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October 27, 2017 6:11 pm

Seasons House Upgrade Coming Soon

Sunday, April 2, 2017 @ 12:27 PM

Quesnel, B.C. -Construction is expected to start this fall on new affordable rental housing in Quesnel.

The Seasons House shelter will be moved and repurposed  into a  three-storey, 30-unit affordable rental housing project for those at risk of homelessness, including two units on the ground floor to be used as shelter beds.

The Province has committed $6 million in capital funding for the project, which will be operated by the Quesnel Shelter and Support Society.

Sandy Brunton, board director, Quesnel Shelter and Support Society says she is looking forward to the  new  project  “The new building will provide much-needed supports for the most vulnerable people in our city.”

BC Housing is working with the City of Quesnel on the rezoning and community consultation process.

There will also be some upgrades to  the Amata Transition House in Quesnel, which provides shelter to women and children who have experienced violence or are at risk of experiencing violence. A kitchen renovation, bathroom updates and repairs, as well  as  window replacements and security upgrades will  soon be completed.



I fully support new investments in affordable housing and rental units… But at $200,000 per unit cost it just doesn’t seem right…. Isn’t that a bit excessive.

    Affordability don’t come cheap.

      A quick look on realtor.ca shows a lot of houses for sale in the $175,000 to $225,000 range.

      This house is available, asking only $189,900.00. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms!

      ht tps://www.realtor.ca/Residential/Single-Family/17967897/655-WILSON-STREET-Quesnel-British-Columbia-V2J2W5

      This one has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths, for only $189,900.00

      ht tps://www.realtor.ca/Residential/Single-Family/17887487/1375-LEWIS-DRIVE-Quesnel-British-Columbia-V2J1K9

      So, when you look at what’s available in Quesnel and at what price, it’s clear that $200,000 per unit of affordable housing might be just a bit excessive!

250 News would not be the same if Eagleone did not shoot at something. S/He always gives me a laugh.

    Eagleone’s question is a very valid and reasonable question!

      Not really for those of us who understand construction and project costs and have a reasonable memory of the cost of similar buildings in this community.

      The question shows eagleone does not know anything about construction cost and the cost of relocating a facility from one place to another.

      I doubt that they will be “moving” the current building.

      Let me take you back to the Friendship Lodge built in 2008 at a projected cost of $8.1 million. The Feds put in $2million and the province $6.1 million. It was designed for 30 self-contained, one-bedroom units for adults.

      The one in Quesnel will have 30 units as well. It says that the Province has committed $6 million in capital funds for the project.

      I do not read anywhere that $6 million is the construction cost or the total project cost. I do read that it will be rental housing the same as the Friendship centre.

      If it is intendent to be built for $6million then it will be 25% less expensive than the Friendship Centre built almost 10 years ago.

      Of course, we could also build almost 10 park pavilions for that price in PG … 😉

Comments for the NDP office opening are closed heh?
What are you affraid of?
Guess that answers alot then doesn’t it…

    The comments were also closed for the Liberals. Hope this answers your question.

It costs so much as they might have to have a Gold Seal for the building and having worked on the on at 17th & Queensway I can tell you it is very expensive what they have to use to met the Gold Seal.

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