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October 27, 2017 5:39 pm

Crowley ‘Thrilled’ With BC Green Showing

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 @ 5:55 AM

Prince George, B.C. – She may have lost out in her bid for office, but BC Green candidate Hilary Crowley was over the moon after her party appeared to pick up three seats in last night’s provincial election.

“It’s not surprising that I lost but I’m thrilled that we’ve got two MLAs for sure and we’re leading in a third,” said the Prince George-Mackenzie candidate. “We wanted four, but if we get three we’ll be happy and if things stay the way they are we’ll have the balance of power.”

Crowley said two of the conditions for BC Green support in a minority government would mean changing the electoral system from first-past-the-post to proportional representation plus a ban in corporate and union donations to political parties.

“I can’t believe how many hundreds and thousands of dollars have been donated to the other parties – it’s absolutely extraordinary.”

Finally – fresh off her sixth run for office (four times with the federal Greens and twice with the BC Greens) – have we seen the last of Hilary Crowley?

“It depends on the situation four years from now. I really want younger candidates to step forward and run but if we got to a situation where there wasn’t anybody else running then I would still consider running.”


What a waste of a vote , no policy , no direction

Another gallant try Hilary . I was one of the 3000 . We bought the balance of power at a tiny fraction of what the corrupt CC government money and corporate money did . I am very proud of what can be accomplished using honesty , integrity and logic . I very much look forward to my next donation to the Green Party of BC .

A very good showing for the Greens indeed! Kudos

Will be interesting to see what the Greens do with 2 more seats in a minority gov . That will show if they any policy or direction or if Weaver is just another talking head like the other leaders .

If they make proportion rep a condition of a coalition then I suspect we will be back at the polls shortly. It’s to bad because I might have supported the Green Party other than this policy specific non starter policy. Proportional rep kills regional and rural representation, and I think those parts of the province see this policy for what it is, as reflected in their share of the vote in the rural and far reaches of the province.

Well eagle you would be wrong on both fronts . I would be surprised if the greens would be dumb enough to be co-opted by either the left or the right because the Greens are neither right nor left . And , proportional representation gives every riding a seat at the table . The status quo of every thing for 604 and crumbs for the rest except the OK would end .

    And let’s not forget about the graft of corporate , foreign , and union money that’s kept the libneocons nickle , diming and dollaring us to death with premiums , fees , tolls and taxes by any other name , And at the same time telling us we pay the lowest taxes in canada . She maybe crappy at math but most of us are not ,,, hopefully .

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