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October 27, 2017 5:27 pm

Tete Jaune Cache Fire Grows to 200 Hectares

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 @ 8:45 AM

Photo courtesy BC Wildfire Service

Tete Jaune Cache, B.C. – The Tete Jaune Cache wildfire continues to rage on.

The human-caused blaze was sparked yesterday and is located north of Highway 16 about 5 kilometres east of Tete Jaune Cache.

“The incident took some precipitation, but due to aggressive winds overnight, the size is estimated at 200 hectares,” says the BC Wildfire Service.

Twenty-six firefighters and two officers have been deployed to the scene. Crews are also working on two spot fires that are south of Highway 16 with hose lay. These spot fires are currently under control.

So far, the Tete Jaune Cache fire is zero per cent contained and is the largest in the province. It is not an interface fire (though no further details are available at this time).

The public is advised to be cautious due to smoke in the valley and to check drivebc.ca for road conditions.


Driven by that area lots of times…..If I’m not mistaken, some serious bug kill trees (red side hill) there.

Why is this Minority Government not throwing everything they have at this.
No they would rather wait till it gets bigger , than they can blame the Green party and the NDP.

She did they same with the bobtail lake fire, there were helicopters at the airport and they were told they were not needed for bobtail lake.

    Looking to lay blame already are you doneright as the other poster stated it is not infringing on property, valuable timber or threat to business so it is left alone to burn which is good

    A lot of fires are left to burn every year as they don’t meet criteria to fight them and it is costly to put out fires that aren’t hurting anything so they are monitored

    Might want to do some basic research so you might learn something valuable

    With a wind like yesterday, there’s absolutely nothing that could be done. As BAWS said, fire is a natural cleansing agent for the forest. One of the major causes of BC’s massive beetle outbreak was fire-fighting for the previous 100 years.

Its not an interface fire at this time doneright. Meaning its not in the immediate vicinity of residence etc… so no risk to anything.
Its actually good to let fires burn if there’s nothing at risk. It cleans up the forest, you get new growth. Plants and animals actually flourish afterwards.
At this time according to news reports there doesn’t seem to be a reason to spend the money. If that’s the case, then for me anyways, I can live with that. I’d rather my tax dollars go to something more immediately serious.

Besides, think of all the good morel picking next year.

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