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October 27, 2017 5:44 pm

Spring Clean Up Numbers Released

Thursday, May 4, 2017 @ 8:49 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Last weekend’s annual Spring Clean Up has been deemed a success.

Despite fewer volunteers than last year, just over 14,000 kilograms of waste was collected – up from the 11,000 kilograms collected in 2016.

Terri McClymont, executive director of REAPS, helped organize the event and is thrilled with the total.

“I’m very pleased with it and it’s great to hear there were more volunteers out there than I was aware of. We’re already looking forward to next year.”

Earlier this week McClymont told 250News around 1,500 volunteers took part – a big drop from the 4,500 who participated last year.

She figures volunteers collected more garbage this year because they focused their efforts on a larger area and because people may have been collecting more from illegal dump sites.

Moving forward, McClymont is asking those with pets to properly dispose of their pets’ waste – something she says is an issue at Moore’s Meadow.

“It’s great that dog walkers pick up the poop, but don’t toss it under the vegetation because it doesn’t break down. Throw it in the garbage instead.”


Nobody should be pleased that there was 14,000 kg of garbage on the City streets. Thanks should be given to the people who cleaned it up but the people who made the mess should be ashamed of themselves.

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rRpps5N064

    There were also bins throughout the city for the public, not all came from the ditches. The one on Park was full

Should have those people who collect welfare, want free food and free housing out volunteering and cleaning up.

    You are saying you want Woman and children to be in the streets cleaning up others garbage ? You’re a man of something that’s for sure but it isnt steel . Nothing in life is free . The woman you want in the street picking up others garbage are paying the price for bringing the next generation into this world .

      I must of missed where the comment mentioned woman and children. How you read into that is beyond me

      Ataloss, you state that nothing in life is free. You’re correct! There are many on welfare that are more than capable of giving something back in return, perhaps their labour for the free food, free welfare and free housing that they currently receive.

      Obviously those that are at home busy bringing baby after baby after baby into the next generation are unlikely to be able to contribute, but there are many men AND women who are currently unencumbered with a job or responsibilities and as such are more than capable of picking up garbage or sweeping a side walk or two in return for the support that they receive from working taxpayers.

      If you have any doubts about my statement, take a trip downtown this afternoon. You will see lots of unencumbered men AND women hanging out down there!

      If you two would get involved with your local food bank , you would also see first hand that the majority of the clients are children . We lead the country in child poverty and you want them to use the precious energy they are allotted to pick up garbage on the streets , gutters , ditches and forests . the name says it all . There’s no e in it . Ohreally ? You should lend him your E .

      I don’t think those two are insinuating there are no children at the food bank. I saw many children lending a hand volunteering to clean up the city, just because you are a “child” doesn’t mean you can’t volunteer.

      You may be right though, asking for something in return for a check is akin to slavery and that was abolished in the 1800’s

      Wow! Ataloss, you must be suffering from serious withdrawal due to 250 shutting down comments to 90% of the stories in the past couple of weeks.You really are “Ataloss”

      The original comment stated that Welfare recipients should contribute to the clean-up of the environment in Lu-of receiving benefits. Yet you have turned this into the discussion that the intent was to have women and children out in the streets as slave laborers. Not too sure where you thinking is coming from!

      On a positive side, haven’t had to listen to the bullying of BH and others that have Hi-jacked this site over the past few months just to get their opinion across.

      Ataloss, I guess that you must have missed the part where I stated:

      “there are many men AND women who are currently unencumbered with a job or responsibilities and as such are more than capable of picking up garbage or sweeping a side walk or two in return for the support that they receive from working taxpayers.”

      Looks like you went off on a self-righteous hissy fit for nothing, AGAIN! This is what happens when BH asks you to look after things for him!

Yes, that’s just around the city. Every FSR I have been down so far this year , as well as, power and gas lines is completely disgusting. Garbage dumped as far as they could get into the roads all winter long.

    Was down a logging road last week behind Nukko Lake and turned into a “gravel pit” and could hardly drive any further without moving the trash. Diapers everywhere… couldn’t figure that one out – tires and old fridges yes but a pile of hundreds of diapers?

