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October 27, 2017 6:06 pm

Stop Site C Fundraiser Goes Tonight

Saturday, April 8, 2017 @ 6:58 AM

Prince George, B.C. – A fundraiser benefitting the Treaty 8 First Nations’ legal challenge against B.C. Hydro’s Site C dam project is being held in Prince George tonight.

The event is hosted by the Sea to Sands Conservation Alliance, a community organization formed to inform the public and oppose the Northern Gateway Enbridge Pipeline. Since that project was stopped Sea to Sands has turned its attention to other industrial projects in the region, their impacts on communities, the land rights of First Nations, and ecosystems.

The fundraiser is to support opposition to what the Alliance calls the flawed logic and process of the Site C Dam on Treaty 8 lands near Fort St. John.   The money raised will go toward legal expenses incurred by the Prophet River and West Moberly First Nations in their court battle and for potential future legal fees in the event of an appeal.

The fundraiser will feature a talk by Rocky Mountain Fort Camp founder and activist scholar Helen Knott, the local Lheidli T’enneh Khast’an Drummers, and musical performances by Amy Blanding & Saltwater Hank and Samson’s Delilah.

Helen Knott, a Fort St. John resident, is of Dane Zaa, Nehiyaw and European descent.  She is a writer, poet, mother, and Masters student in First Nations studies who is involved with land defence work regarding Site C dam through the Treaty 8 Caravan.

Tonight’s Site C fundraiser runs from 6 to 9 pm at the Prince George Native Friendship Centre on Third Avenue and, along with the entertainment, includes a silent auction and a 50/50 draw. Admission is through minimum donation of $15, however no one will be turned away.


“Since that project was stopped Sea to Sands has turned its attention to other industrial projects”

Since this questionably funded outfit is looking into other industrial projects maybe they can have a look environmental disruption, distruction of the wind industrial areas. Oh wait they pick and choose environmental disruption, wind industry are good disruption. Sea to Sands likes killing eagles.

Interesting with all the public money gone into the wind industry there is no reporting of generation output. What is the government trying to hide?

Isn’t it a little late to “stop” the project. Seems to me it is already under way.

Now if electric vehicles catch on more site c’s will have to be built.

Wonder if those gullible types at the fundraiser give any thought to wind industrial parks, besides bird, moose, dear disruption how about this from Tasmania.

Windmills also kill off native plant species.
I’m going to talk about the Musselroe Windmill mess. The VIDEO may interest those in the testing and completion of the project.
The original video from Hydro Tasmania has deleted the section where the bird expert states – “birds at risk will be removed”. Amazing stuff, just remove birds in danger to reduce the kill rate. The birds and bats etc play an integral role in the health of an locality.
Plant Life Observations on this windmill mess.
* Reductions in the pollination of native plant species
* Alterations in the dispersal ability of plant species
* Reductions in the consumption of insect prey
* Reductions in the pollination = consequences for agricultural productivity
* The decline and extinction of affected species
* Increase in numbers of crows etc & other bird pests
* Increase in fox & feral animal numbers
* Increase in invasive weeds (especially wind seed dispersal species)
* Change in temperature cycles at ground level, the wind is mixing higher & lower air currents
* Reduction of frost occurrences are increasing invasive weed germination
These instances above are currently being recorded, but unfortunately no funding is available to research further. In fact all money has stopped for any adverse research findings on the effects of windmills on native plant populations in Australia. It is verging on criminal.
The comments by Margot & Vince above highlight the ignorance they display in understanding true love of the environment. They are quite willing to sacrifice an area of land for a GREEN WINDMILL MONEY dream and destroy virtually all the plant and animal life there, without blinking an eyelid, while pocketing the BLOOD money they receive for this scam.
That is why they are so angry and bitter that the truth is gaining momentum.
Paul Syvret is just another greedy little writer that wants to get in with the ABC so he can retire and do nothing. He’s already a little bit bitter he hasn’t already been asked to join their GREEN VANDAL CLUB.

Even oil rich, and fossil fuel industry dominated, Alberta is seeing the inevitability of alternative clean green energy as being the dominant source of future energy. Nice to see that province coming around! So when is it going to be BC’s turn? Not until we change our government and go NDP like Alberta!

ht tp://calgaryherald.com/business/local-business/rural-landowners-could-be-in-for-windfall-as-alberta-shifts-to-green-energy

Oh, and by the way seamutt, the Calgary Herald is a much more reputable and believable source of news than the “fake news” sites you repeatedly cite.

