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October 27, 2017 5:15 pm

Mackenzie Unveils New Brand

Monday, June 5, 2017 @ 2:30 PM

Mackenzie, B.C. – The District of Mackenzie has finally released the results of its branding initiative.

Mackenzie’s new logo – a stylized version of Morfee Mountain

Launched last spring with an open house, it continued through summer with a public survey and a branding workshop last fall.

The results were made public last week – including a new logo (a stylized version of Morfee Mountain) and a slogan ‘Wild & Free.’

The District also released the results of its survey which highlights Mackenzie’s “relaxed pace of life,” it’s “active outdoor lifestyle, affordable cost of living” and the communities enduring strength of character”

So, why go through the exercise in the first place?

“Basically, it was thought over the years that we needed to come up with a brand,” says Mayor Pat Crook. “We’ve had logos before but this process was above and beyond that.”

He says the goal is to help attract business and new investments to the community.

“Now we have information to market the community and reach out to people and other investors,” says Crook. “Whether it’s tourism or more industry moving to town. Either or.”

He says the District plans to role out and market the new brand over the next few months.

The District budgeted $25,000 for the first phase of the project – which included a community brand, a brand book, and community identity after its consultation period.

Phase two of the plan will cost $36,700 and focus on developing brand elements, creating a marketing and communications strategy and a new website.

Highlights of Mackenzie’s branding initiative


Well, that title sure gave me the wrong idea. I thought the story would have to do with cattle.

Does the city of Mackenzie own some cattle?… :)

Mackenzie has a lot going for it really. Good jobs…affordable living…close enough to PG for major shopping. Its a great little town.

    Not to mention the world’s largest log crusher.

Yeah, because branding is Mackenzie’s problem. Too funny. This was a major planning mistake 50 years ago. They should have built the community right off the beaten path, not 30 km off yonder into the bush with only 1 possible destination.

The community is not sustainable for the long-term. I would never buy a home or invest there when you’re completely at the whim of the market for commodities. They should put a pin in it and let it die. 3,500 does not a sustainable community make. One day they will have to fold up the town, so might as well stop pouring resources into it.

    Interesting comment Joe Blow! I never really thought about it before, but you’re absolutely right! Mackenzie should never have been built where it is!

    In hindsite, it would have made more sense to locate it at or near McKenzie Junction. That would have put the community a bit closer to PG. It would have made it a more convenient place to stay if skiing at Powder King for a weekend. It would have given the town’s merchants an opportunity to attract some extra customers off of the highway! All of this at a very minor cost of a small commute for workers!

    Mackenzie is out of the way, just like the new First Nations gas station at McLeod Lake.

I agree with Joe Blow.
$8/potato if it’s even good produce at all. Smaller community but still full of addicts and crime. This is where you go to hide.
Unless you want to work 15 hour days and lose your family to your job. Of course my opinion. Lots of gas to burn to come to PG for good produce or anything else you need.

Probably plenty of gas money available when your mortgage payment is 500 bucks and your family income is $120,000. Still building at the junction in sand and gravel seems smarter than building in clay !

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