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October 27, 2017 5:37 pm

Friday Free For All – May 12th, 2017

Friday, May 12, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Another  week is history,  but  the  B.C. Election  won’t be final  for  at least 2 more weeks.

Today is your day to speak up on issues that matter to you.

It’s time for the Friday Free For All

You pick the topic,  but  obey our three simple rules.  Those who fail to do so, may find their comments edited,  possibly removed,  and their privileges revoked.

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying


Happy Wet Weekend

Guess the Midway will be rained out this weekend

Shelly Reserve supposed to have the soft opening of their gas station… Anybody know how much gas is out there???

    Having the Midway rained out would not be a big disappointment in my world! Never did like them coming into town. A few years back, I was living in a trailer park out west ant it was situated right beside where they set up. I woke up to go to work in the morning and there were 2 electrical cords plugged into my trailer. I unplugged them and with in a couple of minutes, one of the guys came out of his RV screaming at me. I told him I would phone the cops if I saw it there again.

    These guys didn’t spend one cent in the community. and when they closed down on the last day, they were gone before daylight.

I have been trying to figure out why all of a sudden there is a need to build a bus facility and create a new industrial zone. Doing some research, I found out the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund that is proposed to fund the new pg transit station at foothills.

From a page on the government of Canada site through google.

Below is item d on the Ineligible list.

Land acquisition; leasing land, buildings and other facilities; leasing equipment other than equipment directly related to the construction of the project; real estate fees and related costs

To me this means that this project cannot purchase land, so the city and BC Transit must use land already in city inventory or available through crown grant.

This is why they want to rezone Ginter’s field and establish an industrial site on a green space next to residences and the provinces largest soccer pitch below the university on the hill.

Projects are required to be completed by March 31, 2018.
This project is intended to be rezoned, designed, engineered, get environmental assessments and approvals, plus permits, hire contractors, install city services and infrastructure, break ground, build, inspect and operational by then? There is of course the potential of up to one year extension.

    I think the restriction on buying land applies to the Federal Grant money only,
    which is 50% of the project. BC Transit picks up about 33% and the City the balance 17%.

    So BC Transit or the City could buy property for the project, however the cost would have to come out of their pockets. Hence the need to find **cheap** property somewhere, rather than purchasing property that would be better suited, and located in an existing industrial park.

Had a young man at door yesterday with a tablet/android device asking about home security and he was as pushier than those telephone solicitors about wanting you to listen to him and buy into his product, this was around the Van Bien area, after he finally left I watched as he didn’t even bother going to the neighbors, he crossed the street looked at his tablet device crossed back to street I was on then proceeded to disappear from view…just found the whole situation annoying and odd.

    Door to door scammers count on you to be intimidated so fight back with these questions Employee ID, Business card with a physical address and phone number as by law they have to provide employee ID and a business number/address for you to visit if they can’t provide you with either tell them to get lost and call the police

Wouldn’t it be fun if the two local Liberal MLAs crossed the floor to the Greens?

Over $200,000 for the city’s new website. Are you feeling ripped off yet?

Editor’s note:
This comment has been edited as the comments referenced have been deleted and the author banned from the site.
Elaine Macdonald Meisner

    My wife said that it looked like those site templates she used while training in web development.

Good morning everyone! Wow, I am impressed with the local candidates and their supporters removing the election signs so quickly. That was good! Much appreciated.

    I too am happy to see the election signs cleaned up so quickly. Well done folks! Now if only the garage sale people would take their signs down Sunday evening after the sale.

      Kudos to this post! I was tempted, a few times, to take the garage sale signs off all the poles and take them to their place of residence and run them through a paper shredder to scatter on their lawns! Especially down Domano! Man people are lazy, guess they figure it is not their responsibility, to just leave them up there until nature spreads them. The city should get on top of this somehow, as it is part of the Pride factor in keeping the city clean, which will be an impossiblity! Although city has other problems looming!

ohhhh noooo Relay for Life is on this weekend and it’s supposed to be pissing rain all weekend

    Yea, it will put a damper on this event, weather will not cooperate by the looks of it! Crappy as hell, but better than the Kelowna region I guess!

REALLY ???? All this time they been telling us to recycle… businesses were still allowed to throw their cardboards in the garbage??? And now City wants to add a surcharge to the businesses for doing it??/ City Hall needs get their act together

    businesses will pass the cost on down to consumers to no real issue for them, and more money will be collected.
    Could not the landfill recycle the cardboard?

    I wonder how many businesses do not already have a cardboard recycling program in effect? We always had a cardboard specific bin out back.

    All this time I have been cutting up my card board boxes into convenient strips and tying them with a string into a bundle. Then, out to the curb on recycling day! And some businesses are allowed to send them simply to the landfill?

      Why would you do that? Just flatten them and put them in the blue bin.