    As usual BH you have nothing. No counter no nothing.

    Dams are the ultimate green energy

    Give your head a shake man! The Dippers are going to destroy Alberta.

Stop site C because the native band in question doesn’t benefit? No thanks. How do you think all the wonderful devices in your world work? Magic?

    No, stopping Site C is not about a native band not benefiting from it, I have posted the many reasons for stopping Site C on here before, yet yourself, and other pro-Liberal sup[porters continue to ignore those many “valid” reasons.

    BC Hydro’s debt has grown from $8.1 Billion in 2008 to $18.1 Billion this year, the $10 Billion dollar cost of Site C will put BC Hydro into unacceptably deeper debt, our Hydro fees will more than double (probably triple) as a result; The Royal Society of Canada and 250 of Canada’s top scientists and academics have called for a stop to construction of the Site C dam; Marc Eliesen; former CEO of BC Hydro advises against Site C, as does the Chair of the Site C Review Panel Harry Swain; demand for BC Hydroelectricity is actually decreasing NOT increasing as faltering electricity demand among industrial customers will cost BC Hydro $3.5 billion less in revenue, over the term of its 10-year financial plan; BC Utility Commission has twice shelved the project as not being needed; the flooding and impact of 300 square kms of land, much of it agricultural; and finally a new poll indicates 73% of British Columbians support the pausing of Site C to investigate costs and energy alternatives.

      And you chose to ignore any differing view or opinion. Many of the points you have been bringing up relentlessly have been proven to be a self serving twist of the truth or simply wrong but you refuse to respond or accept what other post. You get a snipet of information from a copy and paste of your choosing and ignore all else.

      No need to respond, this has been ongoing for months with you and everyone already knows you are nothing more than a minion. Countless posts on this site prove it.

      Say BH you left out the sixty billion in contra. You showing some bias misinformation.

BC managed to turn this province around to a AAA credit rating, mean while in alberta the NDP disaster has turned their credit rating into toilet. With bad decisions after bad decisions

    Guess you are drawing a blank on the subject of Site C, so what the hell, gotta post something. By the way the contents of your comments are pure fantasy, much of which don’t make sense.

    Well at least I tried to keep this discussion thread on the Site C topic.

BH=idiot. Keep posting, more posts, more Liberal votes.

GO Site-C GO

Site C is nothing more than a Liberal con, and scam. There is no need for Site C, but there is a need for the Liberals to be seen to be doing something so that they can get elected. So Site C and jobs, are the latest in a long line of BS from the Liberals.

I can understand a political party setting up this type of scenario to give the impression of doing something, and to try and garner votes. What I cannot understand is why so many people continue to buy this tripe. Seamutt is a good example. I suspect he works for Hydro, or for some company that is counting on Site C so that it can remain in business.

These mega projects are the Liberal Governments way of channeling money to big construction companies to keep them in business. In other words **corporate welfare**

If you cannot understand that Site C is not needed with all the information that is out there. Then you have made a decision to blindly follow the Liberal pied piper into the mountain of BS.

Seamutt goes on and on about windmills, and all their faults and somehow blames the environment

Site C is a sham, a scam, and a con job. Anyone who believes that this project is needed is delusional, and obviously has not read all the material available that shows without a doubt it is NOT needed.

Why would the Liberals not allow this project to be reviewed by the Public Utilities Commission. Could it be because they know what the result of this review would be.

Site C is about creating short term jobs, and huge construction profits, and about the Liberals trying to get re-elected. It is not about any need for power. It is also about taking the attention off the failed LNG promises that Christy made and the thousands of jobs and billions of dollars that were to be funneled into the Provincial coffers.

Seamutt rambles on about the perils of windmills and not once does he mention that it is impossible for environmentalists to build windmills, because they do not have the money.

So who builds the windmills??? Who profits from their construction?? Who buys the power the generate. We certainly know that this windmill power is sold to Hydro, and we the taxpayers a paying a big price for it.

So lets quit the BS on power in BC. Every bit of power produced in the Province is done so with the blessing of BC Hydro and the Provincial Government. While environmentalists may be opposed to some aspects of power generation, they in fact have little or no power.

