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October 27, 2017 6:10 pm

New Development OK , But Traffic Concerns

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Concept  of layout of  new strata development on North Nechako  Road

Prince George, B.C. – Council for the City of Prince George has  approved a rezoning application to  pave the way for a 27 unit strata development on North Nechako Road,  but there are traffic concerns.

The development  has  some concerned about  the  cumulative effects  on  North Nechako Road.    This is one of three  housing developments  along North Nechako Road,  and while it may only be 27 units,   when  added to the  Nechako View  project,  and  one  just east of North Meadows,   there could soon  be a significant number of vehicles added an already  busy North Nechako Road.

There area number of  concerns:

  • North Nechako Road does not have sidewalks,
  • traffic turning left to access  or egress Cedars Christian School  often backs up  in the morning
  • there are no pull outs for transit

A traffic generation report   for this  particular development was completed by L&M engineering,  but   there was no ‘traffic count’ done  “We didn’t actually do a traffic count,  we  just looked at the trip generation  for the site” said L&M’s Terry Fjellstrom “It’s a theoretical traffic count”  which is based on the size of the particular development.

There was no indication the trip generation  report took into account  the  combined impacts of this  development  and two other  projects that  are just  a couple of kilometers  west.

Councillor Brian Skakun   supported the development,   but  said he appreciated the concerns that have been raised about traffic along this corridor “I think at some point,   because it is such a bottle neck, that   I think we’re really going to have to look at a long  term mitigation  plan for this because the traffic there can  be horrendous, and it’s not getting any better and the  more development there is  along North Nechako,  Foothills,  the Hart, it’s just going to  be a funnel.”

Skakun’s comments were supported by his fellow Councillors,   “We’re not just seeing one development in that area” said Councillor Murry Krause,  “We are seeing a number of them, so I really do think we have to have a conversation about  traffic safety  on those roads.”

Mayor Lyn Hall “I can certainly agree about the concerns that have been raised around the pedestrian  traffic,  traffic itself,  the potential of trailways, I  know how difficult it is to put sidewalks in that area.”   While  pleased  the City will  be taking a  more in depth  look at  safety along North Nechako,  the Mayor says  this development  will round out  Prince George’s housing supply “We are  now getting to the point where we are providing  housing for a wide range of  demographic in our community and we didn’t have that   two or  three years ago.  we are seeing development for seniors,  we’re seeing  development, potentially, for students,   and others  throughout the community and this   just adds  to the housing  market opportunities for people in Prince George.”

The rezoning was unanimously approved.






Why is it particularly difficult to build sidewalks in that area?

I’m sure the owners on the back side of that development will enjoy the view of and tuneful sounds from the cement plant.

I have to wonder where all the people are coming from to fill these places? Frankly, it just looks more and more like a speculative bubble.

    Don’t worry, they will all start complaining about Rolling Mix the day after they move in.

      It’s no where near Rolling Mix. It’s next to the concrete plant across from the brewery.
      I also love the way they jack these houses in right on top of each other. I would really enjoy knowing everything my neighbor is doing. Even if I don’t want to.

      Sorry, I meant Inland some how it came out as Rolling Mix.

The density of that development is nuts. Seven units around one cul-de-sac. An compare that to Sydney Place. I mean does Unit 16 even have a drive-way? Where do you store snow or where do visitors park?

    I assume that snow removal would be covered by strata fees. As for visitors…they can’t have any friends. Or family. Maybe the strata fees also cover some sort of shuttle service.

Way to packed together… no room for anything.. so street will be full of vehicles and “toys” all the time.. cul de sacs are the WORST.. for parking.. I live on one.

Here’s a thought that is sure to upset Jillian, what with the increasing traffic on North Nechako, perhaps it’s time to consider 4 laning North Nechako from Inland Concrete all the way to Foothills?

    So at least have her request a proper bike lane – might cut down on those that fraudulently have to drive there vehicles to get to work and back everyday and don’t forget to shop downtown….

All of this new development on North Nechako Rd and nobody is demanding that something be done about the poorly designed, problematic, accident prone sharp corner just before Sydney place.
I also agree that the density and location of this development is going to be an issue.

    Did L&M engineers charge appropriately for the “theoretical traffic count”?
    This makes me laugh. The City of PG uses this firm for their own projects and will allow them to get away with terms like this.
    I am “theoretically skeptical” about the future of our city in such capable hands.

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