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October 27, 2017 5:45 pm

Mental Health Week Underway

Tuesday, May 2, 2017 @ 5:58 AM

Public Service  announcement  courtesy CMHA

Prince George, BC. – It is an illness that  is,  too often,  hidden  as  those who suffer  with a mental health issue  must also  face the stigma that surrounds the illness.

This is Mental Health Week in Canada.   Executive Director of the  Canadian Mental Health  Association in Prince George, Maureen Davis says the  recent admission by  Prince Harry and Prince William that they  too suffered  with mental health issues in the wake of the death of their mother,  helps break down the stigma “I believe anytime someone who is held in esteem  in our media or our culture,  comes forward and  speaks about the humanity of mental health,  it helps  everybody, Whether it’s a sports figure,  Royalty,  it all adds to the picture that mental health is simply something  that affects everybody.”

In fact,  it is fair to say it  is likely more people have  had at least one episode in their lives than those who have not “If ourselves as  individuals have somehow escaped  having to deal with that,  we are living with people  who are dealing with it, so it touches absolutely 100% of the population” says Davis.

This year,  the  election  in B.C. has provided an opportunity to press for change  at the government level, regardless of who forms government “One of the things CMHA is very much promoting is ‘Before Stage 4’.  Within our physical health  system under no circumstances do we want to leave people until such time as they are incredibly ill,  such as a stage 4 cancer. So we are really pushing all the candidates  on the importance of putting  enough money to the whole field of mental  health to ensure we are not leaving people until stage 4  before we are actually intervening and providing them with mental health therapy.”

She is encouraged that all   parties have  presented a mental health platform ” They are all  indicating this is of much more importance than it has  been in previous years so we are very hopeful.”

Davis says the message this week is simple “Start talking about your mental  health in the same way you speak about your physical health.  Share it  with  people, don’t be afraid.”

Anyone wanting more information  on helpful tips,  or  resources,  can click here.  Anyone wishing to speak  to  a person  about mental health issues can contact the Canadian Mental Health Association’s Prince George office at  250-564-8644 local 203.



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