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October 27, 2017 5:34 pm

Mayor Wants More for Masich Place

Tuesday, May 16, 2017 @ 5:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. – While the  upgrades to the Masich Place Stadium are  to start this Friday,   Mayor Lyn Hall  would like to see a plan put in place  to upgrade the grandstand.

The  work that will begin this week is focused on the track  and the field elements, but while  Mayor Hall says he is happy to see there will be some façade improvements to the grandstand as part of the $4.2 million dollar  upgrade,   there is more work  that needs to be done.

He labelled  the current grandstand  as “very rundown”.  Adding, he doesn’t want to see the City put $4.2 million dollars into  a complex  and then walk away from it  saying ‘we’ll get at this’ “It’s like saying  you will put up a carport this year,  and  in a year   you’ll build a garage,  but  you never build the garage.”   He  says there is still work that needs to be done  to make the  grandstand accessible  to all  spectators,   and that there needs to be improvements to the dressing rooms and the concession area.

City Manager  Kathleen Soltis   says some suggested projects can be  brought  forward for the 2018 capital plan and the costs of those projects  “In addition we can bundle up anything that might be required for the  2022 Summer Games.”

There is an open house   set for Wednesday evening at Masich Place Stadium where  staff will be on hand to  answer questions from the public on the  project.  That open house is set to run from 5:30 to 8:30.





more nonsense. The bleachers are fine, only used for the odd track meet and event, no need for anything else. Much nicer than the track in Kelowna.

Stop spending money on nonsense and putting money into things the community needs.

    Certainly not nonsense. The bleachers are more in need of replacement then any other part of the stadium. Only used for the odd track meet? What? All high school football in this city takes place at the stadium. The plan is to move UNBC soccer games to the stadium. Numerous community events occur there ie Relay for Life, YMCA Road Race, the Punjabi sports tournament, etc.

    An improved facility will attract more events as well. This facility is one of the most important ones in the city. Where is it that you would like them to be spending money instead?

    agreed. The bleachers do the job perfectly as is, and rain is kept off of the heads. People just want everything replaced, like money magically flows around the town.

There are a lot of decrepit fields and bleachers in this town, why is this one facility getting all the money and attention?

I would make the facility more accessible for people with physical disabilities. I am about to loose the ability to walk and as I check out places to see how I will have to gain access and that whole area is not accessible.

Why did the city allow them to become “very run down”? It appears to be this cities legacy when it comes to our infrastructure.

Good observations folks … pretty basic maintenance issues that should have been accomplished with standard maintenance scheduling and funding … no photo ops though when the maintenance is done without wailing and gnashing of teeth … if we do not change our current practice, the town is going to fall down around our ears … stop looking for new spending opportunities and start maintaining what we have

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