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October 27, 2017 5:37 pm

CRD Coordinating Trade Junket to China

Saturday, May 13, 2017 @ 7:00 AM

Williams Lake, B.C. – A delegation of politicians and business leaders from the Cariboo are on their way to China tomorrow.

The 10-day junket has been coordinated by the Cariboo Regional District, who in a news release, note the goal is to “promote friendship” and develop “business relationships between the regions of both countries as well as highlight local B.C. products.”

The delegation will visit the cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanwei in the Guandong province; the city of Suzhou in the Anhui province; and the cities of Zhengzhou and Dengfeng in the Henan province.

While there, they will hold business meetings, participate in municipal facility and cultural tours, and take part in site visits to trade projects.

“The B.C. regions’ mission to China is an exciting opportunity to build relationships with a variety of cities in China,” states CRD chair Al Richmond. “I am looking forward to raising awareness about our Cariboo products, such as lumber, plywood, wood pellets, OSB and log homes, along with our tourism and educational opportunities.”

The CRD is also billing the trip as a way “to forge new partnerships with groups external to the region, including building connections with China.” Last year the CRD hosted a series of martial arts performances throughout the Cariboo.

The CRD nots the connections have “yielded new opportunities, such as the proposed flight school for Thompson Rivers University in Williams Lake.”

The full delegation included CRD chair Al Richmond, District of Wells Mayor Robin Sharpe, City of Williams Lake Mayor Walt Cobb, District of 100 Mile House Mayor Mitch Campsall, and a group of Lower Mainland mayors along with several municipal senior staff.

So, how much will the trip be costing Cariboo taxpayers?

“The trip will cost the Carboo Regional District around $2,000,” says CRD communications manager Emily Epp. “The other local governments and businesses in the delegation are contributing to the trip individually. The trip is also being funded through some of the other Chinese partners involved.”


And here we go again on another holiday! What exactly have these trips accomplished in the past? I don’t recall seeing any articles and such stating that we signed contracts for exporting materials. Be nice if we I’d benefits from this via a better eceonmoy for the northern folk! Can other people who respond to this post tell me what we have accomplished in the past with these holiday trips?

I was going to leave a nasty reply but if we are only on the hook for 2k I guess it is worth the chance, would like to see the receipts made available though

    In addition to the $2000 there is this, “The other local governments and businesses in the delegation are contributing to the trip individually.”

    Note the “other local governments” part.

The only thing the Chinese are interested in is real estate speculation or how they can exploit their hosts for their own gains. Be careful what you wish for because it has been a disaster in Vancouver/Victoria and Toronto.

Municipal Governments are out of their league when it comes to trade and exports. This is the area of responsibility of the Federal, Provincial, Governments and the companies who manufacture products and sell them on the world stage.

Municipal Governments by their very nature are designed to deal with local problems like water, sewer, streets, schools, etc; etc;.

Canadian companies have been trading around the world for over 100 years, and with China for many many years. They have sales offices, established in major cities world wide.

Here is an example of what was exported to China from BC for the year 2016.

Wood Products (Lumber, Shakes/Shingles/Plywood/Veneer/logs/ $1,470. Billion

Pulp and Paper Products. $1,888 Billion.

Agriculture and Food (Fruit and nuts, Veg, Veg oils, pastry products, Cereals, pasta, meat and prepared meat. $141 Million.

Fish Products $265 Million

Metallic Mineral Products $809 Million

Fabricated Metal Product $84 Million

Energy Products $725 Million

Machinery and Equipt $441 Million

Plastics etc. $ 13 Million.

Total 2016 exports to China $5,948 Billion.

So lets see if the Caribou contingent can top that.

Most of the comments I would have agreed with until last month I went on a business trip to Japan to meet with existing customers and a lot of potential customers.
There is a lot of things that you cannot understand, explain and quantify until you are there. Touring plants, meeting with lower management, upper management and ownership. The week I was there was a whirl wind of meetings and business opportunities. The way they do business is a lot different from North America. Meeting face to face and promoting your product is the best way to do business in the East. The way they use our export products is much different than the North American model. You need to see the way they manufacture products to then see if there is opportunity to step outside your comfort zone and change what you traditionaly do to suit the needs of their process.
My trip was very successful with new orders, strengthened existing relationships, and ideas to change our processes to develop new markets for our wood products.
The SLA has forced wood manufacturers to look further afield and to different uses. As long as this trade group is “working” this will pay off ten fold.

    How many Regional or Municipal Government people did you take with you.

      None. It was me, the president of company and sales manager. Plus our eastern export division organizing the trip. I get what your saying and I’m the first to complain about taxpayers wasted money but there is real opportunity if your company is flexible and can provide value.
      You really need to go and meet to Forge business relationships. If it is just a holiday it is a waste but if they are working it will pay off.

fare question ryder

Your punny.

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