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October 27, 2017 5:54 pm

Busy Night for Council

Monday, April 24, 2017 @ 5:57 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  A full agenda faces Prince George City Council this evening.In addition to  giving the first two readings of the tax bylaw,  which will set the  rate for  taxes in the City, council has several  public hearings to deal with.

There are six informal hearings, including   calls for support for  liquor licenses at both the Trend Setters Hair studio  in the Hart,  and  one that would allow  a wine lounge  at the Northern Lights Estate  Winery.

There is  also  a development variance permit  to allow a digital animated sign on the Redwood Square,  and one to allow  a variance  on a  planned 3 storey 9 unit apartment building  on  7th Avenue (1694- 7h Avenue.  That variance  calls for  reduced parking stalls and  a  reduced setback.

Council also has  some formal  public hearings,  including a rezoning application to allow for the subdivision of property  so AiMHi can  allow  for the development of  5 residential lots  at their Kerry Street location.  There is also  and  one that  calls for rezoning to allow for a multi-family mixed residential  construction on Spruce Street.  That project  would see a mix of single, duplex and row housing  constructed  and there is plenty of opposition with  16 letters  opposing the project  submitted for  Council’s consideration.

A number of reports will be presented, including  an update on planned upgrades to Cottonwood Island Park,   updates on the  pothole repairs for this  year,  the Parks Upgrade  plan that will see some  playground  equipment replaced, and others  removed.

Council will also be asked to approve  a referendum  in order for the City to have  elector  approval to borrow money  for two major projects   and to approve free transit on  Election day May 9th.




No to reduced parking stalls and reduced set backs. Why even have a zoning bylaw.

I am really not happy about the size of parking stalls in the City of Prince George. This is a working man and woman’s town. We drive full size pick ups. Pretty soon, we will all start parking the way we want too, why should we respect parking lines, if the city planners and bylaws don’t respect the audience of people who drive real trucks.

We want equal parking rights and we want it equal dispersement in the parking lots. We don’t have to walk 300 yards away.

    hopefully you break the law on parking they tow your vehicle.

      bcracer, maybe some of us like to have a vehicle that does not have a bunch of door dings all down the sides because the stalls are built for smart cars. All parking stalls should be like Costcos!

    How true. Most parking stalls other than Costco limit the ability to open the door and exit. Maybe the city gets a payoff from the body shops to keep the stalls narrow and flow of cars thru the body shops at premium level.

I agree Peter there are some pretty small parking stalls in some of our malls. but that doesn’t give one the right to hog spots either. Life is about choices. make a choice you gotta live with the consequences if there are any.
As for downtown the spots as far as I can remember are the same size they have always been. (not that I go downtown a lot)

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