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October 27, 2017 6:11 pm

New Specialty Plates to Support Charities and Non-Profits

Monday, April 3, 2017 @ 11:12 AM

Prince George, B.C. – ICBC has announced it plans to expand its specialty plate program to include support for charities and non-profit organizations.

It follows the launch of its BC Parks license plates program earlier this year which has been immensely popular selling 14,000 plates since the end of January.

Proceeds (over $150,000 so far) from the sale of the park plates has allowed BC Parks to invest in new programs and improvements.

A Request for Expression of Interest was posted on icbc.com and BC Bid today seeking interest from potential sponsor organizations to help guide the expanded program’s development. Interested groups have until May 19 to provide input. A formal call for applications is anticipated for this fall with plates available for purchase next year.

Registered charities, non-profits, educational institutions, as well as commercial organizations and professional or sports teams that are affiliated with a charitable cause are invited to apply.

Spokesperson Sam Corea says the costs of the plates “is to be determined.” He adds production costs and broker fees related to the plates would go to ICBC with the remaining proceeds going directly to the charities themselves.


Well, well, they are looking for another source of funding charitable community organizations… why? Because of the massive cuts to the Community Gaming Grants Program. It has gotten to the point where community charitable organizations are “afraid” to speak up about the lack of funding for “fear” of repercussion from this government.

A Community Charitable Organization representative states; “they (the government) are not listening to us, so that is why we are approaching PG City Council to voice our concerns.”

Too bad this BC Liberal Government has cut hundreds of millions of dollars from the Community Gaming Grant Program, robbing charitable organizations across the province of their full ability to provide important services to their clients.

ht tp://www.princegeorgecitizen.com/news/local-news/city-backing-charity-groups-play-for-more-gaming-grants-1.2216186

    Don’t like my comments, don’t read them! And try not to belly ache about them either, as grownups you have the choice to not read my comments, ignore them, and to not respond to them.

      Don’t want your comments scrutinized , don’t post them. Can’t handle people disagreeing with your posts? What a snowflake.

      @ isthisreallife, I really like your post! ;-)

      Must have been a real tough day for you if this is the only post you could make on to days news stories.

      The problem, BH, is that they are not grownups. They are in that group of people who operate and respond as if they are 7 years old and going nah-nah-nanah-nah in a school playground. Remember, snowflakes are the epitome of pristine purity! Why not thank “isthisreallife” for the compliment.

      “Hundreds of millions”, lol too precious. Maybe read your own links for once.

      There was a surplus in the grant system which means portions grants given out were going unused

      Get with the program skinky, in 1999 the BC government signed an Memorandum Agreement with the BC Association for Charitable Gaming (BCACG) agreeing it would provide a 33.3% share to gaming revenues to BC charitable organizations. In 2002 the BC Liberals introduced the Charitable Gaming Act which stripped the revenue amount to charitable organizations in BC from 33.3% to a now pathetically low 10% of revenue they receive today.

      With gaming revenue growing at an exponential rate, the BCACG now calculates the BC Liberal Government owes BC charities, in arrears since 2002, $1.2 Billion dollars! Yes this BC Liberal government is very good at tearing up agreements and walking away from them, and usually losing court cases over them!

      ht tp://www.bcacg.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/BCACG-Petition-and-Brief-of-Material-BC-Gaming-Legislation.pdf

BH The die hard Liberals do not want the truth posted about anything.

I agree with BH just another way the Govt. is absolved of giving out our gaming grants to our much needed charities… If these plates are anything like the new plates highlighting the parks the public was told by Mary Polack that the park plates are 50$ each and that 33$ of each plate would be going towards upkeep of our parks, as yet another tale by the Lib Govt…. as I found out very recently that only 15$ of the plate cost is actually going towards the parks and the rest is getting dumped into general revenue is this the same fate for the charity plates as has befallen the park plates?
a 48% increase in the provincial debt in 5 years! 2.6 % under the NDP and 1.3% under almost 10 years of Gordon Campbell… beware people this Govt. in Victoria could give a tinkers damn about charities, or parks or kids or seniors or rental costs, my MSP was cut in half but my rent increase was twice the cost of my MSP cut. thanks for all the loop holes Liberals

    What are you ranting on about? 2.6 percent of what exactly? The NDP doubled the debt in 10 years and had one surplus budget and 9 deficits which led to a downgrade of the provinces credit rating.

    BC Parks is not a charity, instead of reading the Tyee and other “blogs” actually read what ICBC said. “For every new B.C. Parks plate sold, $33 of the initial purchase price will go B.C. Parks and the provincial government,” said a ICBC spokesman. “Meanwhile, 100 per cent of the $40 annual renewal fee will go directly to supporting B.C. Parks.”
    So you see the $40 renewal goes to BC Parks directly and a portion of the initial $33 left over after ICBC fees goes to BC Parks.

    Government has nothing to do with your “rent increase”, did you know your “landlord” can only raise your rent a certain percentage per year?

    Are you BH in disguise or perhaps a relative?

      The NDP economically outperformed all other political parties / governments in BC from 1980/81 to 2010/11. Graphically, BC NDP’s better economic performance, compared to other BC government’s, looks like this:

      ht tps://tinyurl.com/kmxjtsp

Anyone stupid enough to sign up for this deserves to have their money stolen from them.

If you want 30 cents on the dollar to go to this crown corporation so they can distribute it to your charity of choice instead of you donating it directly for 70 to 90 on the dollar instead be my guest, but make no mistake – you’re a fool!

Donate to the charities of your choice and get a bumper sticker if you want. Don’t be stupid and give away your money to the government, believing they really have something benevolent in mind for it. Grow up people.

ICBC stop wasting my premium dollars financing your idiotic schemes!

If it was mandatory then I would bitch, otherwise I simply won’t sign up for the nice shiny new plates, then it costs no more than before.

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