    Sad to see Nukko Lake Store closed

I have always stated that humans sure as H#*& aren’t on the top of the food chain like a lot of people think! We are near the bottom due to crap like this, people not caring about the environment, throwing wasteful stuff away, inhumanities are non-stop! We are the primitive ones who are bent on destroying nature. I am not an environmentalist by any means, but it is embarrassing to say the least! Thank you immensely to the people that picked up after the slobs of society!

Thanks to all who came out for this. Someday perhaps we can get to a point where we all figure out how a garbage can works. :)

I do think we need to try to lower the fees at the dump in order to reduce the amount of illegal dumping. What else can we try? We can’t blockade or put a security camera on every FSR.

People are so gross sometimes. Please take your waste to the dump everyone!

    I am certainly not interested in having my tax dollars further subsidize dumping fees in attempt to prevent others from chosing to illegally dump.

      Just my opinion – I agree. My property taxes and all the other service and utility fees I pay are significant, and should be plenty. In addition to that, I pay more each time I have to go to the landfill to properly dispose of my waste.

      Back in the day the regional district seemed to be able to provide a much higher level of service with no dump fees. Now I have to drive up to the Hart and pay by the pound.

      I get it that all costs have risen. But the folks choosing to drive much further to dump their load surely could instead choose to go to the dump and pay the dumping fee instead of the extra gas.

      So do you have any other ideas though on how to prevent these slobs from being slobby? We are all ears!

      Does the cleanup and the preventative measures that we are already paying cost more or less than the dumping fees? That is a question to examine more closely.

      I do not have any big or impressive ideas as to how this problem can be dealt with. But, I do my part to make sure I do not litter or dump. I teach my children the same message. Our family took part in the clean-up…

      What I don’t do is blame others who have no direct connection to the issue, such as homeless or low income people (not that you did, but many others on this site chose to).

      As for our families experience with the clean-up around town… I would place much of the responsibility on those who choose to eat at the local corner store. Many of them who have clearly finished their food within a couple blocks of said store.

      Dumping in the bush is clearly a different issue…

Bloody PIGS!

Take some of the money collected from the dump and hire people to do the cleanup with proper safety gear and training. Do you think WCB is going to take care of you if you are injured when you are doing this type of work?

Ataloss, you should learn to read the content before spouting off in another direction. Just go downtown and see how many men are women are sitting around and doing nothing productive, the same ones every day expecting free food, housing, and money. Go to see the line ups at the welfare office, many young, expecting free money and do little for society. I am sure many who participated in the clean up were men, women and children who helped because they care and probably work, taxpayers. Some of these bleeding hearts , maybe you should take these bums into your own homes and feed and house them. I know for a fact this would not last long and get fed up with this issue. I am a taxpayer and I want this and I want that. Not going to get it unless I physically work for it. Free ???

    Majority are men, if a women is sitting around downtime and relatively cute a beta bucks male will pick her up and take care of her, males aren’t so lucky.

    Ataloss is just that, at a loss! Must be an offender of garbage. Get a kick out of the statement ‘use the precious energy’! Funny if ya think about it. What does that mean there sunshine?

Do you think for one second that CUPE would allow some on-going use of welfare labour to do the work that the city workers are paid to do but never seems to get around to doing? I would suggest that this will never happen.

The City has to take some responsibility for this. They closed down the Quinn Street transfer station. At one time we could dump garbage there for $2.00 then it went to $4.00 then they closed it. They turned it over to the Regional District, and apparently we save $160,000.00 per year. :). This transfer station has been sitting empty and unused for a few years now, except for receiving yard waste.

Perhaps its time for the City to take some responsibility and re-open the Quinn St. Transfer station so that it can be used for garbage. I would suggest that we offer this facility free of charge. With all the money that the City collects from us for garbage I am sure they can afford to run some bins to the land fill.

Those people at City Hall that were responsible for closing Quinn, should reflect on the result of their decision, and try to do something about it.

Volunteers who pick up garbage should be congratulated for their efforts. The City on the other hand, not so much.

    Palopu have to agree with you. The city needs to take some of the responsibility for illegal dumping. The rates at the Hart station are to costly. The City also needs to get their head out of the sand and have a free sani-station for tourists.

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