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October 27, 2017 5:46 pm

New Smoking and Vaping Bylaw Kicks In Today

Monday, May 1, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Today the  City of Prince George’s new  smoking and vaping bylaw takes effect, restricting areas  where people  can legally light up or “vape”.Bylaw Services Manager Fred Crittenden says the rules   build  on the  current  Provincial regulations  which call for no  smoking or vaping  in the following :

  • transit  shelters
  • within 6 metres of doorways, windows or air intakes
  • hospital or health board property
  • places of public assembly ( building or portion of such a building)
  • vehicles for hire.

The City of Prince George Bylaw adds the following restrictions:

  • within 6 metres of a transit sign post
  • in an outdoor customer service area ( patios at  pubs and restaurants)
  • playgrounds, public parks, sports fields, recreational areas, and trails  held by the City

Crittenden  says  the new rules will be investigated  if a complaint is  filed “It’s not a bylaw that we are going  to be out doing patrols  spotting for illegal smokers,  it will be dealt with on complaint basis only.”  He says   the City doesn’t have the resources to  be   patrolling all the areas all the time  “When  similar  legislation has been  brought it, it really is a self policing bylaw, it’s there for people to police themselves, we just want compliance, and we don’t  expect anything other than a smooth transition.”




“When similar legislation has been brought it, it really is a self policing bylaw, it’s there for people to police themselves, we just want compliance, and we don’t expect anything other than a smooth transition.”

Thanks for the Monday morning chuckle.

How about the city looking into parking stalls. how come the parking stalls in town gets smaller and the trucks get bigger.

    I don’t think the parking stalls have gotten smaller, but the vehicles are definitely bigger, and the average persons driving skills have diminished …..

Well once they get to smoking pot they will need a new bylaw, or add pot to the present one.

Pot stinks to high heaven so I would guess that complaints will rise at that time, and that the pot police will be busier enforcing these rules.

    Treat pot like alcohol, same regulations, no using in public.

    I think “smoking” will cover whatever you may be smoking

Even the people who smoke that crap stink. There should be a special chambers installed so they are the ones with bipolar issues.

    Yeah, that made sense.

      That might have been bipolaranese.

All these bylaws, but all the local tools still smoke right outside the airport exit, and the Hospital entrance. Nobody cares. In both buildings they are more concerned with expired parking slips than idiots smoking in your face.

now we have a couple of problems..
1) will not enough officers to enforce this
2) getting the ones we have out of the office and away from the coffee pot….
bylaws has had troubles with the bylaws they already had to ?enforce?.

bring on the “smoke cops”

    You missed the part where they pretty much said there will be no enforcement.

      then the laws is redundant.

      The City likes to pass pointless bylaws. Makes it look like they’re doing something even though they’re not.

I am a non smoker always have been and the one thing I notice is the shift. There was a time when non smokers were treated as second class citizens remember when going out to restaurants we would have to go to the very back of restaurants in the dark corners for the non smoking sections or when smoking was socially acceptable at work and all public spaces now its on the other foot and now smokers are the second class citizens and are getting a taste of what we non smokers had to deal with and you guys don’t like it one bit that smoking is now a social taboo.

    You have a point, however you have to keep in mind that at the time you are talking about smoking was socially acceptable and carried on in every aspect of living. ie; Restaurants, business places, bars, beer parlors, trains, planes, theaters, etc; etc;.

    There has been a major change. I can remember when I first quit smoking and went to a restaurant with a friend who smoked we always ended up in a back corner somewhere. It took a while before I realized that we were getting the bad location because he was asking for the smoking section.

Bylaws? What a joke. A few years back a Bylaws officer came to my door. Because my 5lb dog was not licensed and when I pointed out about cars parked in the bike lane on Simon Fraser and telling her I watched a lady pushing a baby buggy who had to walk onto the road to get around a pickup parked half on the road and half on the sidewalk. She told me I would have to call in to complain

    Lol! “Ain’t my job.”

Bylaw enforcement here is pointless. They dont even deal with the bylaws which are already on the books! Parking, noise, animal control… I rarely witness bylaw officers doing any enforcement. Never see them around after 4pm either. I guess everyone follows their pointless rules at night?

I suspect that when somebody calls in to complain that 20 people are smoking at the front doors of the hospital that absolutely nothing will happen. But OMG, dont allow your dog’s license to expire… they WILL send you a letter!

Try this on for size. Black pickup truck parked on the sidewalk, literally wedged between 2 “no parking” signs and has sat there for more than a couple of days! On 3rd Ave across from the courthouse.. probably still there. Maybe the bylaw is not applicable because the truck is on the sidewalk and not the street?

I wonder if the city has more people working in there PR department than bylaw enforcement,Like I suspect the province’s PR department has a bigger budget than for conservation officers.

They can’t even police the old laws. Smokers right outside the doors of restaurants puffing away.

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