      The businesses we are talking about pay by weight. They weigh in and out and pay per ton the difference. Most places have both cardboard and garbage bins but these are businesses like furniture stores. When they deliver and dump their garbage they will now have to go through the scales twice, once for the cardboard and once for the styrofoam and other packing material

      If you have more cardboard than what will fit into the blue bin, just leave it in another cardboard box. they will take it. After Christmas, I had the blue bin and two cardboard box full of cardboard. It was gone by the time I got home. Other than trying to figure out what other items are not accepted at the curb, I think this is awesome!

    This is a Regional District endeavour, not City Hall.

I think the election turned out well. Wonder how BH has reacted to this? His constant ranting did nothing but to piss people off. He should get a real job, work for a living and contribute to society as taxpayers do. Things in life have to be worked/paid for not handed out free. Other wise live with less and be contented with what one has.

    Trolling are we, manofsteel? If BH responds, will you then claim he is argumentative or insulting? The election is over for now, so show some grace.

    Bwahahahaha, there could be more posts concerning this! I agree with you, everything that was mentioned he would blame on the Liberals, takes two to tangle. So I show you support! He wasn’t argumentative or insulting, it sounds like he was one of those conspiracy nuts!

      BH has already assumed another identity or we would have heard from her (still think it is SHE) by now.

      Or maybe she’s just out of town. People do have lives, you know.

One point I have not yet heard discussed is the possibility of another election in several months time. Although we have set election dates in BC, the Premier retains the right to advise the Lieutenant Governor to call another election. I think there is a distinct possibility that Clarke will cooperate with the Greens and/or NDP for several months to retain power and pass a lot of popular legislation, then raise a wedge issue that the Liberals believe casts them in a good light and manipulate a defeat in the Legislature. Clarke could then advise the Lieutenant Governor to call another election. Harper did something similar, I recall, and won the subsequent election.

I am interested in hearing other people’s opinion on this possibility, but please speak objectively. I am a little tired of partisan stuff at the moment.

    On average the survival of minority provincial governments is 18 months . As for CC ? I’d be surprised if she survives as leader . Most leaders take responsibility for party approval , something she is loathed to do. Not to mention the government handling of youth in care or lack of care and attention. Also so looming is the RCMP investigation of CCs donator fraud etc..

    both ndp and liberals try to hold the middle so the choice is not clear. I think they need to take stronger positions to get more voter to turn out.

    Everything in limbo until final results are in.

    If the minority situation continues:

    The Liberals will work to keep the support of one or the other parties until they think the polls showing a big advantage to them.

    The NDP will cooperate until the polls show a big advantage to them.

    The Greens will enjoy this, supporting whichever party for as long as it advantages their agenda. They have a lot of power as long as the minority situation continues.

    If the final result is a razor thin majority for the Libs, they will cling to power for the next 4 years. If CC is more concerned for the province and the party than her own ego, she’ll resign well before the next election. If she won’t go and the party tries to force her out, the squabble will pretty much wipe out the Libs for a while, putting the NDP in power for at least two terms.

    Interesting times.

      I think your final point about forcing Clarke out is apt. I believe something similar was, at least partially, responsible for the NDP defeat after Carol James was outed. One of my sons, who is not especially political, told me that he thought the voters were almost ready to trust the NDP again, then they forced their leader to resign and spoiled it. I hope they (we) don’t do the same with Horgan as I think some continuity is important.

      I think Horgan is fairly secure, he ran a good campaign and made gains, although if he couldn’t beat a Liberal who is as disliked as Clark, he might have trouble beating anyone else. Clark won’t beat him again so as long as she’s there, he’s safe.

      You’re right about Carol James, she had the premiership in the bag. I was astounded at the revolt that forced her out. That was suicidal.

It just would take the Green Party and Ndp to cast a no confidence vote on crusty and we are back to an election..which would lean to the ndp.

We are in limbo right now.. be a bunch of butt kissing going on by Clark right now, but until all the votes are counted/recounted we don’t know where we stand…

    A no confidence vote forcing another election would tick off the electorate. It wouldn’t result in any more support for Clark, but would likely result in some NDP and Green supporters staying home, meaning a bigger win for Clark.

    Unless they get the party donation stuff figured out I don’t see another election happening soon. Otherwise the liberals will win with a huge money advantage this close to the election we just had.

      Money is needed for elections but it does not determine the outcome.

FAKE Revenue Canada Calling Again. 1-613-927-1045.
Also getting calls from Area Code 649 Turks and Caicos Islands.

    I got a couple calls, area code was Great Britain! Answered the second one, got no response. Must have been a wrong number, recent immigrant trying to call home to Saudi Arabia or something. They never called again.

    If you’ve got time, string them along and give them some bogus numbers to play with. Longest I’ve made it is 9 minutes before I was called every swear word in the book.

      That’s a good one. Or say “Hang on a sec, I’ll be right back” and then put the receiver down and go about your day. How long before they hang up?

    Got the call today from them as well. 1-343-887-9626… Said it was a serious issue of tax fraud that I need to respond to immediately.

Insideclimatenews.org A new wind turbine is now erected in the USA every 2.4 hours in 24 hour average . Meaning that by the time SiteC exports its first electron there will be thousands more windmills standing in the way of any of CCs pixie dust markets . Rate/tax payers will be on the hook for it for the next 70 years .