The Liberal Government of the day are responsible for the whole fiasco.

    Another environmentalists have no power, look at the opposition to pipelines, LNG plants, tankers. No power now that is funny.

Environmentalists have no power, wow you really have not been paying attention. Carbon taxes, expensive inefficient wind solar, bike lanes, recycling to just name a few effects. You want Ontario and Alberta electrical costs? Everywhere in the world that is shutting down coal and nuclear because of Environmentalists fairytale has seen a drastic rise in electrical costs. That is a non debatable fact. Environmentalists have no power, wow.

Yes there is a fiasco, the 60 billion in contracts to IPPs. Site c is required to backup that 60 billion fiasco, 60 plus 8 billion, 68 billion. When all that was needed is 8 billion. 60 billion wasted.

I find it interesting how the liberals will not let Hydro show electrical generation let alone by type. What is being hid, the poor output by IPPS especially wind. Ontario, Alberta australia show generation output, even the dismal output by wind solar despite the huge investment.

Hey the fiberals are not trying to hide costly big secret now would they.

The sky is falling, pollution is rampant, earth is flat, if there is ever a fault BM will find fault on the Liberals! Amazing! I am not the most well read or well informed individual around, but I swear to the almighty that BM is one angry individual. Everything at fault is the govt’s fault! AM by Dow7051 is 100% right! Go Liberals all the way!

NOW you would think he NDP and GREENS would look into this dirty costly energy secret being election time. No way with their irrational love affair with wind and solar energy they will just look the other way, costs be dammed.

Environmentalist have no power, ya right.

Seamutt. Without someone being in opposition to big corporations we would have LNG plants, Pipelines, and Oil Rigs going through our front yards.

Environmental groups along with a large percentage of the average people of BC are the only thing that keeps these corporations from totally ruining our Province.

When you start to build huge projects like Site C for no reason other than to look after your construction friends, or supply short term jobs so you can get elected you start to see just how bad things are.

LNG plants are probably the worst polluters around and yet the Liberals want to build 20 of them (more or less) to sell cheap gas to foreign countries. So we get the pollution, they get the gas, and we get to pay for it all.

We could have very easily taken the power from the Columbia River and supplied our needs well into the future. In addition we could have built a few natural gas electrical generating plants as a back up. That would have solved all our power problems for the next 100 years.

This is all about politics, and has nothing to do with power needs.


    So now you are saying the environmentalists have power. Which is it. No where have I said development should not be done in an enviromental way, you are deflecting. Also you for some reason refuse to address my points.

    Corporations, so big green is not corporate, devastating industrial wind generation is not corporate. Do you have anything in your house not from evil corporations? I guess you cherry pick corporations. Your gas generation parts will come from corporations.

    We also don’t need the sixty billion in expensive ipp contracts and neither do we need destructive wind power.

    Palopu you don’t want pipelines, rigs, wells then what will your gas turbines be powered with?

The contracts for Site C have been signed and awarded. The turbines are being built in Brazil. Construction on the site is under way! Every B.C. citizen will be benefiting from the power when it comes on line and when it is being sold and when the government collects taxes. If we give in to the naysayers we will be on the hook for hundreds of millions of dollars already spent and the compensation we will have to pay for breach of contract. Let’s get real! We will be the laughing stock of the world.

Power demands will skyrocket with the coming of electrical vehicles. In order to meet Canada’s emission targets railroads will have to be electrified. That alone will consume a lot of power.

By the way, wind driven turbines are not windmills! Windmills were once used for milling (grinding) grains into flour!

Lien, thank you!

Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building.

Elvis is at the Treasure Cove Show Lounge on May 12 and 13.

The usual lais-sez faire arguments in favour of Site C. None of them make any sense on any level. Nothing more that repeating the Government and BC Hyro, Corporation propaganda.

I am not opposed to any type of electrical generation as long as it is done in a sane and intelligent manner, with the best interests of the citizens of BC in mind.

Site C is nothing more than a political BS project, that benefits huge corporations, and will be paid for by the average Joe taxpayer. Corporate welfare pretty well sums it up.

The sad part is that those who support Site C will sell their souls to make a dollar or get a high paying job,.

There are much better ways to get the same results.

    Ya well applies to the whole IPP debacle. You seem to keep ignoring that. Hydro has stated site c is also required to back up the IPPS, that also seems to get ignored.

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