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October 27, 2017 5:33 pm

PG Transit Celebrates 50 Years

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 @ 12:10 PM

Mike Colborne, CEO and chairman, the Pacific Western Group of Companies, speaks during today’s event outside the PG Civic Centre – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. –  Prince George Transit celebrated a special milestone in B.C.’s northern capital this morning.

The company celebrated 50 years of continuous service in Prince George by donating two new heated bus shelters to the city.

Once completed, both will be located on Fifth Avenue.

“They will be fully enclosed when finished,” said Mike Colborne, CEO and chairman of the Pacific Western Group of Companies. “They’re going to have lights and will be the first heated shelters in all of northern B.C.”

Why heated shelters?

“We thought, what are the ways that we can give back to the community to help support ridership, to help support the people that have supported us over the years,” he said. “And we brainstormed and that’s the best thing we could think of.”

Colborne added serving the community for five decades – through periods of varying ridership – is an impressive accomplishment.

“I don’t think there’s many companies in the city of Prince George that have been around that long. We have, so that’s pretty significant.”

Prince George Transit is part of the PWTransit Group, which operates transit systems throughout B.C., Alberta and Ontario and is owned by the Pacific Western Group of Companies.


The list of companies that have been around Prince George for over 50 years would be pretty long and impressive.

Build them but it won’t help you to take over green space or close to it.

They will both need to be locked up at night after the busses stop running. They will most certainly be used to stay warm in the winter by the homeless.

    Well, the multitude of social services around here will like that! Since they cater to them like crazy two more homeless shelters will make them just damn elated! LOL

People do know this is the same company that wants to put their shop for the buses below the University Hill?

    No, BC Transit is trying to build the facility at the bottom of the hill. This company has the contract with BC Transit to operate the local bus service (i.e. hiring/training drivers, maintaining buses etc.). This company does own the current building that transit is operated from in the BCT site.

PG transit is the contractor who operates the bus system for BC Transit . It is BC transit, not PG Transit that wants to locate the transit operations centre near 18th and Foothills.

Pacific western transportation . Short read @ Wikipedia . Monolithic ?

Heated Bus Shelters – NO
Build Transit Center at 18th and Foothills – Yes.

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