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October 27, 2017 5:06 pm

Some Property Owners Fail to Obey Sprinkling Ban

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 @ 11:04 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Crews continue to work on  the project that will link two major wells in Prince George,  and the  sprinkling ban remains in effect.

Not everyone in Prince George has been obeying the sprinkling ban.   There have been  61 warnings issued to  those  found to be in violation of the ban.  44 warnings were issued Monday,  a further 17  on Tuesday.

The ban was  put in place  in order to complete a year long  $3 million dollar project that links the Fish Trap Island well,  with  the one located on the west side of Wilson Park.  This connection will ensure that  there is  water supply for the City  should one well or the other have a mechanical  or  contamination issue.

The work is on schedule, and is expected to be complete by Friday evening.

Since the sprinkling ban came into effect,  the City has received some complaints about low water pressure  or  cloudy or darkened water coming from taps.

The City  says the water  is still safe to drink and advises residents to run  their taps  just  until the cloudiness is gone.

The sprinkling  ban does not restrict the use of hand-held watering implements, such as watering cans and hoses being held in-hand. The restrictions also do not apply to normal household water use for drinking, cooking, or washing.


Gimme a break, with the amount of rain we have been getting people are still watering? Kudos to the city for taking the initiative. I guess some people are ignorant to the fact that regardless on how much rain we get the bans take effect every year. My lawn is natural and chemical free, sure I have dandelions, good for the bees and bad for the water table on the lawns juiced up. Plus I have more important things to do then mow the Lawns twice a week! LOL

    The annual watering restrictions are not to be confused with the out and out ban on sprinkling that is currently in effect. The annual restrictions allow sprinkling on odd days for odd numbered addressed, even days for even numbered addresses and allows sprinkling during certain hours. The current ban applies to all properties and requires absolutely NO sprinkling or unattended hoses until Friday evening.

      reading is hard.

    More important things to do? Like comment endlessly on every post here, on facebook, etc.?

      Nice to know you are following me! LOL, ya have good taste! AND I just got back from a motorcycle trip to Radium, so NO, not all the time! I will be gone to Sturgis for 2 and a 1/2 weeks, what I hope is that you don’t miss me! Bwahahahaha

Charge them first offense.. no warnings.. they want to gamble..let them…but don’t whine when you get fined..

Well P Val for once I agree with you. I have auto sprinklers and turned them off Sunday, yet every morning this week driving to work I`ve seen 3-4 lawns watering. One of them has even been every day.
I agree, why warn when that was done when the ban was announced. Just fine.

Not everyone reads the local paper, listens to local radio, frequents local web pages, visits the city web page, etc.

Even if they do any one or more of those, they do not listen every minute, read every article, etc.

I would expect that there would be a significant number of people who would simply not have known.

Then we have those who have soaker hoses down a cedar hedge row, for instance

    There was no notice sent out so if you are like my neighbour and work 10 & 4 out of town you have no way of knowing there was a complete watering ban. Although as wet as it is I’m surprised anyone was watering.

I knew bylaws didn’t have the guts to enforce it…. typical of them…. I am actually surprised they left the coffeepot…

Quick to patrol the city looking for offenders of the non water by law yet ignore the others.

    Yep, barking dogs and trucks parking in residential hoods.

Hey spend a few bucks and install a sprinkler stem. works every time.

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