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October 27, 2017 5:37 pm

NDP Files for Three Recounts

Friday, May 12, 2017 @ 2:08 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Today the BC NDP did what most political observers were expecting – the party filed for recounts in three closely contested Lower Mainland ridings.

Those ridings are Coquitlam-Burke Mountain – where the NDP lost by 268 votes. In Vancouver-False Creek where the party lost by 560 votes and in Richmond-Queensborough where the party fell short by 263 votes.

“With the election still undecided, we’re working hard to ensure every last vote is counted properly,” said BC NDP provincial director Raj Sihota. “In an election this close, British Columbians deserve to have full confidence in the results, and that means ensuring the ballots in close races are counted thoroughly and carefully.”

Recounts have now been filed in five ridings– yesterday the BC Liberals filed for a recount in Courtenay-Comox where they lost by a measly nine votes and in Maple Ridge-Mission where they lost by 120 votes.

Final tallies are expected from all five ridings on May 24 – after all absentee ballots will be counted.

Following Tuesday’s election, the Liberals currently hold 43 seats, the NDP 41, and the BC Greens three.


Our elections are a joke. No better than the rigged election they just had in France. Any election that forces a vote is a joke on the electorate.

I think all ballots should have the option ‘none of the above’ so that the voter intent can be clear and not misused for fraud by those that used spoiled ballots to get elected.

In France were the second ballot is all mail in and a damaged ballot is considered spoiled… the ballots mailed out for Le Pen votes were mostly pre damaged ballots, and those to Macron were duplicates, all of which would be counted. Surprise suprise when election results were in over a third of all ballots were spoiled and the banksters elite insider wins the vote.

Now if the voter had the ability to mark their true intent we would likely see that only a small fraction of those spoiled ballots were spoiled by an intentional vote and the vast majority were actual damaged ballots that had an intended candidate selected.

Spoiling ballots is how close elections are decided by those that count the ballots. The only protection we have against this kind of fraud is to make the intention of the ballot spoiler clear and upfront. We have no such option here in BC, so like France a close election can be swayed by those that are willing to intentionally spoil the ballot of others with impunity.

It would be interesting to know how many ballots were not counted that were cast? And what are the reasons they were not counted? Were they marked for multiple candidates? Were they market for a single candidate but damaged otherwise? Were they physically damaged like a ripped ballot? Or did they write in none of the above?

Especially in an election of a choice between bad and worse, one should expect the option to vote none of the above.

I suppose that you have the evidence to support your contention of corruption, other than your opinion or some far right web site?

    I am saying the process is broken and leaves the system ripe for corruption, and I explain how this corruption can transpire, and that if we had more accurate information we could better deduce what if any problems we have in the validity of our vote counting here in BC… considering our government could be dicided on as little as ten votes. That is all fact and opinion.

    However on the French vote, yes I am calling corruption, and I am saying we are not immune from that kind of corruption. When more than a third of ballots are deemed spoiled ballots because of a small tear only on the recieving ballots of one candidate… Then yes I call corruption on that. When the receiving ballots for one candidate are mailed out pre-spoiled, and the other candidates receiving ballots are mailed out in duplicates… Then yes I call that corruption.

    All of this is msm news, none of it is conspiracy. Just takes a little thinking is all.

    As for the BC election. Time will tell, but the conditions to steal a vote exist and when those conditions exist they often do so for a reason.

You obviously don’t follow E1 very much!
In that world everything is fraudulent, corrupt and manipulated by the global elitist banksters!
Is that how Trump got elected?
Perhaps that is the case. He certainly could not have gotten elected because of his intellect, or his supreme oratory skills!
I think it’s stage one of Tin Hat time!

    Oh go put your head back in the sand if you have nothing to contribute.

    Also, Everyone knows Trump got elected because he was up against the most corrupt candidate in modern times. Sure his economic nationalism and fixing health care was a big part of it when pitted against the sleeze of globalist elites… but at the end of the day the Clinton Foundation pay to play, and the Podesta emails, and the hidden email servers for the pay to play foundation, and the Anthony Weinner conduit of classified information to pay to play players was just to much corruption for any candidate to overcome.

    It’s a bit much when the whole Russia fixed the election issue comes down to a lie general Flynn made to VP Mike Pence about a meeting he had with a Russian ambassador… Thus said to be open to Russian blackmail about his lie of omission.

    Yet for Clinton, her classified emails are going through the computer of Anthony Weinner to be printed out for dissemination to foreign agents, the same computer later seized by the FBI for illicit sexual relations with minors… and is said not to be of blackmail concern. Is it any wonder Trump had to fire the FBI director.

    The appogists for Clinton will also have us believe the Russians are responsible for Podesta spilling the beans on their corruption because he fell for a phishing scam to revealed his password… which itself was only ‘password’. So not only corrupt, but inept… And those that point this out are tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists?

I am more than happy to turn a blind eye to what has been going on in the USA – ever since I found out about the role of the Electoral College.

Enough said. Here in Canada we have to make sure that everything in an election is done according to law and rule. Properly guarded paper ballots are the only way to avoid any monkey business. I do not trust electronic voting machines, mail-in voting, telephone voting or internet voting.

Desperate acts count for desperate measures!

I think your ballots should have your name on it. Any spoiled ballots you can and should be contacted.

    Totally agree, if you are proud of who you voted for admit it! I voted Liberal!

250 News : please reconsider putting up a “thumbs down/up” system to those who make comments here. And then it will be easy to eliminate those who constantly post and receive too many thumbs down comments. Alternatively, to clean things up on this site, please do as CBC and others do……post the real name of the commentator . I’d like to hear how you will deal with comments that probably would not be made if the contributor is known.
It’s in your park 250 News…make it a classy site, or one that people can just snivel on.

    “post the real name of the commentator”, and I suppose Quesnel is your real name? So if people don’t like your post you should get eliminated from the site? You’re a whack job. Or troll, one or the other.

And to further my point here, 250 News, I posted the above with… no checks on your part. I could of posted anything. And if you check the laws,… anything I said that was illegal….can, and probably, would of been, held against you in court as promoting my “speech”. Time to clean this site up, I believe. (Ps if you want statues to back my claim, I will kindly provide them)

    Why would “statues” back your claim? And what exactly IS your claim?

Ps. I was going to add that I would present the statues in person…but, this site does not have the ability to make edits
to comments.

    I sure you mean ” statutes ” .

I think my head is going to explode.

    Commas save lives too . Let’s eat Gramma ! Let’s eat , Gramma !

I like the Statue of Liberty even though it is in the US. And the Olmec Heads are a great example of statues of long gone civilizations.

    The Statue of Liberty stands not only in the USA . It was a gift from the people of France where a smaller version stands on a small island in the seine river . And , there are others as well .

Quesnel mentions the CBC, talk about tainted news. Trudeau paid them a ton of taxpayers money to rig his election. There should be jail time for this.

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