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October 27, 2017 5:54 pm

Council To Ponder Referendum

Monday, April 24, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

Prince George, B.C.- When  Council for the City of Prince George meets this evening,  it will be asked to approve  putting the wheels in motion for a referendum to borrow money for two major  projects  that have hefty price tags.

The first is the replacement of the Four  Seasons  Pool.   A project that  would cost  $35 million dollars.   The  plan would be to  borrow that money  over 20 years,  with an annual  debt servicing cost of $2,352,550.

The other project is the replacement of Fire Hall #1.   That project  would cost  $15 million   and would be  funded by  debt over 20 years.   That would add  debt servicing costs of $1,008,236  to  the City.

Because of the amounts and the length of the borrowing terms,  both  items need  the  approval of  electors.   Staff recommend  a referendum be held on October 28th of this year


Refrendum??? We elected you guys to make tough decision, now you want to wiggle your way out of owning this responsibility by putting it out to referendum. Bunch of Chicken$#!ts.

    Did you read the story? They are legally obligated to receive explicit permission from the residents for loans of this size and duration.

The importance of this requires our input I think! I wouldn’t leave the decision up to some of these nincompoops for these issues! I have already made my choice, and I will make it known just because I am that kind if guy! LOL. Yea on the pool and nay on the firehall! Let the fun begin!

    Nah, I will vote YES for a replacement Fire Hall and NO for a replacement pool.

      I doubt they will break it up…

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