info so we KNOW who to blame.

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