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October 27, 2017 5:45 pm

Bike Thefts on the Rise

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 @ 10:30 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The theft of bicycles in Prince George  is growing.

Between January  1st of this year,  and  the end of April,  33 bikes had been reported stolen to the Prince George RCMP.   From  2013 to  the end of 2016, there had been 994 bicycles stolen.  Police believe the number may actually be higher as  it’s thought some victims don’t report the theft because they don’t have  the serial number.

The number of  bike thefts is one of the reasons why the Prince George RCMP  are  encouraging bike owners to  register their  bicycles  on 529 Garage,  a digital registration program.

The registration process takes about five minutes and includes essential information including the ownership details, serial number and photos of the bicycle. In the event of a theft, the information can easily be distributed by the owner to other registered riders through an alert feature on the smart phone app.  The information can also be easily provided to both the police and insurance companies.

As was the case last year,  RCMP will be  attending a number of events  in the City  throughout the season to help bike owners register.

Corporal Craig Douglass says the goal remains the same as last year,  and that is  to  register as many bikes as possible to  that each owner will have essential information about their bike recorded in the event  it  is stolen.

The first registration event of this year is set for this evening  in  the Canadian Tire  parking lot .  Volunteers will be on hand from 5 to 8 tonight  to help bike owners  with the registration process.





People just want to enjoy the many bike lanes this City has to offer. If the NDP wins the election, what`s yours is mine. :)

    Perhaps bikes should be required to display a license plate like a vehicle, this would make it easier to spot and identify stolen bikes.

    With so many bikes on the road the thieves blend in better making it less likely to get caught.

right on topic as usual. Get a life cupcake.

    “Get a life”? What is this, 1983?

So true they find it painful Axman…

Our 2015 auto theft rate in this area is twice the 4 month average of bicycle thefts quoted above and almost every vehicle out there is registered. Bicycles are important, but is this for real?

I think a large reason why people don’t report bicycle theft is because they believe nothing will be done. And they’re right, nothing will unless of course it’s found and registered. This seems like a PR campaign more than anything else. I don’t think the RCMP could care less about stolen bicycles.

Just take a stroll through the hood, Ruggles street and the Miller addition I am pretty sure you will find about half the stolen bikes in one of these three areas

Speaking of bikes, I see they are repairing Jillian’s bike lanes in CH.. On the surface.. doesn’t look like they will be working on the main road at this point..

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