    The Global Wind Energy Council recently released its latest report, excitedly boasting that ‘the proliferation of wind energy into the global power market continues at a furious pace, after it was revealed that more than 54 gigawatts of clean renewable wind power was installed across the global market last year’.

    You may have got the impression from announcements like that, and from the obligatory pictures of wind turbines in any BBC story or airport advert about energy, that wind power is making a big contribution to world energy today. You would be wrong. Its contribution is still, after decades — nay centuries — of development, trivial to the point of irrelevance.

    Here’s a quiz; no conferring. To the nearest whole number, what percentage of the world’s energy consumption was supplied by wind power in 2014, the last year for which there are reliable figures? Was it 20 per cent, 10 per cent or 5 per cent?

    No peeking!

    ht tps://www.spectator.co.uk/2017/05/wind-turbines-are-neither-clean-nor-green-and-they-provide-zero-global-energy/#

      Interesting article. Way I read it, we’d have no birds left and a bunch of old used propellers laying around.

    The USA added 2000 mega watts of wind power in the first quarter of 2017 . That’s reality .

      Hey, got an idea! Put solar panels on the roof and hood of a car, throw a propeller on the back and see how that works…. LOL

      Evidently you didn’t read the link I supplied.

      Wind provided 0.46% of world energy, to be exact, which rounded to the nearest whole number would be 0.

      That’s reality.

      Australia provides us with the reality of converting to “green” energy. Why would you think this is a desirable outcome, Ataloss?

      A funny thing happened on the way to the market. The government picked a winner, and everybody clapped as the losers left the room. But the electricity prices doubled, and unpredictable brutal price spikes started to happen (forty times a month). Then the real free market (or what was left of it) reacted — traders started to game the system, and the investors start to back away. Welcome to Queensland.

      But dire news for everyone:

      Australia passes a ‘tipping’ point in energy crisis

      There is an energy crisis in the world’s largest exporter of coal, the second largest exporter of gas and a major exporter of uranium. We need real solutions. Unless we make decisions really quickly, and I mean in the next 12 months, that re-establish base load capacity then we have no chance of sustaining the economy in the shape that it is in now. – Financial Review

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/05/demand-destruction-how-to-destroy-national-economy/

      More coverage of the same story:

      Multinational Warning: Australia Has Passed a Renewable Energy “Tipping Point”

      “In the end the market will work its way to balance,” Freyberg continued. “It will stabilise – but the wrong way and for the wrong reason. The inability to secure affordable base load supply means that the problem will be fixed by demand destruction.

      “We are beyond the tipping point in terms of industrial demand destruction. And when capacity is closed and plants are shut down, they don’t come back.

      The Glencore position is that the erosion of Australia’s base load capacity caused by a policy preference for intermittent renewable options has left the national market critically exposed to peak-demand shortages.

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/05/09/multinational-warning-australia-has-passed-a-renewable-energy-tipping-point/

      The EROI for siteC is 70 years at today’s cost without cost over run . This is not rocket surgery .

      And windmills don’t produce enough energy in their lifetimes to cover the energy used to build them. Better off burning coal if you’re a global warming alarmist.

      Today-Tonight is a current affairs show in Australia. Today a few more Australians discovered that free energy is not just expensive but creates its own kind of pollution.

      ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/03/windy-clean-green-pollution/

      Like the tobacco industry before it, the wind industry has spent decades vehemently denying known harmful consequences associated with its product, while promoting its fraudulent feel-good image. Dismissing or denying the serious health impacts of industrial-scale wind turbines is wishful thinking, akin to insisting that tobacco is harmless because we enjoy it.

      ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/08/science-deniers-in-the-wind-industry/

Anyone ever seen Bylaw enforcement walking our parks?
Seems there’s been a number of complaints re: dogs and drugs, yet, in the last ten years or so, never seen them. Perhaps Rainbow Park would be a good place to start.

    Myth, something like Atlantis! Rumour has it that they, or it, is around. Vague clues and evidence similar to the Sasquatch, but who knows, they might surface and shock the hell out of us! LOL

      THAT was funny!

This is the first year I have noticed the Weastern Tanager around the bowl area. Its a yellow and black bird with an orange head, very pretty. I don’t ever remember seeing them in Prince George before.

    First time I have seen one out at Chief Lake. Beautiful. Also saw a Eurasian Collared Dove last week. They are an invasive species quickly moving north.

    They showed up one spring about 20 years ago. Dozens in my garden at a time. Nice to see them back again.

I find it disgusting when the person bussing tables in a restaurant use the same rag to wipe the chair seats and then use it to wipe the table tops. I wonder what they do out of sight in the Kitchen? I hope you folks do like I do and cancel your order and walk out.

    mactac you took the words right out of my mouth. This I have seen many times and you wonder if maybe they use the same rag to clean the toilet seat. When will these people get properly trained? Maybe they could also find a clean bucket of water so they can rinse their wiping rag in.

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